Developer Diaries 0.7.5 | World of Warships

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In 0.7.5 we begin our American cycle! Changes in US cruisers tree, new unique , new skin and much more!

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  2. When will the update go live

  3. World of Warships Official Channel

    It is so awesome, that 6 tier light cruisers can *NDA*!
    Feel any hype for changes in cruisers tree?:)

    • TheMalevolentSpoon

      I cannot wait for the light cruiser tree. Cleveland at Tier VIII is so much more befitting of its place in cruiser evolution.

      And, there’s two very exciting ships that I’m betting on will finish out that line. With lots and lots of guns~

    • Brian Cox you’ll get the premium tier 8 camp for free ??????

    • Trust me, if absolute realism is anything to go by, WG will buff the u-boat speeds up just like how surv. radar penetrates islands and allows island spam shelling.

    • Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada

      Brian Nelson Question… when was that “alpha” done? how many years ago?

    • Is the Indianapolis also going to go down to tier 6 seeing as to how its basically a premium Pensacola

  4. Matheus Rondel Leite

    That Eagle design is beautiful!

  5. Haha Filip is awesome.

  6. Everything ive got to say is: MURICA, F%CK YEAH!

  7. julio leonardus

    How people see from Cleveland bridge with that eagle?

  8. 3:01 4/12 opponents left, 20K damage dealt in a tier X battle
    Buffalo is capable of significant damage btw

  9. 1:22 *The good old Pensacola*
    Someone please kill me

  10. Still waiting on the Italian tree unless it’s going to be a premium tech tree

  11. Why is not alaska class the tier 10 heavy cruiser?

    • Francisco DeTonne

      Alaska will be a Prem
      Mockba, while is different a lot from Donskoi, is not that much different in play style from Donskoi – long-ranged kiter
      Nelson, Stalingrad, Krons and of course Alaska will have drastically different playstyle so they will be prems (not that different actually, but WG being WG)

      Don’t believe me actually. Shits like Lyon > Richelieu > Alsace or Izumo > Yamato or, especially, Shiratsuyu > Akizuki happened
      WG have so much consistency in some places and *zero* in others

    • If Moskva and Stalingrad are going to be Cruisers, then Alaska should be too.

    • Alaska is a potential premium ship. You won’t see her in the tree.

    • Silentwolf Sherman

      Ya, i really see her fitting in as a T7 prem BB like the Scharnhorst. Alaska has less armor and no torps, but bigger guns and faster speed

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Kronstadt, Stalingrad, Alaska and B-65 Ishikari – ARE ALL Battlecruisers.
      All these ships carry between 305-305mm 50-61 calibers – capable of closely matching high tier battleships in penetration. There is no way they can fit as cruisers.

      Yes WG will clasify them as cruisers – but no where near in hell are they suited to be in a mainline cruiser tech tree. These ships are all suited as premiums – as they differ to much in play style from the mainline.

      Honestly I expected WG to either create a Battlecruiser line
      With Stalingrad at T10 and Kronstadt, Ishikari and Alaska at T9.

      Or better yet shove them as T7 Battleships.

      Alaska – B-65 Ishikari and Kronstadt – can be T7 Battleships – considering their armour was to suppose to resist the 283mm guns of Scharnhorst at range.
      And Stalingrad – could be a T8 Battleship – considering her 32mm and 50mm (AND her godly tankiness even in T10) and her gun penetration closely matches 16inch guns at point blank.

      BUT alas – they classify Staingrad as a T10 cruiser and Kronstadt at T9.
      I suspect WG would place BOTH Alaska and Ishikari at T9 to rival Kronstadt.

  12. Love that Cleveland skin, that is awesome! OK guys, all the complaining I have done about this game I give you kudos for your passion but I really wish some serious focus would go into finding a solution for the ignorant game play that has all but brought this game to the lowest level a game can be!

  13. No need to put NDA because the information was leaked an years ago

  14. All aboard! Next stop, FREEDOM!

  15. that Cleveland camo ruins the immersion. I hope we can uncheck a box in port like for the ARP ships

    • TheFreaker86 immersion? You’re playing a WG game. Immersion is out the window with that RNG

    • RedAlertSteve _ Yes even WoWS has some immersion IMHO. And combat is chaos and (bad) luck. RNG somewhat tries to simulate this

  16. Thank you Sergey Mizintsev, what a stunningly beautiful camouflage you made for Cleveland, 10/10!

  17. About that Cleveland skin … it needs more work … like flapping wings and instead of a foghorn when you press ‘N’ – you get an eagle scream.

  18. *Freedom and Democracy intensifies*

  19. シェイルT.K 小林たけみ

    when they gonna add those japanese light cruiser

    • シェイルT.K 小林たけみ

      I mean I’m not trying to make them hurry, but as the japanese person, I really want to play with japanese light cruisers like isuzu, agano and oyodo.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      There is nothing really to be proud off when it comes to IJN Light Cruisers.
      maybe it can work as

      Isuzu (Nagara-Class) – T5
      Agano Class – T6
      Oyodo Class – T6-7

      Overall Agano and Oyoda – aren’t that different. – they only have 6x155mm guns and 60mm citadel armour.
      They are only as good as T6 ships and will struggle at T7.
      At best they can be T6 to match perhaps Huang He and Leander.

      Mogami with 15x 155mm is probably the best and only competitive IJN light cruiser.
      Yes she was originally built as a Heavy Cruiser to mount 10x 203mm- but my point still stands – that she is probably the only good example of an IJN Light Cruiser.
      Considering now she has Competition against Light Cruisers, Helena, Bois at T7 and the new Cleveland now at T8.

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