Developer Diaries 0.7.6 | World of Warships

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Night battles, new skin and much-much more! Find out more about how we were developing this update!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about upcoming update? New branch and night battles!
    Are you on board of the hype train?

  2. 2:18 I need long finggers? Good thing im a pianist.

  3. ? by Konstantin Pavlov

  4. the hype is only real for me when a new Royal Navy line is on the horizon 😛

  5. Very nice, I respect all the hard work you’ve guys have put into this game

  6. Ahh, Table Football, that thing the yanks call Soccer. Makes you wonder how they decided on calling their rugby game football when they hardly ever kick the ball with their foot.

  7. I thinik it;s nice WG are helping out homeless people by bringing them in off the streets to present their videos for them.

  8. Let us convert coal to steel

  9. Simple seashells

  10. Can you create a mod for very very (very) low computer config ?

  11. 8:34 he means fun and engaging battles

  12. Can we have the original video without the English dub but only with English subs in the next videos? Not that I’m saying that the dubs are bad, I just want to hear their Russian voices.

  13. Chris Ballantyne

    Please ensure that there is some way for people who are not in clans or don’t do clan battles to acquire coal and steel too please.  Otherwise people who are in this category will never be able to get the likes of the Stalingrad!  😉   Thx for all the work you do!  Cheers!

    • Chris, I would still suggest joining a clan. At least on the NA server, there are clans for people who don’t do clans, so to speak. Clans for people who want to gain the minor benefits from the clan buildings, but not engage in any clan activities, or division with clan mates, or anything. All you do is do your normal routine, and the clan leader takes the oil you earn to build the buildings that give you the little bonuses.

      All that said, I have no idea how coal and steel will be earned. And don’t know if these clans for people who don’t do clans will be in any position to earn coal or steel while maintaining their ‘clans for the clanless’ posture. We’ll have to wait and see on that.

    • anyone who just plays the game shouldn’t earn ships like Stalingrad / Flint/Black ect unless they are active daily players in a clan, otherwise reward ships are meaningless.

    • Yeah how dare you rock the caste system boat, you’ll hurt the feelings of those poor klanners.

    • what do we have here, someone looking for a participation award? you get a gold star

  14. I like the girl in the intro. Include more videos with her. She knows what’s going on. What’s her name?

  15. Btw, wouldn’t it be better if we can earn coal each time we open containers like how it is for oil and not get them through sheer luck? I think even just 5 coal per container would be fine.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      I agree. It’s better than nothing, especially for players in clan but cannot play Clan Battles due to real life stuffs.

  16. New Port looks great. Arsenal is very interesting.

  17. Can u spare any info on the progress of the Italian BBs?

  18. All hands, brace for radarpocypse!

  19. And when comes Dasha as a unique commander?

  20. Hire british people, they speak more english than these eastern folk, no more need for a translating voiceover

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