Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter

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For a ship-based game that’s more involved and a LOT more realistic than something like World of Warships, I’ve been having a stab at Destroyer: U-Boat Hunter. You can try it yourself today at



  1. Oh this has been on my wishlist for ages! Excellent!

  2. Was eager to pick this one up! Glad our favorite Gnome picked it up!

  3. OK, I’m totally digging the “naval crash course for noobs” tutorial. They’ve invested serious time in animating, scripting, and directing that cinematic.

  4. The authenticity of the sound-powered phone chatter is very good. Can confirm as my various GQ stations included being a 1JV, 5JV, and 2JZ phone talker. The only thing missing is the station ID preface, as in “Bridge, Main Control, engineering manned and ready for GQ.” which the bridge talker would acknowlege with “Bridge aye”

  5. this would be a perfect multiplayer game where everyone is a member of each section of the ship.

    • This might work with U-boat I believe. I know there was a sub and destroyer games made to be multi-player in that aspect. It was a few years back I remember seeing something like that being a work in progress.

    • I always wanted that kind of naval game

    • @Mister Woot Had some fun surface missions as well (which this game seems to be lacking). Pacific was more surface oriented while Atlantic was sub hunting if I remember correctly.

    • Look up a board game called ‘u-boot’ it integrates with an app. Lights down with a sonar sound effect makes for quite the experience with 4 people playing

  6. I thought this was going to be a WoWs video. I’m pleased to see something fresh and I’m staying until the end.

  7. I’m a simple man, I see a new video from Jingles, I hit LIKE and watch it with a smile…

  8. Panagiotis Deligiannis

    As a person that has played not a lot, but quite enough to fall in love, Silent Hunter 3 , 4 and 5, it is always nice to see new WW2 naval sims coming out. Hope this game turns out well!

    • The problem with SH was that you could figure out AI exploits pretty quickly to rack up enormous, war-changing tonnage totals. Good fun, but after 2-3 playthroughs it was too easy (on full difficulty with time acceleration). Still, the basic at and mouse premise was really fun.

  9. I played the demo some months ago. I see that did quite a lot of polishing on the game.
    The game is really hyperreaistic and quite hard. In the Demo the uboats were very aggressive, circling back to the convoy and sinking ships while you were chasing them.
    One uboat would regularly sink half your convoy while you chased it all over the map.

    • I played the demo too and agree with you. It was more than a little unrealistic tbh. I speak as an erstwhile ASW officer and when I joined the Royal Navy some of our ships still had equipment that was very much rooted in WW2 technology, so this is very immersive and very realistic as a sim.

  10. That German skipper isn’t trying to run in circles, he’s trying to run away from you as fast as he can. XD

  11. those men in those destroyers are the “unsung” heroes of the war . . . imagine the anxiety & stress they were constantly under. glad to see they’re getting a proper tribute with this game.

    • Try being on one of the cargo ships, great uncle served Atlantic then for his sins Arctic convoy. Always said he was blessed to lose his only ship in an Atlantic. His little claim to fame served on ship with Tommy Steele on think it was Queen of Bermuda.

  12. Jingles:”Oh what could go wrong?”
    Me: *expecting a cut to the ship exploding*

  13. I’d love to see some more of you playing this! Enjoying the commentary and you do a good job of playing too! Great content as always, been watching your videos for many years

  14. I’d love seeing more videos of this game, because it looks absolutely fascinating

  15. This really does seem like Cold Waters played from the other perspective and I am absolutely here for it

    • There’s Cold Waters mods that allows you to play surface ships. The Dot Mod has player controlled helicopters for hunting submarines and surface ships with ASW rockets.

  16. I would love to see more of this on the channel

  17. The analog computing systems of WW2 were amazing, from the TRR featured here in the tutorial or the fire control systems on board battleships that outperformed even some early electronic attempts to replace them, they were incredible feats of engineering.

  18. I love how I can now imagine him now donning his old gear, sticking on an antiflash and bellowing close hatches at anyone making the mistake of entering the room.

  19. Would love to see more of this series Jingles. Much like the Cold Waters series you had done a few yesrs back.

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