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World of Warships turns 3 this year! How do we plan to celebrate it?

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Feeling nostalgic?:)
    What do you think about the upcoming update?
    Which update is your favorite?

    • My favorite update is the one that introduced the HMCS Haida… It’s nice seeing WG acknowledge Canadian contributions to the allied efforts of WWII … ?

    • Thanks for the fun game , my only negative comment goes on about the VERY poor German battleship gunnery , IF you look at History of german battleship gunnery in BOTH WWI and WWII , it was better than most navies up till the use of radar (1943 onwards) point Bismarcks opening salvo STRADDLE the Hood , Scharnhorst landed hits at over 26000 yds , I know you try to balance the game BUT giving the German such poor gunnery when the French , Italian , British and Japanese gunnery was nowhere near as good , really does SUCK

    • Looking forward to seeing RN DDS
      Keep up good work

    • My favorite update was the one right befor the end of CBT where CVs where usefull (0.3.4?)

    • Stalingrad seems ridiculously broken according to CCs. I think it need rebalancing before release. And by this i mean true nerfs not a more powerful iteration. Still i love ur work keep it up

  2. year of the CV again! yey…

  3. Francisco DeTonne

    Alaska is my insta-buy (only if she’s free xp tho)…

  4. Any news on fixing the rendering delay between minimap and in-game? Has any progress been made or is this horrid bug being allowed to persist?

  5. When you said Stalingrad for the first time, you mean, Battlecruiser, Stalingrad because clearly it is so OP it is literally a T10 Battlecruiser.

  6. Hope the “Battle of North Cape” collection will return in Arsenal :v

  7. WG why not consider giving Izumo a 360* turning turret, the middle/top of the pyramid in the gun setup looks to be able to turn 360* round without hitting anything. It would make Izumo more fun to play and maybe be a reason why players might want to keep it after getting to Yamato. And Myoko and Atago could use the same 360* top turret setup.

    • In game, theres actually an insane amount of turrets that can rotate 360 degrees. Its literally mind boggling the number of ships that have at least one turret like this, but it isn’t in the game. This isn’t criticism for WG, its just speculation on the ship models.

    • I guess Izumo is the most free XP-skipped ship, if not one of the most…

    • Bear, those turrets can’t rotate 360 because their wiring isn’t designed for them to. Lighter, simpler turrets are another matter.

    • Francisco DeTonne

      There are *a lot* of ships that have the superfiring turrets completely UNOBSTRUCTED by anything and still can’t do 360.
      Myoko, Nelson, Helena, and a lot of destroyers, mainly US ones.

      Where’s your RNGesus now?

    • Fuck off. No

  8. The fluffy bear gaming

    Bring back kitakami!

  9. Awesome video. I don’t have a particular favorite update, but my it would be when Pan-European line is introduced into the game

  10. 0:55 YUUUUUUUUUUUGE hint for British destroyers in 0.7.9. Many thanks. I’m hoping you bring some variation on the Halloween event back again this year, even if it’s just a re-do of last year. That was fun.

    Thank you also for the upcoming availability of the Space Commanders in 0.7.8 – and of course Dasha. Good job on the individual national flavours there.

    Thank you for returning older collection content to the game. Can you tell us if the HSF collection will ever be available for opening, and if it isn’t, the reasons why: licensing, perhaps?

  11. I was excited for the Arsenal, as at one point someone said this would be a chance for some of us that had been around a long time and had a lot of credits built up to use them. But this was not true…. Honestly, the Arsenal is lackluster…. You added another currency… Pointless, now you’re adding two more…. Figure out how to use the OIL and CREDITS, free xp and Capt xp first… I have over 500 million credits, 8 million free xp, 3 million Capt xp and my clan has maxed up all upgrades and now has 65k oil again and nothing to use them on…. Cmon WG.

    • Come on, man, the Arsenal is very easy to get rolling. I am very new player, with just 200 battles and I am already quite close to acquiring a Premium BB V simply by exchanging coal.

    • Alfred Conqueror first off, go troll elsewhere, useless comment. Second off, I’m a second week Alpha player, I’ve been playing for a LONG time. And I’m very good which equates to good income and XP. you don’t know circumstances. Beyond that, I promise I don’t have HALF as many battles as many. Learn to be constructive.

    • Richardsen brother, I own most of the premiums in game from gifts and awards and such, I own the Salem as well. The Arsenal is good for some but useless for veteran players. The only thing I use coal for is purchasing signals now.

    • LG COC The Lagging Offencoch would if I couldn’t bro

    • _brother, I own most of the premiums in game from gifts and awards and such, I own the Salem as well. The Arsenal is good for some but useless for veteran players. The only thing I use coal for is purchasing signals now_

      Oh, clearly I didn’t thought my argument through. My apologies. Wow. I don’t know what to say now. I think that having everything maxed out… perhaps you should play other games now? I don’t know, seems like you have taken advantage of pretty much everything World of Battleships has to offer. Perhaps popping back up when new nations are released…

  12. Get back USS Missouri ! 🙂

    • More Women, but USS Missouri is historical ship, because Japan signed the capitulation on that ship.

    • Everyone needs to realize that WG is strictly in this for the money in player’s pockets.

      They programmed the Missouri with too high a yield of credits. People do not need to buy silver from the premium shop if they have a Missouri. Since players aren’t using real-life money buying in-game silver, then naturally, the ship needs to go away (historical ship or not).

      I suspect this is also the main reason we are seeing an increase in additional silly resource types (molybdenum lol). If a player doesn’t have just enough digital resources of coal/steel/etc, that player will be forced into spending real-life money in the premium shop.

      Yay capitalism!!

    • Interplanetary Transport System

      It’s only a slightly better BB-61, why even bother?

    • Why should everyone have used every means necessary to have secured a Missouri when they had the chance?!?! Why even bother?!?!

      Two words:
      Prints Credits

      One additional word:

    • World of Warships Official Channel , is it illegal to have “Premium Port in day time mod” ?

  13. Brass? Molybdenum? Stop adding currencies! There’s too many already

  14. Can you guys bring back the Arpegio blue steel event?

    • Burnt_Toast I don’t think they will. Some of the battle missions would be nearly impossible to achieve in the current meta. I remember that I used my pre-nerf minekaze to complete the “land a ton of torpedo hits” mission. The current DDs would struggle to land more than 6 torps per match. But I concur, bring back event. It was a ton of fun.

    • Burnt_Toast It will not come back they said this more than twice…

    • License is expired

    • NA got off easy with only needing to deal damage, while the EU got screwed over…. *cough* 50 wins in a tier 9 to get ARP Takao, but got dropped to tier 8 *cough*

  15. Any chance for unlucky Clan players to get Stalingrad?
    So I kinda ask this because, Season 1 I started a Clan with some friends from our own country and did really well.
    Our Clan got disbanded due to certain standards of player recruiting, our Clan made to Storm 1.
    Season 2 I tried to get into another good clan to participate, but got neglected.
    Season 3 I joined a clan from our own country again and we are in the recruiting stages.. but new players makes us lose battles from Storm 1 to Storm 3…

    Can unlucky clan players who are very good at playing the game get some sort of access to Stalingrad?
    I have 450 million Credits, 160 000 Coal…. Can there be SOME kind of other trades than Steel?
    I don’t want to grind Ranked for 9 seasons to get Stalingrad.
    I have invested a lot into this game, got almost every Premium, except Grap Zeppelin and feel getting left out by other people’s fault shouldn’t be a punishment to me.

  16. Add nation wars like Russia vs America. Russia can use only Russian ships and America can use only American
    That would be great

  17. Ports would be WAY more interesting if we could free-fly around them like we seein the promo video for the ports. 😀

    • Agree, the view is too limited

    • Jason Simonds It’d be way cooler if we could also display all our owned ships in port. Have it be a graphics checkbox, that way those of us who have more powerful PCs can enjoy it without causing problems for those that don’t.

    • Nice idea…. I also like the thought of division mates appearing in a group port on in the div leaders port…

      but I still would like to be able to fly around in the port. 🙂

  18. Hey wargaming, how about you bring back the Azur Lane captains package. I missed out while the event was going on and I now have the free time to grab the complete captains package. I need muh waifus. I have all the ARP and all the HSF captains, so I just need the Azur Lane captains. Please wargaming, take my money in exchange for the waifus.

    • I want the AL shipgirls too but this time not in some stupidly overpriced bundle, WG seems to like milking the weebs. 60eu or something for a package with only 10point captains with no special traits? No thank you.And BTW even for a 10 point captain they were too expensive


  20. The Go Navy event is so badly designed. Allowing people to change teams makes it obvious that people will join the winning team every time. It should have been like the Fire v Water event. No changing teams. Eagles haven’t won any day on NA.

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