Developer Diaries 0.7.12 | World of Warships

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Christmas events, Prinz Eitel Friedrich, new collection, snowflakes and many-many more!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Are you hyped for the upcoming Update? Ready to knock out some “special snowflakes”?:D

    • what an appropriate title for this video because you snowflakes a f*** this game I’ve been playing since beta and I’ve slowly watch these fuckheadz ruin the game this ridiculous blue haired c*** is responsible for these f****** s*** game now and it’s the same Pig that dressed as Santa what f******

    • Good job guys!! When is it coming out?

    • paying for a campaign? take a wild fucking gues how hyped i am about that. I’m positively well-woopty-fucking-do hyped

    • Ok….. KV_Dijk ( N.A. server)

  2. Thx wows that we can get many premiums in a year and the missions which arent so hard for students that in wot. Thx so much.

    Thx wg for the snowflags

  3. Wait, I’m confused, does that mean we should go out and rebuy as many of our researched ships as possible for the snowflakes? Because I’ve got tons of researched ships that aren’t in my port…

    • +Mcboernester you buy a ship for 6 mil but selling for only 50%.
      To some people that isn’t a lucrative deal.

    • I am not going to go out of my way to rebuy T8 and 9 ships. Credits is too valuable to me at this point of the game. I have 66 mil but also have 4 T10s to buy and outfit. Back to grinding $ with the MO i suppose

    • +Francisco DeTonne Except, of course, that steel is much harder to grind than credits, so any credit expenditure to get steel is pretty much worth it.

    • Yes, assuming you’ll have enough time to play them all during the event timeframe.

    • I’ve already got Missouri, Jean Bart, Kronstadt, Musashi, Tirpitz, and Cossack. Credits are not something I have to worry about much. 🙂 Steel on the other hand is something I’ve definitely had trouble accumulating…

  4. 3:36 Is this the guy responsible for creating new UI bugs? Man, he realy is an artist.


  6. o god…. i have i have 208 ships X_X … thats allot of snow….

  7. Where tf is alaska?!

    • +Holly I doubt that. When they removed the Missouri there was at least a month’s worth of overlap during which both ships were available. Just remember all the “what should I get, Missouri or Musashi” videos at the time…

    • +gzerox2 no, it’s not

    • +newman1702 Mushi has her replacement in the Arsenal already. Alaska is probably going to take Kron’s place Or be a premium/event ship.

  8. The hard work and long grind is paying off in this update. Let it snow – Let it snow – let it snow. NOA_marksman

  9. Can you buy a ship after the update drops and still get the snowflake or do you have to buy it beforehand?

  10. Gonna be that guy/player.

    The unified prem. account is one of the best things about WG for 3 games for the price of 1 (unless total war arena is included than that make 4 for 1) The WoWS prem account is kind of a slap to the face.

    The same price only nets you +15% xp that’s on the stingy side to begin with for a 1 game only prem account, because as a player base, we have come to expect some sort of extended value for our hard earned money when we purchase prem time. Now if lets say the cost was reduced to say 80% of current cost (so instead of 12 bucks for 30 days it be around 10)
    and the +15 bonus applied to credits too, almost the entire player base would be pretty mum about it.

    • +Mainerd Loyd How do you mean “The last thing I need is to earn exp faster”? Who doesn’t wanna get to next ship in the line faster?

    • +Ivan Buncic Again yippie I made it to next ship but I don’t have the funds to buy without giving WG even more money. I’m already earning them faster than I can afford them this just magnifies it without the earnings to go with it. So I really need several million exp on my premiums and how does that help me? I even have nearly 2 million free exp after buying the Kronstad earlier this week. The only reason why I bought it is because they are removing it. That should tell tell you the amount of exp I’ve farmed compared to credits.

    • +Mainerd Loyd I dont have any problems with credits. I have plenty of premium ships and I’m even earning money in my T9s and T10s, I dont know what are you complaining about.

    • Reason for WoWs only prem is so they can give ot away without stepping on the other 2 game’s toes.

    • You have that option still. People who play WoWs will certainly buy only WoWs premium and you can still have what you had before. Don’t see any problem. I play all three games, and will stick with the regular one. If I chose to stick exclusively to WoWs I will purchase WoWs specific premium.

  11. Admiral Elo J Fudpucker

    This video was more of a sales pitch than a developer blog…. but … yeah…

    • +Lubos Soltes coal, steel, the 2 capaigns you can complete without spending a dime, the free ship, the free containers. all that, did you just skim pver that just because your mad that for once they decide to be nice and let players have acess to steel? i doubt it will even be enough to buy the flint, even if you have all t9 and 10 availible to you.

      i agree the capaign u have to purchase is bs, but the other rewards are great.

    • +Nick .Hurtz you have to do the ship one first then you can do the other one … my only goal is to get enough steel and coal so I have coal for the Neustrashimy once it is released (I hope it will be a coal ship like Salem).

    • +Lubos Soltes but it is still entirly possible to do both. i did so with pervious christmas events. i dotn see why this one would be any different. yes its a bit time consuming, but it has, at least in the past, been entirly possible, and usually well worth the effort in even just the regular rewards.

    • +Lubos Soltes also, im with ya there. my valye for the steel is the coal equivelant. either to buy alaska or the french bb if alaska ends up a fxp ship.

  12. -but you said steel will be a competetive only res- nevermind i can buy Stalingrad after that so its okay

  13. At least add some bonus credits to Warships premium account =)

  14. make event with Kancolle?

  15. When is this update coming out? Does anyone know?

  16. I wish Kadokawa and WG would do a collaboration… KanColle would be nice in WoWs…

    • Kadokawa are money whores and only really allow Japanese players to play KanColle, Thats why AL Is Trumping them atm, But yea, KanColle characters are cute

  17. Steel Giants for money?.. it will be Still Giants for me

  18. did i hear the new campaign can be purchased in premium shop 6:22 really wg!! WHY????

  19. Everybody in WoWS: Stalingrad spam
    Me: Flints…Flints everywhere.

  20. Valeriya “Earth-chan” Tsygankova with some very good news! I love the WoWs missions, gifts and collections so much more then everything you can do and get on the other Wargaming games.
    For everything the WoT team does wrong, the WoWs team does something right. And they are getting alot of things right recently.
    Thanks alot and have a nice holiday and Merry Christmas.

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