Destructible Environment – World of Warships

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Discussing recently announced Destructible Map by Wargaming at Kings of the . They will test a iceberg implementation but I’m excited for the possibilities. Hope you have a wonderful and I’ll catch you next time!

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  1. Russian Bias always protect.

    Old “Islands of Ice” were better 4 u? lmao

    Ah, lemmings train on A….

  2. havok engine and possible for environmental damage to ships e.g. titanic

  3. Project habakkuk confirmed…

  4. I’d love an ice map that had randomly moving icebergs…

  5. Destructible islands would be great for breaking the island camping meta and it would also throw people into a rage induced, salt-filled fit.

    • Christopher Wilson yeah I honestly feel like the only way to survive for a long time in a game is by camping behind an island and when you’re in a T8, you get matched with T9s and T10s a lot and if you peek other cruisers and BBS can punish you extremely easily

    • Do you know just how much ordnance would be required to make that kind of impact on any significant island? Ignoring some kind of lucky landslide. Also clearly none of us have any idea yet just how destructible WG are going to make their islands in this game.

    • +Apothecary Terry Its a video game, it might take one shell or it might take a million.

    • +Dustin Spiegel As per my comment, yes we have no idea how they’ve designed it. However, based on their vague claims of “realism”, it would be closer to the million to have a meaningful impact on a proper island. Icebergs…more plausible.

    • +Apothecary Terry Another way of getting rid of our credits, I don’t believe they would make the ammo costs lower.

  6. Destructible iceberg? Hmm~ so we can avenged Titanic? XD

  7. Ice islands can be destroyed, but a ship that runs aground takes no damage? ok

  8. It’s a neat idea.
    But for April Fools, I would have them give us Godzilla as an NPC in Random Battles.
    Godzilla hates everyone !!!!!

    • Everyone: It Godzilla Wargaming: It may look like it but thank to copyright it not Everyone: But still we should scream like it the real Godzilla

  9. Torpedo the Yamato, Avenge the Titanic. >:3

  10. I’m glad they are gonna make this a single map

  11. WG: on our long list of things we need to get fixed, blowing up icebergs will be top of the list.

    • Just a random Horse.

      UI, fps, ping and server going mad randomly, balance, overbalance, overnerfing, AA being just as broken if not worse than before, prems focus, roflstomps caused by shitty mm giving overwhelming idiots vs idiots, A/D not working at random causing you to not turn when you think you are, shells going through islands and not being real, and so many more issues but yes indeed destructible islands is 100% what we need 😉

    • Was my initial thoughts too Mike 😉

  12. Samuel Dionne-Vasquez

    instead of this idea. WG should implement ship damage for running aground. the faster you hit something the more damage you take.

    • +1. I’ve wondered about this for a long time. Ships take/receive damage when hitting each other. It only makes sense that they should take damage when hitting a reef or island as well. I would also be in support of sunken ships becoming obstacles when sunk in shallow water as well. Damage could be taken there as well if hit by a ship. None of these changes should really be that difficult to implement.

    • yes and decrease reverse speed by half, it’s ridiculous, that’s what tugboats and pilot ships are for. You know how rudders work? they create a high pressure zone from the thrust from the screws, when you move backwards, youre ramming water over the rudders, not moving water over them in the intended fashion, doing literally fuck all. Im ok with a bit of reversing but parallel parking a battleship backwards is mind boggling. Id love for them to slow down the ships too but I know that’s a tall ask, considering world of tanks looks like world of race cars by comparison and no one bats an eye.

    • is warthunder boats any good yet? lolz

    • The Gaming Python

      Several times on Implacable now I’ve had torps not arming and just disappearing. One torp will act normal the other just never arms.

    • Ok. Why? How is that contributing to the fun of the game?

  13. I’m betting on shallow implementation with cosmetic rearrangement of some parts of some islands which will affect the cover island provides slightly. They might introduce some breakthrough passages but I can’t see much use for it unless they introduce those god awful corridor style maps from WoT

  14. Personally the reason I stop playing battlefield it thank to world of tanks I like the way armor works in that game instead of reducing damage of I have enough armor I can block it and didn’t have to worry about some kamikaze dude sneaking up a killing me but I like the destructive environment I wish they could have done more with

  15. Oor… Orrr… Hear me out here. Italian ships. Maybe, just a little, Italian ships

  16. Richard Winstanley

    DICE have not removed destructibility from BF. Theres no huge set-piece ‘Levelution’ moments anymore, like the skyscraper in BF4, but everything else is still there.

  17. So if you destroy the top of an iceberg I guess it will just flip over.

  18. As an old BF player, I very much agree with you. Two points I have:
    1.:WG should have different priorities from introduncing a descrutable environment – new maps would imo be a good start
    2.:You should have used more AP in that match 🙂

    Greetings to all


  19. I don’t think destructible objects fit WoWS. If ground forces were a thing, and we could use a BB to level a city, sure; but shooting/torping icebergs? It doesn’t seem that feasible… Ships have impact on shore forces, not on natural objects in the ocean. You don’t go through icebergs or island, you go around them.
    I’m all for weather, moving iceberge, etc. that change the map as you play, but I’m not really one for players being the ones to change the maps. Maybe testing it will change my mind, but I’m skeptical until then.

  20. Two ideas from having a destructible environment:

    1. On the Two Brothers and Solomon Islands maps, have the ability to create a landslide by firing at the island, and crush enemy ships advancing through the center channel.
    2. Shoot off the end of cliffs or mountain peaks, in order to open up a firing angle for your ship to shoot at the enemy.

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