DevBlog Soviet BBs, Georgia, Indomitable, Yoshino – World of Warships

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Discussing and showing some of the proposed Developer Blog post changes coming in the next patch or two. Hope you enjoy the video and have a wonderful day! – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. In the legends, Notser will pin your comment if you post within the glorious 45 minute timeframe

  2. Jeezus they are just doubling up this mythical ships to be absurd?

  3. World of Tanks comes to World of Warships. “Is Russian, make invulnerable!”

  4. Buff the Super Ibuki sick to death of being citadeld even when I sneeze.

  5. “Safe from HE”
    Laughs in Conqueror

    • Like improving her repair party reload and her sigma? Also giving the light cruiser ability to heal back 50% of citadel damage? What a huge nerf to konker

    • +nick garner thinking the test conq is a nerf lol. reduced heal cooldown to regular battleship cooldown, increased heal potential by letting it heal more of regular pens and citadels, and increased sigma to make it the same as monty. in exchange for having to use your brain and hide your citadel. that’s a MASSIVE buff.

    • +SinkkingTurrtle Don’t say that you fucking Muppet, let WarFailing think they did a good job so I can faceroll even easier in the conq when I’m drunk…

    • Trust me there are things worse that the conqueror he spam, oh boy, you have never been chosen as the primary target by a he only full build yama, oh boy the salt, the salt that was going trough me, it shredded me and my division teammate (we both where bb’s)

    • +Roccaraso Conqueror is a much better HE spammer than Yamato. You might see some yammies firing HE at these Russkie ships because it can’t over match hardly anywhere and you’ll get alot of bounces with AP, and Yamato AP can pen and do damage, but conqueror has more guns, that fire the same, that do more damage per he shell, and have waaaaay better fire chance. Plus my Conq captain has Demolitions expert and every now and then I’ll throw the fire chance flags on, you’d never see a Yamato doing that.

      Conqueror, especially if it gets its proposed buffs, is going to be one of the only serious counters to the Soviet BBs after their proposed buffs.

  6. German battleships are getting powercreeped hella

    • +SeDevri but wargaming is based in Cyprus, not Russia lol

    • *Montana cries in corner*

    • Yamato but they’re originally a Russian/Belorussian company

    • They haven’t gotten a buff in so long and they need love. GK needs secondaries that no one can rival and a higher HP pool to counter act the fact it burns the easiest out of all the BBs with the current meta being a spam of HE from a CA out side your MBG range

    • Ranari's Brawling Channel

      Proper range and secondary penetration across the board would go a long ways to leveling this out. The FDG’s buff is what needs to happen to the others.

  7. lol 60 mm armor? “no powercreep komrad, is balanz”

    • Jozsef, yeah but the problem is not all carriers get AP bombs. The Japanese did not even have them at the start of WWII, They used 14 and 16 inch shells fitted with wooden fins for ap bombs. The US used them and does not have them in the game. Go figure.

    • They call me Orby

      +Caden Grace well they had them but WG thought taking them away was a good idea for some godforsaken reason

    • +Caden Grace Not even the Chinese TD line man. What about nearly every single German line tank? Only a small handful were even built, and it gets worse with the USSR with the “found secret” document tanks. Hell even them getting rid of the real 183 for a fake tank that was basically a napkin drawing.

    • +Caden Grace so you know, a naval game based on reality would have very few and very limited ships usuable at may different levels and would make CV’s way overpowered beyond belief, so no.. a RL Naval game would fail…

    • Nephleim, So you think the Americans, British and Japanese only made a few ships throughout history? Here is a clue for you, only those three navies count in any naval simulator. Education is a wonderful thing…The French, Italians and Germans also made a respectable amount of ships; then you can add in the very minor navies from South America, Russia, Sweden and Spain.

      If all ships that were built or began construction at least through the design approval stage awaiting the go ahead to begin construction, there would be far MORE ships than WOWs as now or will ever have.

      You also do not break it down into tiers. You group ships by naval era: 1885 to 1905 – 1906 through 1925 and 1926 through 1945.

      Best of all there is never a need for carriers in the game except that last era and even then you do not need a ship, just planes that spawn at the map edge every so often or not at all. They do not even need to be player controlled.

      Another important feature is that a minor navy like Russia that picks up USS Marblehead does not get a better ship than the original user. Marblehead was worn out by the time she went to the Russians. She would not be in the game any way in my scenario as she was post WWII.

      You think no one would play that? You really do not understand what you are saying. It is probably a generational thing. Kids and the child-minded like the video game quality of WG products. Most of playing are not kids but have to put up with that aspects because we like the subject matter.

  8. USS Georgia at 7:47

  9. Bollocks with the Deck armor change, its so they can get a Russian BB in clan battles. Cheap stunt

  10. Thanks WG. I look forward to grinding the Russian BB line. They sound kind of OP – but what do I know. Time will tell. If they are OP – then I suppose there is no reason to spend actual money on other ships. We can just play the Stalingrad (if we can accumulate the steel) and the Russian BBs.
    Notser did not say whether the increased armour thickness resulted in a lower speed and /or acceleration for those ships. I know, its just a game – but increasing the armour by 50% should result in a massive weight increase and a slower ship.

  11. And the azuma in tier 9 is still trash.

  12. I don’t want to see Notser play in RU brawling BBs anymore. I want to see Notser playing against charging RU brawling BBs in other surface ships and explain how fun that will be.

  13. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    The Georgia feels a big middle finger to Super Cruisers and to Azuma in particular Also for other BBs And the RU BBs…..even more powercreep YAAAAY

  14. Georgia becomes more and more beefy, i m getting interested about her

  15. Giving 60mm of armour to Russian bbs is the dumbest thing I’ve heard.

  16. I had no interest in the GA till today ! And like others said… my conqueror has a different opinion on safe from HE. LOL

  17. But wait… 7.5 ain’t the max range for secondaries, republic has 8.0km stock

  18. Yes!!! Perfect for the Georgia!!! Cant wait to play this beast now!

  19. Hmmm, over powering yet another fantasy Russian line… no surprise.

  20. At this point, why not just give Kreml 1000mm of armor on all parts of the ship and be done with it? They clearly want to.

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