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Halloween is coming! Which surprises will it bring? How were we creating the depth? Find out in our fresh Developer Diaries!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about this episode?
    Are you hyped to explore the depths on your submarine in Halloween 2018?:)

  2. Looking forward to get Alaska, even not in this update.

    • Hello Francisco…
      The Alaska it’s a treat that i’m waiting for… but no… not yet!!!
      Instead WG people like to waste resources in this SHITTY halloween mode and submarines, WTF, WTF, WTF??? Personally, i don’t like (really, i HATE IT) that halloween mode (i’m argentinian, and here we not celebrate that date… again WTF is that?)
      WG people would stop wasting time and resources in that garbage (i.e.: hallowen mode, submarines, and shit alike…)… They would better the MM instead, add more ships, complete and expand tech trees, more operations, missions, maps, and much more… but not that garbage of submarines…
      i’ll repeat: it’s a waste of time and resources…
      Greetings from Argentina

    • +favio fuentes
      They have multiple people that work on multiple goals at the same time, but sometimes their priorities and decision-making can get quite questionable.
      They churn out 3-4 new ship lines a year while a ship take about 6 months from start to finish, so tech tree ships are a constant progression.
      Halloween is a common holiday in the US and many EU nations, even in some Asian nations so that isn’t waste of time on their part.

    • Francisco…
      Thanks for the reply, man…
      Like i said, i’m argentinian and here we don’t celebrate that commercial date, for that, to my PoV, that game mode is a waste of resources, just like the space o whatever that garbage it’s called… I don’t like it, for that, i don’t play it…
      To be clear: i’m the player, if a game mode don’t like me, i just don’t play it, plain and simple!!!
      Again my friend, thanks for the reply!!!

  3. Cool cant wait 🙂

  4. Way they say there’s too many destroyers? You mean too many battleships right? There should be a limit of 4 battleships in one match so that people will be playing cruisers and destroyers more often then some overpowered 1 shot battleship

    • TheAllaksion well in here i often counter 5 DD each battle

    • Remember what they said right before that –the BB players were the ones complaining about too many DD’s. From what I’ve seen, battles with too many DD’s just end too fast, there are too few points to gain from damage, and slow speed/passive/inaccurate/low ROF ships won’t get any kill points from the match. I thought they were also going to cap BB numbers per fight too but they didn’t bring it up…. I guess those BB players didn’t complain about that.

    • The actual problem with too many destroyers is the DD players themselves don’t want to fight other DDs, lose half their health in seemingly pointless knife fights and be unable to torp any juicy fat BBs from inside secondary range.

  5. i hope that subs are not put into the game after halloween and if they are i expect to see PT boats and destroyers with depth charges and sonar. and aircraft with depth charges

  6. What I dislike the most about the ranked mode is that you can climb to Rank 1 with less than 50% winrate because of the save a star system. The worst players have to play the most and therefore annoy the others for the longest. Also its only rank 1 or not. If you get rank 2 its almost worthless since the rewards are not proportionally spread across the ranks and the accumulated rewards for reaching up to rank 2 are still bad compared to the reward for rank 1.

    • well no…under 50% of winrate dont mean you’re are a bad player !
      1 – You could have a very bad MM number in a season (and you could finish first a lot of time or not)
      2 – You dont have the good ships for this meta. (Season 10 was a nightmare facing constently Worcesters and Stalingrads…)

      So Rank 1 never gives the real statement of your skills… sometimes the meta dont want you to succeed and you had to play a very large amount of games !

      Finally try to calculate the number of games you will need to reach rank 1 without the “save” system…
      You will never accept to lost your time in this meta even for a try !

    • Ranked MM is the best MM the game has to offer because its all equal tiers. You dont get that in any other mode.
      And if you need 500+ games to reach rank 1 you are probably a less than average player. Thats just a fact. No good player has bad RNG for this long. (Note that I mean winrate in random games since its usually much better in random games than in ranked games.)

      Id rework rank
      1. by changing the rewards in a way that they scale properly along the ranks. This way players actually feel rewarded as well when “only” reaching the top 5 ranks. That avoids frustration with the second change.
      2. by introducing a battle limit of lets say 200 games (that number can easily be tweaked) so you can only play this many games a season. That removes the grind from the mode and is still big enough of a sample size to deliver an accurate picture of individual player skill. You play the games you can and get as high as possible. That way ranks actually mean something. Like in League of Legends you can be as arrogant as you want but if your elo is bad you are undoubtedly bad at the game.
      This way even the save a star system can stay (if spotting and tanking gets rewarded properly that is).
      3. by making the MM take radars/ DFAA into account as well so they are spread out evenly between teams which is probably the hardest to implement.

    • +die mango not agree ! At all

    • The top reward is just a tiny bit more coal than you get from containers in a _single week._ One of the lesser rewards consists of flags that cost _more_ than that amount of coal if you buy them in the Arsenal. If you’re doing Ranked Sprint for the rewards, you haven’t understood anything.

    • I didnt mean the ranked sprints. I meant actual seasons. Ranked sprints is another bad attempt to give rank 1 to all players.

  7. “Complete the missions and you’ll have the opportunity to obtain the ships from Tier V…”. Erm, no – not really. WG apologists will cite CCs with all the RN DDs, their friend, all of the people in game et cetera, but I have completed all the non-DD RN missions. No drop. Re-invest the Premium currency for 5 crates. No drop. Re-re-invest the 25 tokens for 2 more crates. No drop. Repeated the process every week. No drop. Er…? Low drop rate is fine – keeps it special – but NO drops? Without even a meager Tier V to test the new mechanics and grind a Captain, this is not a special Special. 3/10, WG – see teacher after class.

    • I guess I was lucky, got t5 Acosta, T6 Icarus & T7 Jarvis missions in the first 10-15 crates and about 4 days ago got the T8 Lightning mission. I guess it is just the luck of the draw. Apparently you need to refresh your RNGesus Shrine…

    • Just so! After 2 – 3 weeks they might want to think about giving you the lowest Tier DD just so you can experiment with the new smoke mechanic/whatever. Also, it would encourage me to pay for the Cossack at the end of the special. No DDs means a low chance of me paying cash for another Premium as I have so many.

    • Rich that’s very similar to me. Almost as thought WG controls the drop rate.

      I got 5, 6 & 7 in first 5 crates. Then 8 popped up 3 days ago after hundreds of crates.

    • Well, you could have saved those sovereigns, and bought a Gallant with them, if you ACTUALLY wanted a brit DD captain trainer. Or you could keep dice rolling. RNG always wins.

    • +Eggmanlover
      I bought Gallant with Sovereigns too, and frankly she’s more enjoyable than Icarus.
      Want a Jervis mission to drop tho.

  8. Yes… yess moorreee enjooymeent..
    *Kamikaze (R) captains laughing maniacally in the background*

  9. The coolest Halloween camo was definitly the one from the Lexington. If this camo was available for the Midway, I would definitly buy it

  10. Good way to sneak in the hint that submarines won’t be in the game for quite a while @6:55. … I can be almost certain the BB captains complaining about the DDs are new captains and haven’t learned how to play, position themselves, or know when they should be expecting torpedos. Also, I’m not so sure Baby captains realize that having fewer DD in a match can backfire on them. As a DD main, I prefer when there are less DDs because there are less ships able to detect me so I’m able to be much bolder and make more successful torpedo runs since there’s nothing to spot me and the torpedos between myself and my target. So, as a DD player, I support less DDs! 😀 Makes me happy hehehe

    • The problem isn’t actually so much that there are too many DDs surprisingly.. as it is the fact that so few DDs and Cruisers actually do what they should be doing.. and screening for them. Instead they’re too busy sniping at enemy BBs… which is exactly what the enemy DDs are left doing to friendly BBs.

  11. I love you Valeriya!!! I enjoy your interviews and look forward to more in the near future!! I would like to get actual general quarters alarms on ships when the battle starts

  12. 1:27′
    when i heard this, i want to say “thank you” to all wows gaming developers. Thanks for making the game more and more better and giving us the joy to play ^^
    Keep the fire going and doing your best ! Thank you

  13. Great work wow development team, you never to fail to get me hyped for a new update and Halloween has become one of the most anticipated times in the year for me so well done 🙂

  14. I like Oleg

  15. My favorite moments of this vid:
    00:02 Whats her name free riding the office chair like a pro
    9:08 Wait untill you hear the microwave ping
    11:27 “Colleagues, do you have any comments on the topic?”
    15:27 “Bye!”

  16. Opening up like Chris Ray Gun with the chair roll. 😀

  17. Fixing torpedoes but you forget to fix the most important thing, the random spread in torpedo volleys. GG

  18. If there are ‘too many’ of a ship class in games the answer isn’t to limit that class, it’s to find out why people aren’t playing other classes. Artificially putting a limit on won’t solve the issue, it will just annoy players who end up having to wait for a game.

    Same goes for when new lines launch, you know that saturation will be high so why not make an operation around that line to relieve other game modes?

    I’d strongly suggest that balance could well be the issue if people avoid certain classes, once bitten twice shy sort of deal. Just my thoughts.

    • People who complain about “too many DDs” are mostly BBabies.

      All ship types need skill to play well, but BBs are too easy to play decently ( *not* greatly). To make a great game in a BB, skill is required (as all other types of ships), but players don’t have to get good to do decent in BBs. It’s psychological. They are content with what they can do so far and to them there’s no point of getting better. Trying with another type is toooooo hard for them and damage count is really low, so they stick (most likely forever) with BBs. Which in turns, adding more to the problem.
      CVs are on the other end of the difficulty floor spectrum – the highest floor. Currently, playing a CV is like playing a different game, why everyone wants a rework. If you’re bad in a CV, you’re horrible. If you’re good, you’re great.

  19. Ok guys…..we got finally Dasha as a captain.
    Now my fellow captains a new target appeared: Valeryia

  20. 7:32 Too many destroyers? Man with all that radar, I’m surprised when I have more than 1 DD in my team…..

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