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Shared a game with a pretty typical scenario for DDs in 8.0, unending attacks from . Hope this can help and hope you have a wonderful day!

X Destroyer Z-52 Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. I think between radar and the new cv update destroyers are pretty much screwed. To avoid cvs you have to smoke up, as soon as you smoke up you get raddared, you run you get hit by the cv. I have used the Kidd and even with a full aa spec it sometimes feel like you do nothing.

    Not to mention a tier 6 cv going up against tier 7 ships loose planes like crazy. Right now Atlanta’s are a complete no fly zone (pretty same as before but worse) as well as some other cruisers.

    • +Descartes Shaman Test it, but I tried it and I got the same damage and kills against planes as I did with a secondary/ survivability captain. It’s one of my favorite ships so I played alot with it and I didn’t see much of a difference at all. The flak is so RNG based so it doesn’t really help spec’ing to it and losing those captain points.

    • +Matthew Robinson really? Hmmm.. then whats the point of making a ship fully AA spec’ed…. dammit WG.

    • +Descartes Shaman Yea I use AFT on my Gneis for my secondary/ survivability so that’s there on both builds, but the Manual AA gives 2 extra flaks, which are RNG anyway, and reduced the switch time for sectoring by 2.5 seconds I think, not worth 4 points for me. The other is that it does 150%/50%, instead of the 125%/75% and I had more success with the 125%/75% because if you don’t switch fast enough you still have 75% on the weak side and helped since you can’t Micro Manage the sectors all the time.

    • Galactic Research Initiative

      Smoke up?! Now youre speaking my language. Are we talking about the same thing?
      I personally love the update. However I dont want to see a ton of people quit. Id be willing to have the update removed if it meant keeping and gaining more players.

    • +Charles Ball Every squad has 3 runs and when the third run is used they auto go back to the carrier. Sounds like you had 2 cv players attacking you at once. Otherwise what you’re saying is impossible with this rework.

  2. Time to launch the submarines to hunt cvs

  3. CVs ended the BB era because they were historically OP. Will it end the WOWS era too?

    • @ Ralathar Your argument is so ridiculous. You pick an elite group of players and you compare them to the average player who participate to forum and you use them to show that the average player who participate in forums are bad?

    • +VuHien2011 Erm, “going to forums” does not make you a better player, only a better whiner and it is clearly tho vocal minority who is whining about this rework the most.

    • @CloneD wrong, I learned so many things from CC like Flamu and I’m a better player thanks to all those CC. The game is extremely deficient with the tutorials and you have to learn everything on youtube and other forums.

    • @ CloneD really? how do you get all the information you need to play that game? Even Wargaming is entirely relying on online contents to update players. Only careless casual players never go online to learn about the game. If you tell me that you never learn anything interesting by watching Flamu, Notser and other CC or by going to the Warship forum, I stop right there the conversation because that proves how much bad faith you have.

  4. Poor destroyers. Akatsuki used to be an AA powerhouse and now it’s just not. And Ognevoi can’t even fend off an attack while using DFAA

  5. I for one am not enjoying the new 0.8.0 patch.

    • I couldn’t agree more .. it absolutely sucks

    • I treid it yeasterday, great fun. off course I do NOt want to play with 2 Cvs per game and long matchmaking times. But it should settle down.
      Playing CV now is fun, I am no good so obviusly a goof CV player is much more annoying (and might have loved teh old way a lot).

    • I am enjoying this patch too. WG reworked the only god tier ship class to something way more balanced.

    • Cvs and the AA gameplay are getting adjusted so that even apes can achieve at least something. Plus DDs are off in random. Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

    • ​+Colm Corbec So anyone who likes this rework is an “ape” because the old RTS system was boring and overpowered? Also DD’s are not off, there is just less of them for no real reason, since at lower tiers DD’s can dodge almost any attack from the CV’s and at higher tiers DD’s have enough AA to deal themselves. Not to mention that the tier 9 ranked season is just DD heaven. The only thing DD’s have to fear is to be spotted more often from air, but that was the case also with the old system any time there was a CV in the game against you. Anyway people are adjusting to the new re-work.

  6. And WG isn’t helping with their universal nerf to Japanese AA, which hits their destroyers particularly hard

    • All the AA was nerfed. My Missouri and Des Moines went from 7.2km range down to 5.8 and barely take out planes now. Plus the damn toro bombers can cross drop so damned accurately

    • +Boerbok Man Isn’t it better than old CV, now they can only control 1 squadron. If they spot you and not attack, he waste his time, and you have chance to throw flak to him (not too reliable but still better than old RNG AA system, I was hopeless when against same tier carriers as IJN gunboat).
      Or simply just pop smoke, CV not only affect to DD but also any other ships, BB will take more risk when sail alone to flank, radar ships will be detected by aircrafts as well, and UK CL may take smoke instead radar to deny CV attack. What enemy CV can do to you, your CV can do the same to them, just hope you meet a good CV player.
      BTW you can try CV, try them and you will know their weakness, I tried couple of games with same tier bots but still struggle against them.

    • +A_Sitting_Duck Long-range AA not so reliable now, you can easily dodge it. I had a game as Salem without any AA skill, only took slot 3 AA upgrade but still shot down 44 aircrafts, half of all team combine.
      When it come to medium-range, the flaks throw to aircrafts become more and more dense, just like walls, and the number of explotion per flak from AA cruiser will destroy your planes before you can attack (yes you can attack from range with torp or rocket but less accurate).

    • +Khang An I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but I really feel like I’m struggling to remain safe between being constantly spotted by plans and radar. I just don’t feel like you can use the same aggressive tactics anymore without being severely punished… Also, I feel like my AA does nothing substantial.

    • +Boerbok Man well, you are right. In my DD match, usually 2 DDs per side and they don’t cap at all, but I play RN I just use smoke to cap and even radar cruiser don’t dare to come close to cap zone, UK CL took smoke instead radar.
      Feels like CV rework make everything back to it’s very first order. DDs stay low, smoke to cap, not try to hunt each other, and torp. Cruisers fire sp and provide AA to defend back like. And BB just snipe. Nobody want to cross the line.

  7. I spend all day playing in Asia server, i did not see CVs focusing DD like this. They spread out for more DPS on BBs, CAs instead. Because how DDs can evade most of their attack and the AA is actually effective enough to at least bleed out some of the planes, not to mention the longer they try to kills a DDs, the faster their BBs and CAs dies due to enemy CVs attack. The only thing DD afraid is being spotted when there are alot of guns nearby that can punish them.

    I agree that being focus like this in a DD is no fun, but so is in any other ship that are not USS or Minotaur. Try survive in Yammy or Izumo or god forbid Musashi against 2 CVs alone.

    You must stick close to other ships, that’s the only way.

    This is only my experience in Asia server, i actually found it fun to play with CVs in any form of ships.

  8. RIP IJN torp boats.

  9. DD’s should get extra smokes now as they have to waste it on everything basically

    • This, plus i want infinite planes for my CA/BB too. How come CV has infinite planes to attack but i don’t have infinite planes to defend?

    • American smoke is rough. British smoke is nice. hide long enough to escape or kill and it comes back quickly. British AA isn’t all that great.

    • +Der Kernspalter In theroy carriers have unlimited plane supply, but in reality you can´t throw away complete squadrons more than once to flak or you will be waiting up to 10 minutes for the squadron to be at full strength.

    • Grozovoi, KIDD, Gearing, Sims & etc should have unlimited Def AA charges

  10. The meta is completely skewed right now.. Everyone is full AA builds, and the CV’s are still being able to keep ships spotted, doing nice damage, and not being punished. We have been testing in our clan, and are seeing that the modules and captains skills are not really contributing to AA damage. We have seen a Shimi shoot down more planes than a full AA built DM. Think what is going to happen when the CV craze is over, and the AA builds start going away, the CV will have the run of the mill, and not be punished even worse. I recommend any ship that is a great fire starter right now, cause everyone on CA’s and most BB’s have pulled fire prevention from their skill set.
    Everyone is so passive right now, that it is truly no longer a CAP points battle, just DPM battle from max range, and everyone sitting in clusters. I would love to see data from the game pre 8.0 and after 8.0 on all the stats from players battles, cause this is a massive change to the entire scheme of the game for now.

    • +KoYkOuRoYkOu44 Planes have hard limits. For example a Midway is able to field like 8 squadrons in a game if they start losing early AND have the deck upgrade. Previously it was 6 squadrons in RTS gameplay.

      For the endless spotting if you’re on a DD turn off your AA. Aerial spot range is like half your normal detection range. But if your long range AA fires you get spotted. Too many people leaving their AA on when sneaking giving themselves away. Low detection DDs have aerial spot ranges of like 3km, that’s super tiny.

    • +Ralathar Renares Than you have to disable chat at the beginning if you dont contest the objective… Your Team will spew the hate against you, because they dont give a … if you die trying…. I feel the hate in my Kaba all the time for not capping, because i am a DD. I know those Players are morons, but its this constant hate in chat thats demoralizing….

    • +Ralathar Renares yeah i know i never ever let my AA up on dd but this shits look so bad on this video,i mean the spoting all the time,but i dont havent play yet im not gonna say anything else before i try it my self sure things im not gonna leave the game like some comments i see,in the end of the day i play cruisers alot too so yeah

    • +Samy the dog if any one give you hate cause you not cap with kaba is his/her problem not yours!!!!i dont think any player who know stats,tacts etc gonna give you hate if you not cap with kaba

    • +KoYkOuRoYkOu44 The biggest difference is that people actually play CV now. They were less than 2% of the population.

      Considering that and that most RTS CV players were bad people just don’t know how to play vs planes because they never had to learn. So it feels like a big difference but this is actually way less bad than it used to be IF you had a competent enemy CV on the other team. But again at 2% of the playerbase even getting a CV game, much less one with a decent player, was rare.

  11. I think it’s too early too call right now. It’s day 2 of the new patch. Give it some time, along with the cv newbs dropping off a little, because there will be a new flavor of the month. But, I am skeptical of having 2 CVs in high tier play (8-10).

    • Flavor of next month, 8.1, is British Carriers, flavor of following month, 8.2 is premium carriers. So this is what we will see until after Easter

    • +Daniel Malmros With the intro of radar it became you cap you die. at least for me. At this point in time I scout if no one is around go into cap maybe contest if another dd but otherwise avoid like plague. With this rework wont even consider playing DDs for a long time to come, not a lot of fun before now not even going to be close to being fun. They need to give you the option to opt out of CV games.

    • +1LRLRG If you know how to torp go play a T5 Mutsuki, slap the +2 flak module on it, make sure you remember to sector, and have fun. I shot down 41 planes in a double CV game, basically as good as the Nicholas and more reliable. I cannot stress enough how much of a difference sectroing + that 2 flak module makes to the AA of any DD with a mid or long range aura , which is 99% of em. Even the Shima shoots down planes now.

      You can flip between good AA ship and stealth torper according to need and opportunity. Focus on supporting allies. You can still be a DD assassin but be part of a party rather than the lone rogue trying to solo the raid boss.

    • The one CV limit was fine. No idea why they removed it. Wargaming can’t have it right, ever…

    • Cmon wake up. 2018 was the year of the carrier and its still BS one month in 2019. Am I the only one thinking that things don’t sum up???

  12. i hate everything about this rework

  13. Been playing new patch and I hate it I have had games where I did very well but that didn’t matter as I didn’t have fun doing so , time to play something new

    • Come on they haven’t even introduced the radar duration and range buffs and torpedo flooding nerfs yet.

    • +Ushio01 not sure how that’s going to help with the meta which is what I not enjoying always being spotted and cluster up bumper boats camping but if you like the update good for you enjoy it

    • +Danny Fisher Forgot sarcasm tag it was a joke about DD meta is going to get even worse.

    • Sorry my mistake on the up side played some more today and there was not so many cvs today and it was not bad so there is hope the grosovoi with aa build is very trollish as is the hood now

  14. So the lemming trains will increase in size again?

  15. Sorry, I know dedicated WOWS players are asking the rest of us to just give it a chance, but after a few hours play yesterday I just feel like the game has been ruined and not fun anymore. The work load was hard enough in a DD dealing with concealment, Radar, and CVs that can perma spot you the entire match making you completely useless now you have to deal with 2 CVs per team and being molested by rockets until you die. Forget fighting other ships you don’t have time. You are too busy fighting wave after wave of planes that you have no defense toward. There was nothing wrong with the RTS version of CVs all they had to do is just make it fair. I’m pretty much done spending money on this game (and I’ve spent Hundreds of dollars on this game since the early beta). Money is the only language WG understands. So hopefully when player numbers dwindle and they start seeing declines in money they make each month maybe then they will get serious about this game. I was all set to buy the Alaska when it came out. Not now. Just too many other games to play that don’t drive me to drink and yell at my monitor. Just sad.

    • VuHien2011 agreed

    • +Dark Howling then you don’t play DDs, I take it. Because that’s utter BS.

      It’s not “if you get spotted”. It’s “what do I do when I’m spotted in the first 2 minutes”. There’s no “play smarter” – by hovering near friendly cruisers, you give up all ability to have any game impact. And you’ll still get nuked, because it’s not the CV you really have to worry about, it’s all the enemy ships now shooting at you constantly, since you’re permaspotted, and even a cruiser can’t get rid of the spotting in time.

      In the old way, there was the ability of friendly CV to drive off your spotter. That doesn’t exist anymore. Nor does extended AA bubbles. So, please, tell me what I’m supposed to do when I’m tied to staying withing 5km of a ship that can’t even really protect me?

      DDs yoloing CV is an epic fail of strategy, too. So please don’t hold that up as some sort of “oh but there’s counters!”, because there arent. The only way a DD is getting through to a CV is utterly moronic CV play.

    • Agreed, I have not renewed premium which came due yesterday. I don’t anticipate doing so either.

    • I have to agree, plane spam sucks

    • ​+c koch i have the same feeling about the CC. they are often (and not only on this topic cv rework) commenting way too positive about changes or changes that dont happen. it feels like they are bribed by giveaways that their status includes. i would like to have a more neutral commentary.

  16. Pretty much my experience last night.

    10 minutes in, and if you are still alive, you have 100k plane damage, and 0 damage against enemy ships because, as a DD, you do nothing but swat gnats, and dodge shells from the 8 people on the enemy team focusing the spotted dd.


    EDIT: An heaven forbid you are in a lower tier IJN DD. Your AA guns make lots of noise. Sadly thats all they can do.

  17. “Killed Immediately
    Permanently Spotted
    Contribute Nothing

    It really really sucks.”

    I’m no where near your level as a player, but it at least gives me some comfort to hear you say exactly what I have been feeling. It just plain sucks.

    • That’s almost exactly what I said when I emailed this video to a clan-mate who wasn’t able to get into game last night. I’m only a mid-tier player (up to tier VII), and none of my ships have much in the way of AA armament (RN and IJN ships mostly), so I may have to work up the USN tech tree instead.

    • +Nicholas Russon Install the AA upgrade that add 2 flak explosions, it will make quite the difference.

    • +Gray Carlyle Thanks, Gray. I only played BBs and CAs/CLs last night … and not a single plane so much as looked at me. I’ll give that a try tonight.

  18. Notser if you felt hunted in your Destroyer you should try British DD’s. Many of those are gunboats with inferior torps and very short duration smoke, which makes playing version 8.0 in them quite a miserable experience. I honestly feel very disappointed having just taken the time to grind and gain all the British DD’s only to have them made almost irrelevant within a few weeks of doing it.

    I would also say that the only good thing about playing coop was you knew the ships were balanced in the battle.
    Now in coop your team gets 2 carriers and the enemy bot team gets 2 extra Battleships. Wrecking the coop game balance with the new update is beyond stupid. The only option to regain that balance is NO carriers in coop.

    • +Ringo Wunderlich Maybe version 8.0 introduced bots with psychic abilities. Your right they do seem to react very fast when you attack or try to torp them. 😉

    • actually more of short smoke is more adapted. Unless you are the last ship of your team, CVs will not likely fly in circle waiting for your smoke to dissipate. On the contrary, having many smokes means that you have less chance to run out of smoke and have greater chance to have one ready before your next encounter with planes.

    • I so feel your pain there. I just got my Daring a few weeks back and was loving the line. Plus it seems my AA rating is nerfed now.

    • +Steve Haney Same here Steve I had got used to them and was really enjoying the jobs DD’s are supposed to do… spotting for the team and pushing caps. Now it feels like someone has pinned a huge bullseye on my back. The game seems to be telling me now to stay with the group and do the opposite to a DD’s job description.

    • I feel the same way in my lightening

  19. Why did you titled it Destroyer nemesis? Two human Cvs tried half the match time to kill you, you capped two bases in the meantime and easily outsmarted them. Sure you did not much damage. You died against a Khabarowsk at the end and that is no shame.

    • Because the full name is ‘Torpedo Boat Destroyer’ and I ain’t seeing any Torpedo boats

    • +The Tanker planes no longer spot the torpedos

    • +Gonzo I’m pretty sure they still do spot torps

    • +Gonzo if I’m not mistaken in flamus last CV video he spotted torps while flying and if that didnt happen in his video then I’m also pretty sure I saw a friendly CV slot torps earlier when I was in my shima

    • Planes won’t spot torps while in transit. They WILL spot torpedoes while inside detection range of a ship.

      Which utterly destroys DDs ability to torp, since you are now permaspotted by circling planes.

      Even worse, there is no ability of your friendly CV to provide air cover. Fighters don’t exist in any meaningful way.

      The rework is utter trash.

  20. If I knew this is what the CV rework was going to be I never would have bought premium time at Christmas.

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