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The final part of the British Arc is drawing near. It brings with it the Royal Navy Destroyers collection, a new PvP mode set in our Halloween universe, and a number of other changes to the game mechanics, balance, and maps. How did we create the Twilight Battle mode and assemble the new themed collection? Watch this episode of Developer Diaries to learn the answers to these and other questions!

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  1. I don t think that DD needs that buff.

  2. been here for a year and still love the game keep up the great work Wargaming

  3. World of Warships Official Channel

    Royal Navy Destroyers collection or Halloween PvP mode? 😉

    • So will the game work again or have just made it worse, so far the game have only been going down the drain. not worth playing. been here in this game from start. NEVER got anything only empty promises and broken game.

    • Jean Bart for free XP?

    • With the bad weather and low visibility,you could add waves or swells as we call it in the Merchant Navy,that make the ship pitch/roll during sailing and needed to adjust course in order to keep it straight but also losing speed and making it much harder to control during rough seas. I would like to see that,not like in real life but a semi effect of that would be so much nice. A dynamic weather should be in your plans i propose,like wind speed and direction change…

  4. BBs are already very susceptible against carrier attacks due to its sluggishness and are suffering from long reload, and now u even nerf our defense against dd torp rush? Why do u need to do this? To my fellow BB players, we will not be blame anymore for camping more in the back

    • Wong Dirk lol ur the one who redirected our argument to dds capturing zones for an early advantage right? Clearly u said “in the first 5 minutes of the game”, so don’t throw it back to me. Answer to ur question? Simple, that’s called situational/map awareness which I know now u don’t have. U are a destroyer and u have far greater detecting capabilities than larger ships. U can spot them while remaining undetected, looking at the map too u’ll know where the bbs/cruiser are lurking. So most likely u’ll know when enemies can locate u with radar/hydro. If u get detected by radar well that’s ur problem dont expect smoke to help u. Seriously dude 60% wr and u still need to ask this? What are u playing tier 3 dds? Of course ull play ur concealment advantage and move away and stay undetected if u know u are on the range of their radar. Im still answering cuz i feel obliged to help a moron like u

    • +Silverslicer yeah i love doing it on bismark/tirpitz, but other bbs are better at sniping like the yamato and NC

    • +TJ D Oh my god…can you stop making yourself so embarrassing? “Bye for the last time” and then came back again…damn so cringy… By the way, do you actually know how to read, Sir? Haven’t I emphasised the focus three or four times already? Why did you keep picking that “first 5 minutes” phrase which only appeared once , just once, and wasn’t important at all, as the most important part of our topic, while ignoring all my other words in the rest of our cconversation…? Do you need to some advice for IQ/eye checking? I know a few good doctors if you need one please inbox me.

      By the way are you telling me that you have never been the only DD on your team in a battle who got to cap the zones even though there’s obviously radars behind the islands, just because the enemy team was in the huge lead, or the teammates asked to do so? If so it implies a few possibilites: 1. you play a DD like a retard, forgetting about the zones and teammates demands and just going for the enemies; 2. you as a BB main just played DD a few times, lack experience but now act as an expert teaching me how to play; 3. you are simply bullshitting, imagining you are able to play so well as you said but in fact you haven’t been able to do any of them once and are just a potato in reality; 4. you know you can’t justify simply because you actually acknowledge that BBAP does too much damage to a DD and it’s simply inevitable regardless of whoever, a unicom or a potato, plays the DD, yet you feel you can’t lose in this argument so you kept dodging the questions I asked.

      Anyhow, please watch this video:
      It’s made by Flamu, who is a super unicom playing 10k battles and having 60%+ average WR in every class. Please listen to what he says about BBAP coz’ I’m too lazy to teach a kindergartener how to play a DD and describe the situation DDs are now in.
      And please, really learn how to play a DD properly, play DDs more often instead of dreaming to be a good player, and last but not least, know more about the game mechanics before saying anything.

      PS: Don’t say “bye” again, it’s real cringe. 😉

    • +Wong Dirk Haven’t i answered ur question? And please don’t give me assuming statements so that u can defend urself even w/o proof. U only make urself look like a fool in this argument. And please don’t call me a BB main for i have almost equal number of games on different classes for I am expanding my tech tree. Resorting to making stories about me so that u can continue on this argument so that u don’t make urself look like a loser hahahaha. How pathetic. Well since ur statements already lack any sense, i promise I will not answer to ur shiity comments ever hahaha

    • +TJ D  TJ D  Again another loser’s declaration of victory, well done TJ D. And do you know the meaning of the word “possiblity”? It seems like you have completely mixed it up with “assuming statement” (that is actually called an “assumption” in English, but well I don’t expect much from a kindergartener). What I did was just listing all the possibilies that can be implied from what you answered me, and I’ve never said any of them fits you. Why are you so mad? Is there really one that fits you so well?
      By the way, once again you completely ignored the important thing in my reply, that’s the video link I posted for you and just talked shit. I know it’s hard for you to learn because of your intellectual disability, but please try your best to learn as much you can from the video.
      I’m confident that some day, maybe in 50 years, you will finally understand how retarded you are right now and accept the fact that BBAP is overpowered. Keep it up boy 😉

  5. WG officially celebrates Halloween more than the rest of the world. It’s mid November and WG is still celebrating Halloween with these game modes.

  6. So now a 5″ shell does more damage to a DD than a 16″ one :)))))))))))))))))) Great logic :))))

    • Ralathar Renares I love it! I love when people try and pull the “not realistic” card out to argue against game mechanics when the game is founded on blatantly unrealistic mechanics to begin with.

    • Umm.. 16″ over pen does more than a pen from a 5″ DD gun when shooting at DD(remember no citals so you can’t get max damage). You forgot that pen damage is listed damage x 0.33, so an American DD pens there 5″ shell damage would be 2,100 x 0.33 which is 695, and let’s take an American 16″ gun 12,400 * 0.10 which is 1,240 damage. And 1,240 > 695 (almost double the damage) therefore 16″ shell does more damage even with this nerf, which is good as before it was doing 12,400 * 0.33 which is 4,092 which is ridiculous.

    • War thunder is more realistic

    • +Ralathar Renares if you like to play a more unrealistic old arcade stupid game…

    • Alright, so , lets do some math…
      Since you didn’t specify which shells, I’ll just use gearing and montana’s AP shells.

      Gearing’s AP does a maximum of 2100 damage. Since destroyers don’t have citadels, you can at most deal 1/3 of that damage, 630 damage.

      Montana’s AP shells do a maximum of 13500 damage. 10% of that is 1350.

      So no, the AP shell damage of a 5 inch shell will not exceed that of a 16 inch one.

  7. foolish AP damage change. noob DDs always die fast whatever you do. no BB will push forward now and you think this is good for your game hm…

    • Hopefully this will force BBs to choose the correct shell type for the opponent they are facing. Right now there is no reason for a BB to switch from AP to HE. Now if you’re a BB and a DD is bearing down on you, you better hope you have HE loaded. It’s more realistic. A BB should not be able to casually disable a DD that’s 10km away with two islands in between.

    • Its a good change, although i will not switch to HE for DDs no amtter what, cause it has a strong tendency to hit with 0 dmg or knockouts.
      Still resets cap counter tho, for some reason.

    • +Mark Schmaling Buff secondary range and damage for all BBs.

    • A BB should steamroll anything within detection parameters other than a deadlier BB, that’s the point of a BB.

  8. 7:19 “Fuk dis shet! I’m out!” XD

  9. I still want my storms with big waves

    • Same man, but I think it’s just too hard to implement :/ I think even a studio like DICE would struggle with making that

    • its just fucking nonsense… you cant shoot a naval gun when your ship is jumping up and down
      its not possible to hit anything

      but you can try that for yourself if you have a gun at home
      wave it up and down and try to hit something 50 meters away
      good luck with that

  10. I do not support these changes although I was at the receiving end of bb shells in a dd a lot of times. If I charge a Yamato in a destroyer and he blaps me with 6 shells while bow on to him, my ship should instantly explode, if not be cut in half.

    • Thats nonsense, even the Bismarck rarely misses at point blank range, this move will be just as stupid as it always was.

    • If they implement this change, I want the BB 2ndaries buffed to what it should be: they should have the same range and rate of fire (per gun) as equivalent DD main guns. eg 127 mm/38 Mk38 mod. 0 on the Gearing has a range of 11.12km on the Gearing but as soon as it’s mounted on NorCar the range gets reduced to 6km. that’s just WTF?! For Real?! If anything the gun when mounted on a BB should have longer range as it sits higher above the waterline.

    • +Golden Eagle They said a change to them would be coming actually.

    • +Iron_ Stampede #soon (TM). Remember “The year of CV”? Think of that in terms of waiting for a real change.

    • +Golden Eagle That won’t be OP at all… Even on a cruiser it’s like having one and a half Akizuki’s strapped to the side of a Zao, let alone a BB…

  11. this AP damage change is awful, dd’s already held many advantages that made no sense.. BB’s that have the highest superstructures & detection systems in RL in your game spot the shortest distance.. 1 torpedo hit can sink your ship through flooding if your damage control is down even though ships were compartmentalized to prevent such a thing from happening. & now you take away our one chance to defend ourselves from them if we spot them at a close enough range to stand a decent chance of landing a good hit? poor choices were made here. if our shells are basically gonna over pen these little ships how about we cause flooding on them, see how they like it?

  12. 1:46 “10% dmg-limit for calibers over 280mm” – because the Graf Spee (283mm) is such a dpm-monster and DD-killer, right? Oh, WG -.-

    But i welcome the other changes/additions to the game!

  13. I feel like this BB change will negate the BBs ability to defend itself against DDs, with the slow reload and ammo change combined with the speed and detectability of DDs, switching isn’t usually practical unless you want to negate the damage you do to targets you can more reliably hit for one you might get a single hit on. This could potentially lead to a case where the BB is the only ship that can’t effectively counter another ship type despite potentially having superior skill. It also reduces the ability (if not completely negating it) of a BB to punish really bad plays by DDs. Changing ammo once to counter a DD who might just disappear leads you to one minute of complete ineffectiveness if you have to switch targets. It’s already easy to dodge and avoid BB targeting and damage if you play a DD well.

    While I will still prefer to be up close in the battles, this will probably solidify the sniper BB method as the one most probable one of leading to victory. It will certainly reduce the number of BBs willing to help against DDs, since its already very difficult to hit one. Thankfully there are a lot of really bad DDs so I can still see them suiciding against secondary builds or getting over-focused on BBs and dying to cruisers, but it will make the skilled ones naturally superior to a skilled BB. Unfortunately there’s also a lot of crap BBs who won’t even be able to engage in the minimal chance of defense offered.

    Edit: The Halloween op and RN collection should be awesome though.

    • Oh no, now you’ll play as a team. I’m sorry but his tears are absurd, a BB can not take on all the roles. I play absolutely every class, I have 61% of WR and I do not understand the tears about this.

    • Plus it’s not Historic.

    • That’s the Idea.. DD’s are supposed to counter BB’s. BB counters CACL, and CACL counters DD. BB shouldn’t be getting close enough to a DD to get rushed.

    • +Narcoleptic Yes the BB should try to maintain a distance from DDs, and that’s why I think it will lead to sniping more – many will now need a great distance and that distance is the only way you have to defend yourself if your support dies or flees. And while BBs counter cruisers and cruisers counter DDs, both the cruiser and DD can effectively protect themselves much better to their counter than BBs will be with the change, and when you are the superior player you can often walk away with a victory. They can already protect themselves much better as is. It doesn’t matter if there a ways to engage this change and try to work around it that are smarter and perhaps more effective than sniping, it’s going to make the sniping an easy and obvious choice for a majority of players. It’s irrelevant what effect this will have on any one individual and more important in how it could damage the health of the game.

  14. So it’s OK to do 1/3 of the HP pool to a CV, BB, or CA, but not a DD due to poor play? Turn broadside when they are shooting at you and it wont happen! Yes it is backwards from the other classes, but they have a different play style. This is a tempest in a teapot, and it will make the Kitakaze more OP than it already is. Kitakaze needs to be like the Harugumo and Khabarosk, and not get this buff. Destroyers are supposed to counter battleships, fine. On the other side of the coin, battleships are supposed to counter cruisers, but cruisers can HE spam battleships, and some like Des Moines can simply bow tank BBs with 15″ guns. Cruisers have recourse to battleships. With this change, battleships will have no recourse against destroyers. The only battleships that will have a chance against the Kitakaze after this goes through will be the British and maybe the Missouri with its radar.

    If this goes through, please give battleships something. I recommend boosting the range of secondaries across the board. They were used historically to protect capital ships from small ships like destroyers, and it would make for good game play. Also, they get degraded by HE hits, so like AA, later in the battle, destroyers would still have an advantage.

  15. Wargaming your battleship complaint department is getting busy real soon 😉

  16. The only thing i liked about this video was you Valeriya!

  17. Will this game ever hit Version 1.0.0?

  18. Bb ap should cause flooding on dds then

  19. Emblems? What a game-changer! You are indeed very “generous”.

    • It’s important !   MM is working so well at the moment, no need to change that eh ?  😉

    • +ThePostie501 INDEED! It’s fantastic how well they reworked the MM. 3 DDs vs 4 DDs, 4DDs vs 5DDs. Softcap? Who needs softcap and proper balance; we’re here to have fun, and it’s fun to get obliterated due to an uneven DD count! 🙂

  20. Lovely sweater Valeria! Very futuristic! Reminded me of your avatar in that space suit captain 🙂

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