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Discussing recent Dev Blog by Wargaming clarifying DD traits, Slava’s design, and 8.3 additions. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time! – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. 360p squad reporting for Duty

  2. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    So we finally get Ten Go Yamato with the triple 25mms on both B and C turrets? Noice And also let’s hope for a rebalance of Soviet BBs That accuracy was too much

    • stefanos perivolaris

      dont be an enemy of the russ bias or ur MM will be shit xD

    • didn’t they plan on nerfing the range from 15 to 12 already?

    • +Toshihiko they have smoothed the curve out where they’ll be best in class up until 12, average at the upper end of mid range, and worst in class past that. Yamato will still have the most consistent guns taking the entire range into account, with the Soviets only being better up close

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      At first I thought the sub15km accuracy buff for the russians was compensation. Since they more or less had the typical inaccurate German/French dispersion for having faster 800m+ shell velocity in high tier.

      But after seeing them in action its just disgusting. I mean the French and Germans have to go through it…

      When the Italian BBs arrive they will probably look near identical to the Russians from armour to guns and their accuracy. (since most russian designs are actually italian based). Chances are wg arent going to be as convenient to the italians as to their russian counter parts.

  3. Where is my USS WEST VIRGINIA 1944 configuration?

    • +BlackWolf because West Virgina was wrecked at Pearl Habor, salvaged, rebuilt, and finished out the war fighting as a almost completely new ship.

    • I get that it’s a national pride, and an emblematic ship. But do you want a port decoration? Or do you want a radar (one of the addition of 1944 reconstruction) Colorado at like T8? It’s still gonna be super annoying to play. So I don’t get the point…
      I would find much more enjoyable to get a t7 HMS Rodney with torps, no lol heal and extra armor. That would be a different gameplay in an emblematic ship, and that would add something to the game.

    • +BlackWolfwell with the pre-refit version being tier 6 the refit version is more likely to be tier 7.

    • +BlackWolf The Nelson class’ torp tubes were submerged, which means that WG will never add them in game (if they keep to their word, of course).

      As for the WV44, that’s a dodgy topic. Frankly, I think that it’s too slow to be a tier 8, not to mention being a bit undergunned. OTOH, at tier 7, it would seem OP in a way for it to have the full WW2 refit when the tech tree Colorado doesn’t. I could see the WV44 being kind of like the Massachusetts, with strong secondaries. In the end though, it seems to me that about the only way for the WV44 to not seem OP compared to the Colorado would be for WG to buff it to a 1944 standard.


  4. and we also need a second USN BB line but after the Italians come first

    • +Vogel Hund basically but when some changes to probably dispersion more armor on the mid ship case and deck for the entire line so they won’t be as vulnerable to HE

    • +Isaiah Jennings Arent Devs planing remove IFHE skill ?

    • +Empoleonman522the2 Reminds me of the paper armour ships the british were gonna biuld to be equiped with 457mm guns.

    • Empoleonman522the2

      Incomparable would have to be a sniper as she would have had only eleven inches of armor on the side (more than enough if angled……but thick enough EVERYTHING will get stuck)

    • +Vogel Hund no because the entire cruiser player base would complain about how it can’t damage BBs if that were to happen

  5. Ahh! The Rissian paper ships strike again what BS

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      I am ok with that , so there is chance one day to have Polish BB, Cruser & DDs is game , everybody need to have fun.

  6. And I’m still waiting on the Italian ships to still come out one day….

    • 2020 the year of Italy. With the release of Russian BB’d this year, there’s only 1 country (not counting amalgams like Pan-Europe, Pan-America, etc.) with a BB line left… ITALY. So Summer 2020 Italian BB’s. Spring and fall who knows, but declaring 2020 as ‘The year of the Italians’ could be a good marketing scheme.

    • +richard cutts hopefully they do come out with that branch when the time comes

    • +richard cutts maybe it’ll be bb cruiser and destroyer come at once ?

    • That’s what I mean by ‘2020 the year of Italy’. Italian DD’s or Cruisers in spring, BB’s in Summer, then DD or Cruiser (whichever was not released in Spring) in Autumn.

  7. TheGuardianofAzarath

    Well, i’m Glad the new TX RU BB is a tech ship, that means i don’t have to choose between that or Stalingrad. As for the DDs, i guess my secondary builds are gonna get a workout 😛

  8. Yuudachi? Poi!~

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    Why more russian battleships? Ther’re literally Stalin’s wet dream and nothing more lmao

    • Empoleonman522the2

      To be fair the line through t7 are imperialist era sans refits (they could balance Sinop so easily by putting her main battery in its original config…..)

    • Actually Stalin opposed the idea of large battleships, he denied several projects put forward by USSR ship designers for being too massive

    • Empoleonman522the2

      He apparently wanted the Glory though (he considered the 18 inch guns impractical) and supposedly suggested naming her/him Peter the Great (the name being used by the t5) Though that source may be complete BS………

    • James Bigglesworth

      Who would have thought something made out of paper could be so tough?

    • Next thing you know, we will have a metric to of premium russian meds smothering the game except; They will float.

  10. New Yamato version?.., model April 7th, 1945!!?..
    The Last Battle BEGINS!!.., Ten-Go Operation..
    Yamato only Historical Battleship in Tier X Battleships WoWS.., True Legendary…

    • +Littly Shippy yes

    • +Littly Shippy actually Missouri looks competitive as Yamato for me they are in the same tier, but Iowa really sucks in the game

    • +Litio 3, iowa is more tanky and more maneuverable than MO after the buff tho. For me, iowa is way better than MO after her buff, before that, Iowa is a big no…

    • +Loo Wang Cheng imo, iowa is a lot better than NC at least for me.

    • +Ivan Buncic, I enjoyed both of them. Iowa guns hit harder than NC but the downside of hard hitting guns is that u get more overpens compared to NC. NC can hit underwater citadel even at 8KM which is a huge thing. NC gets regular pens more than iowa. Mastering NC guns is harder than iowa due to its slow shell velocity. Iowa is really good after the buff, before that is bullshit. NC buff may be tok much but just keep it quiet…

      I like both of em and kept both of em except for montana which did not get buffs and it’s more bullshit that iowa and NC cuz it cant have both tankiness and stealth at the same unlike NC and Iowa. Montana lulricochet is gonna tilt me off, 10 hits, 7 bounces. I see better results in yamato which does better at angling than all firing guns montana. Montana is an awesome cruiser killer but against BB is GK, conqueror and yamato fucking job, montana job is to delete those tiny assholes who complained that they always got nuked…

  11. less excited for the French DDs, no smoke and with the CV having the rockets can you say dead.

    • But they are speedy bois, just fuel up your floating baguette with some café au lait, and it will out-speed the rockets all the way to Paris!

    • +Tomatjävel I’m about as excited for these as I am about playing any brit unit and thats a real stretch.

  12. Oh god the tier 6 + 7 French DDs have the same spectacularly bad shell velocity as the Aigle. That won’t be a fun grind

  13. Wait are they FINALLY adding the AA guns to turret no3? Took em long enough! They added em to turret 2 not long ago and i was wondering why not turret 3 too

  14. Waldo Lemonjellow

    I wonder if they could use this to slide a pre-escalator clause 14″-50 twelve gunned North Carolina in… might make an interesting ship….

  15. They are gonna pull a WOT and have like 20 T10 Russian tanks

  16. Alexander this is 720pP60 squad reporting for duty.

  17. Reconfiguring Yamato? I would expect they will increase the bow and stern AA parameters..Add some AA mounts on her no.2 and 3 turrets

    • They are working on it, new yammy will be way better than old yammy. Just be patient, this is WG, any shit can happen…

  18. The obvious case for splitting main line ships into two sisters to my mind isn’t Conqueror, it’s Mogami. The 155 and 203 configurations play quite differently.

    • True I don’t think I have ever ran across a conqueror who wasn’t spamming HE with the smaller guns anyway

  19. Notser that is the Stallinium camo from the Lennigrad/Minsk camo contest.

  20. So if conqueror gets split into 2…we will get the pro pipe and noob flame shitter ship?

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