Destroyer Vampire II: Blood thirsty in Ranked battle – World of Warships

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Destroyer Vampire II: Blood thirsty in Ranked battle – World of Warships
Vampire II: 298k damage, 4 ships destroyed – World of Warships
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Vampire II is a tier X Destroyer.
The Vampire II is part of the Destroyer line.
#WorldofWarships #WoWs #WOWsreplays
A Daring-class destroyer with improved anti-submarine armament. One of the largest and most powerful warships built in Australia.

Battle Stats:
Version: 0.11.0
Server: NA
Time: 29-01-2022 15:24:59 EU TIME
Player: omnomtom
Ship: Vampire II
Damage: 298863
Destroyed ships: 4
Map: Crash Zone Alpha
Crash Zone.

Medals: 2
Withering Medal, Main Caliber Medal,

Mods used for the replay recordings: WG modstation (calm sea, fog removed) World of Warships

You want to send me your WoWs replay?
Requirements: +3k BXP or +300k dmg, or 8 ships destroyed, or Solo Warrior. Send me the link/replay via mail, to find on the channel info page. Thank you!


  1. Can you perhaps post the link for the site that you use to view WTR etc please?

  2. Виталя Кличко

    He was just very lucky

  3. At first he left flank. Totally useless.

  4. He won thx to the dumbness of the enemy…..

  5. whata masterpiece by the DD player. Two thumbs way up.

  6. There are way too many bad players in this game.

  7. I used to play WoT a lot, might give this a try.

  8. Omg… The worst vampire ever…

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