Developer Diaries 0.7.9 | World of Warships

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Change of format and new information about how we were developing new Update 0.7.9

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about new format?
    Are you hyped for the upcoming Update 0.7.9?:)

  2. 3:30 That’s a tea cup inside a giant tea cup.
    *Time to British up!*

  3. Can we have Valeriya as a captain next?

  4. Great stuff coming just need t8 to be not against t10 all the time always seem to be the first target! Witch makes it even harder to get silver and get to T9 and 10. Other than that love everything about the game keep up the Great work! gprix84 (na)

    • 2 things. 1 you get more xp and creits per point of damage against higher tier ships then those of the same tier or lower then you so technically it’s easier to earn when you are tier 8 facing tier 10’s. though not that fun I admit. 2 the new game mode for tiers 9 and 10 will mean less tier 8’s facing tier 10s so it will improve things for tier 8 ships

    • Since the new mode is T9 and T10, it may hopefully siphon a lot of those ships from random. Finger crossed 🙂

  5. Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

    I’m gonna be that guy that puts Rule Britannia in the userMusic folder.
    *sips tea*

  6. Arms Race in a nutshell*

    Noob DD why you no cap? Now enemy got a repair. No I know you are in a hail of broadside cruiser fire that I can kill but I don’t kill because I’m busy shooting angled BB.

    • it was actually a lot of fun to play on the test server. stealthy DD’s and cruisers are great for the mode and BB’s kind of suck at it. suspect a lot of the teams will be made up of shima’s with their low concealment. was the best DD to sneak into caps and take them where as worcester was really good at forcing the dd’s out and minotaur was good too for killing the dd’s

  7. Where is Dasha!

  8. 6:00 Hello French battleship Bourgogne, tier X!! 😀

    • How can you even see that I don’t even see anything I don’t see where it specifically said it’s a French Battleship of tier 10

  9. Please add an expiration date in the arsenal for all of these temp currencies!

  10. That Konstantin pavlov dude has the same beard as Nicholas II.

  11. I like my tea in the habour

  12. Love the perspective coffee cup at 03:31

  13. Okay but where is Rear Admiral Jingles?

  14. A good dev diary: solid info, good pacing. I like the updates too.

  15. Love these videos, great to get an explanation of upcoming changes from the designers themselves!

    And if we get a Captain Alena in a future patch, I vote we get a Captain Valeriya too! Can’t leave out any of the show hosts. 😉

  16. Can’t wait to try out the new game mode ! Thanks WOWS team.

  17. Yay, the cool haired cat Lady again <3

  18. I hope the tasks will not be like “take a BB, do a circle AND SURVIVE”

  19. *Every Brit needs to own a teacup and accompanying teapot as large as that*

    • It’s a traditional gift all British children receive when we hit our 10th birthdays! I’m just pouring a nice cuppa earl grey from mine now 🙂

  20. Great.. and how about fixing the random “black screen” happening while playing the game, huh? Any word on that? It has been happening since the last update… to a lot of people (see the forum)…

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