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Discussing new tier 10s, Soviet Commander, and the carrier changes. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time! – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. I wonder how the Italian cruisers will play

  2. Somers is basically a better shima in every way

  3. Jonathan Meilaender

    Both cruisers look severely overpowered.

    • +no??? ??????? ?? ? Quad turrets will get your firepower nuked in no time by a Conqeuror…

    • Even Krispy Creme can be “OP” with the right player (and commander skills)…

    • Atleast its free to play

    • 21 without and 27mm pen with ifhe isnt as good at T10 than it is on flint at T7, you wont pen much besides low armored cruisers and DDs

    • +Van Berg ah, but that means probably to continue the Balans they will say that either all RU or at least that one CL will have improved pen. because as it is, you are correct. 27MM pen means the more armoured CA and BBs are immune to dmg.

  4. I only have two t10 ships so not looking forward to ranked :/ i enjoyed the t6 sprint so many good ships in that tier

  5. Wargaming would never put another Worcester type ship in to the game.

    Wargaming….Hold my Beer

  6. A russian version of the Flint? Shut up and take my money!

  7. You mean to tell me we are getting a Soviet and French Atlanta/Flint/Worchester? Count me in!

  8. They introduce Russian Worcester and french Atlanta just for Carrier-Counter on Rank ?

  9. So what you are saying is this season of ranked is how fast the Midway on each team can delete isolated targets?

  10. boristhebarbarian

    both TX cruisers probably only for steel or molybdenum or something like that. TOTALLY useless for someone who does not and cannot play clan battles or ranked.

  11. Notser keep up the good work, dont know where all the other CCs went, but now its only you keeping us up to date. Thank you for that.

  12. I can’t wait for all the AFK reports my teamates will give me…

    • hahahaha yep that 45 second delay is gonna leave alot of people confused if they havent read up on this.

    • CV sleeping! Midway WHY???

    • Tirande Shibaraki

      I fully intend to go afk for 2-5 minutes out of spite every game; I refuse to sit and fap for 45 seconds waiting for the game’s overlords to allow me to play the game. And I will enjoy telling every shitter who whines at me about it to get X/Y/Z things, you can prolly imagine what those’ll be. ^_^ I’ll enjoy venting my vitriolic hatred for WG on the anti-CV SJW extremists.

  13. WG keeps adding more and more HE spam. Its going to get unbearable soon

  14. Cv’s in ranked, ok fine, but not tier 10, tier 6 possibly.

  15. WG: quick, RU player count is down since 8.0, add more RU ships!

  16. Where am I ever supposed to get that much steel? ):< And what do you MEAN 30 - 45 second delay... my rocket planes do like 190 knots. In that case I'm gonna spot your "better concealment" ships 30 - 45 seconds later... This is just catering to Flamus statement that carriers ruin flanking play. But guess what, this is not gonna change anything about the fact that the flankers will get beaten up a few seconds later. GG pointless delay thx Wargamung.

    • No cvs do cause blobbs and mess up the games, the delay is needed to make plays possible.

      Btw old cvs had a plane start tine as well!

    • +ASMR GentleMan Yes I do know that bröther. But it is 30 – 45 seconds. If you are not playing a American carrier your rocket planes will probably be useless so you can blast trough the boost charges to get the spotting done anyway. How far do you think you are going to get in 45 seconds at 30 – 40 knts?

  17. I’m getting really tired of all these new skill less dakadaka hide behind island ships

  18. Any DD that dosen’t have amazing Grozny type AA will be useless. Somers may replace Shima but both will be unplayable as long as Carriers continue to decimate Destroyers.

  19. T10 ranked with CVs? Wargaming has finally lost it officially.

  20. how long until WG comes out with the afghanistan navy, i hear they had the best CV’s and BB’s of WW2.

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