Developer Blog for December – World of Warships

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Discussing all ships, campaigns, tweaks, more for our video this . Improved US BBs, FDG, Izumo, Myogi, with slight adjustments. Hope you enjoy have a wonderful day! – Friend Invite – Discord Server

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  1. FDG buffs are here? REEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

    • Spineking Jørgensen

      +Charles Howard Your increased reload means you’ll get the good salvos. Stop overreacting, i grinded trough the FDG without free XP and honestly Friedrichs guns are reliable at 11 to 17 km but her low number of guns and slow reload is what made me struggle with damage

    • +Charles Howard her role is not long range fighting
      she just isn’t suited for the current META

    • +Spineking Jørgensen dude I am still on the fdg I haven’t free xp anything. I played her after the buff still the same ship no diff
      I knew it would be. I had a monty broadside between 16-10km away shot T him 4 times only got like 4 pens. Nothing worries about this ship, they know you are not going to hurt them And it’s a ashame

    • +Kuhluh what ship is then , she can take damage but even bbs fire he at it which sux, bb players need away to better mitigate fire damage cause you are burning in hell all.the time

    • Spineking Jørgensen

      +Charles Howard Well dude 4 salvos and 4 pens… Its not you nor’ the ship because that just sounds like the most awfull Rng ever. Bismarck friedrich and gk have a sigma of 1.8 but still that few pens is something else. If you want to have something tanky that d rely on RNG then id guess the german cruisers however if you want a BB that can play like the germans but being more reliable then id assume the American BB’s. If for some reason your Rng problem is only for Friedrich then I can only wish you luck man because GK is quite fun 🙂

  2. Reading Latin is a skill expected of educated people, Notser, that’s one ship name you need to be able to pronounce correctly :).

  3. 51 thousand and 86 thousand.. pretty crazy damage on that IJN cruiser 🙂

  4. I never expected to see a Austro-Hungarian Battleship in this game!

  5. Slight correction: The Agano class has 2 quadruple torpedo launchers mounted on the centerline to allow a salvo of 8 torpedoes to be fired to either side. So Yahagi in-game would be more torpedo-focused than Furutaka

    • 27000ants Also if this is her late war configuration that were getting, her AA will be better than the Furataka.

    • I wonder if WG is planning an IJN CA/CL split?

    • Indeed. It is also packing Type 93s, as in Kagero torps, at tier V(!). They will hit like a freaking freight train at that tier. AA will also be significantly better than Furutaka, as Yahagi is in her as-sunk 1945 configuration from the looks of it.

    • General Cartman Lee

      The torpedo arcs however are as bad as on the Yubari (about 80-100 degrees to the side).

    • BlitzTaifun / DragonScales

      Oh gosh if the torpedo tube arcs are the same as Yubari, then the torps are mostly a novelty since she cant stealth torp

  6. So many premium ships, too little steel and coal.

  7. the problem with austria is that in ww2 it IS germany so u cant make a line xD

  8. Italian DD, press F to switch sides.

  9. it is a Austro-Hungarian Battleship, but german langauge would not be wrong for it either as german was the most spoken language in Austria-Hungary with over 23% of its population speaking german.

  10. Austria speaks german anyway

    • So American ships should be in the British line ???

    • Yeah but differently and our history has also some specialties, and please don’t compare us with Germans so casually.
      For not hating Russia completely and beeing neutral as well as negotiating with them, unlike the rest of the EU, WG could at least give us credits for that. XD

    • +worldmufel it says the nation of the ship may change. It’ll be pan European

    • Eugen Von Surschnitzler

      Hope Viribus Unitis flies the Austro-Hungarian Naval Flag in game – not the German coat of arms.

  11. So you don’t want German language on an Austrian-Hungarian ship but you want it localised?
    Dude… for 24% of people in the Austria-Hungarian Empire German was their native language.
    By that it was the most common language in the Empire as a whole.

    What other language do you want? Because the Empire had quite a few: German, Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Ruthenian, Romanian, Croat, Slovak, Serbian, Slovene, Italian…

  12. I thought IJN is getting their tier 9 fxp battlecruiser… then I see tier 10… I hate steel and tier 10 premiums so much.
    I really like the look of the Azuma, I wanna have it just for looks. It is like the yamato combined with the atago, both very beautiful ships.

    • well you can. It just involves playing lots of clanwars or worse, ranked

    • SecretID I really wish that it was a tier 9 ship, because the B-65’s were supposed to be the direct competitors of the Alaska class.

    • +Eagle262
      well only during special seasons…not regularly like coal which u can earn all the time. and ranked is full of suffering unlike other events.

    • it’s okay. it’ll probably be for sale on the store, bundled with some POS you dont want, with premium and dabloons attached to drive price up.

  13. Not more Steel ships 😩😩

  14. Are these all Premiums? If so, this is nothing more than a way for new players to skip the grind process and jump into higher tiers with no work/training required. To that I say…. PHOOEY! None of these “premiums” make me warm and fuzzy. The main lines are just as good if not better.

    • LarrysNetTube Let wargaming introduce more high tier premiums . With so many newbies sailing around directly at higher tier, suddenly noobs like me won’t look that bad 🙂

    • as far as im concerned this mearly means new targets :3 also A G if you have played a moderate amount of time your just fine…..we only see unicum level gameplay outside of streams for a reason :D+A G

  15. The Premium Account thing is easy to understand. This is Wargamming. When there is a question, just follow the money 🙂 In this case they want people who pay multiple games to have to pay for multiple Premium accounts 🙂

    • They want so much to become like EA,Activision and Ubisoft…

    • This plan is a benefit to the player, you play WOT and WOWS then you stay with old premium which will still exist, you only play WOWS then you get an extra 15% xp benefit. Also for any remaining time on the old premium WG give you the best of both premiums- what is it that you do not like about this?

    • +Kneecapper
      It is a money grab, because WG knows there are people who will buy both to have premium in WOT and “better” premium in WOWS.
      I also think that they didn’t like the fact that getting premium in one of the games (through a container or scenarios for example) would get you premium for all of them, because again that eats into their income.
      I never played any other WG game, but I guess there is an equivalent container system in all of them? It is really easy to get the first container in WOWS. Do the equivalent in the other games and you have multiple containers with just a few games even without premium, each of them having the chance of being a super container containing premium time for all of the games. Compare that to getting multiple containers in only one of the games. 3 containers need about 15x the XP of the first, but only 3x the (equivalent) XP for the first if you play 3 WG games.

  16. 8.5 second reload? I’m getting ptsd flashbacks to Wakeful

  17. Alexandre Hans Albert

    0:24 Yahagi T5 IJN CL
    1:27 Leone T6 IT DD
    3:22 Viribus Unitis T4 DE BB
    5:53 Neustrashimy T9 RU DD
    7:32 Azuma T10 IJN CA
    9:29 Balance changes
    13:38 Map change for Okinawa
    15:39 Premium account exclusive to WoW
    18:19 New Year event
    20:59 Collection Beautiful era

  18. Nice bonus of xp with the warships premium time – but it’s not xp I’m struggling with, it’s credits to buy the next tier ships – guess I’ll have to play the Missouri far more frequently!!

  19. Can you please zoom in a bit more when you do this next time? Just press CTRL + one or two times

  20. Notser, the Prinz Eitel Freidrich is NOT a German battleship that’s sort of like a battlecruiser. It *IS* a battlecruiser!!!!! It is a Mackensen class battlecruiser!!!

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