Devastate a Yamato with a Monty for 80K DMG – World of Warships

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oct8pus X Montana

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  1. Instant like o/ (first)

  2. Christ. What a terrible move by that Yamato. Stay at range!!

  3. friend please Answer me as you do to take the focus to leave the marker of the turrets simply as you do? is it any mod?

  4. 7:15 This is Sparta!!!!

  5. 13:08 that poor shimakaze… half a second too late, and would be saved by that currywurst..

  6. wow… he just received 87K… 245K went to service and repair… no wonder people play safety on Rank X battles, if the Service Taxes werent that high… we would have more agressive plays, like this.

    You have more fun from Rank I to Rank VII, the rest, all red.

  7. @7:12 for the money shot!

  8. Really thank you for publishing one of my replays uploaded on wg site!! A really unexpected surprise!

  9. Was the Captain suicidal on Yamato ? Should he turn the other way you were caught in crossfire btw him and the TORPitz

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