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This year we’re changing the format for sharing our Developer Diaries with you. We used to tell you how we did something; now, you’ll be joining us right at the cutting edge of the work process. Take a look at the backstage of Update 0.8.1!

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    What do you think about today’s episode?
    Did you enjoy new format? Sing along! 🙂

    • About rapping? Never do that again. You made this game more worse.

    • Where’s Alaska I only want her not these updates

    • +Bran Tse Mallory pull the other one! I doubt they’ll drop a free ship on you just because you’re licking their boots.

    • Well first of all improvement to ports are Always WELCOME as the current status is very basic. If you compare PORT to World of Tanks GARAGE … you have less then half of the options. For example: why is impossible to compare 2 or more ships stats?? This is easy in wot and allow players to understand the improvment in the next tier !! Why players CANNOT see the unresearched ships module that they can Mount? It’s a secret? NO but it force players to go on wiki page to see what kind of modules you can select making everything more long and complicated…. please improve all this mechanics. Just copy and paste from WoT! Thanks.

    • make it a mix of the old RTS system with a optional manual control of each squadron , the aa is ok when you give manual control but with the nice visuak efkts of the new rework .

  2. So update 0.8 was great…it must have been…it was tested not once, not twice, but a whole thrice! Must have been super spot on…no need to hot fix or worry about what your player base think. Nice.

    • They did private test server multiple times, multiple times on the PTS. Now it’s being tested on the live server. Things will change

    • They have already announced a hotfix which addresses most of the major issues. It should be coming out with in a week or too.

    • +AyAyAyBamba I know. It was a tongue in cheek post in response to the claim in the video that updates were tested twice so… and I quote…they are great. British humour but the impact kind of gets lost when you have to explain .

  3. as i am only a bb player this new patch,cv, and aa rebuild at high tier realy suck and have take all joy out of atleast for me playing most in tier9-tier10 and have make me not tuch random battle i do a few rank then i go play other game there i before spend hour in wows i now play other game then the canser cv at high tier.. 🙁

    • I am a battleship player mostly

    • I would love to be able to take down aircraft with my own anti aircraft

    • I am main CV/DD and i also love BB since the update and played on all fronts and yes i find BB more annoying than DD but still moderately easy to dodge torpedoes if you are awake but if 2 CV wants you dead well then nobody will be safe from the wrath of 2 (well 2 AA CL can) not even other 2 CV the ones were are faster gain the pressure the others must defend themselves. when you play BB what you have to do that someone like me CV does not bother you very often is to push to where most of the team appeared and push that area assuring you that the cruisers are close to you if they panic because “i am a CA/CL i can not be in the front receiving damage”(and i have seen very good CA/CL in the front line avoiding damage and everything to keep the CV away) you will have to return and stay with them they are the those that keep players like me looking for the lonely YOLOs but if you also stay behind … (it’s obvious when your teammates suck but even if there were no CV they would finish the match same as before the update they were lost because the yamato/montana/ETC goes YOLO alone) now it depends that your team has more decent people than the enemy is not really much for the CV now everything depends on your team in general being good and not lonely yolos

  4. Fix the AA after you screwed it up last patch.

    • I do broadly support the idea of the carrier rework but It’s unreal the F key abuse made it through testing. Just how did not one person at WG look at that and say ‘this is so broken and going to cause an obvious issue’. I’m sure they will fix it but damn.

    • Wish I could control Anti Aircraft Guns myself and able to man and shoot them

    • has not it crossed your mind that if they improve the AA defenses they will provoke F spam even worse than the current one? because they are going to force the CV to attack and leave if they do not want the service for their downed plans to reach 300K. Also the CVs tolerated the Ctrl+click and 1 button for razorworm dispersion 3 years you only have endured 1 week seriously?

    • +miguelAFS125 F key is how to use AA guns? I should read the controls again

    • sorry i had not seen your comment it should not be there when i played the video but instead i as main CV I would love they to do that because as a wooster or mino atlanta etc,etc you have to choose between take care of me or my allies and so help more present to my team but not to single Ctrl + click would be a special reticle that was only for ground-air (well ship-air)

  5. We need a option to remove all signal flags with one click without having to wait 5 sec for each signal flag due to the slow UI.

  6. 15k-20k ppl participate in TS? :)))) what joke

  7. Radar Nerf is USELESS now when a CV can spot whole team in the first 30 sec. at spawn point!

  8. Protip on the house Wargaming, rollback the broken patch 8.0!

    • Shedin Dhinakar – That isn’t the system though, just how many people are playing. Few were playing carriers before because everyone knew change was coming.

    • +Thinking Mantis Now, I don’t know about your server but ever since I started playing in December 2017, on the Asian server, the carrier population was low, so the rate at which you would encounter a CV was about one in every 5 to 10 matches.
      I’m not saying the old CVs were not broken, I’m just saying that the reason that they didn’t generate a shit storm was because they were so rare that they could be mistaken for MM RNGesus.
      With this new update though, we have 2 CVs per game, which is pretty bad for the DDs that have to deal with this now along with the usual radar and hydro.
      I’m a DD main btw and this past week has been extremely rough for me as I refused to play anything other than DDs.

    • Shedin Dhinakar – I agree that the situation now is worse, but the system is better, although it needs some changes. As you say, the problem is the number of carriers playing. This will settle down with time though. At the moment, I am not playing at all, just doing other things.

    • +Thinking Mantis agreed, if you put old CVs and new CVs side by side on paper, then the new ones are better for the game. I’m really waiting for the frequency of CVs to go down, which will undoubtedly happen and with a few hot fixes and patches, the game will become playable for DDs again. But pre 0.8.0 was better than today’s situation for sure.

    • From WG, patch for Ships:

      In Update we will carry out balance changes and improvements of aircraft carriers and AA stats.

      – To reduce the attacking and spotting potential of Attack Aircraft against destroyers in high-tier battles, the number of aircraft in the squadron was changed to 9, and in the attack group to 3. The changes affected the aircraft carriers VIII Lexington, VIII Shokaku, X Midway, X Hakuryu.

      – Increased the height which returning aircraft need to reach in order to become invulnerable to AA fire. This will allow ships to fire longer on returning aircraft and will help to counter the tactic in which the player gives the order to the squadron to return immediately after the first attack group’s run (“F” key by default).

      – Maneuvering among the AA explosions allows you to reduce the damage received from air defense, even while in the AA range of ships with powerful air defense. We redistributed the efficiency of air defense between the constant damage taken and the puffs of damage from explosions – the efficiency was increased for the former and decreased for the latter. This will keep the tactics of dodging explosions still effective, but it will not allow planes to stay too long in the range of air defense without taking significant losses, especially when attacking a formation of ships.

      – Changed several features of the Japanese torpedo bombers. Now, if during the preparation for the attack, the attack group maneuvers, your aim will not stabilize (aiming cone stops narrowing). And when maneuvering during an attack run – begins to widen. In order to carry out an effective attack, you need to preemptively choose the line of attack and try not to make last-minute maneuvers.
      Reduced the chance of flooding by approximately a third for the Japanese aerial torpedoes in tiers IV-VIII, and by half for German (tier VIII) and Japanese (tier X) aerial torpedoes.

      – Significant changes have affected the alternative plane torpedo module for X Hakuryu. The attack run preparation is now longer, and more difficult – the parameters of the aiming were changed and the angles of the torpedo spread were increased even when aiming is at its most accurate. In addition, the delay before the start of a new attack is increased. We have significantly changed the characteristics of torpedoes: reduced speed, increased detection radius and arming time.

      – The speed of all aircraft when returning to their carrier is reduced.

      – To increase the effectiveness of attacks, we added resistance to AA damage for bombers at the time of readiness to attack (when the aiming indicator turns green). In this phase of the attack, all bombers will receive 30% less damage.

      Bug fixes:

      – the aiming for the stock attack aircraft on the carrier VI Ranger is now similar to the aiming for all American attack aircraft.

      – The characteristics of the basic ‘Fighter’ consumable for V Emerald are brought to the same value as ‘Fighter II’ and the minimum speed of the stock Japanese bombers of all tiers does not exceed the minimum speed on the researchable bombers.

      – Short-range AA defenses now include guns up to 30 mm. This change will combine weak medium-range AA defenses with short-range AA defenses, strengthening the latter and removing the zone where the effectiveness of anti-aircraft guns was low. This will affect ships such as, for example, the cruisers VII Atlanta, VI Pensacola, VI Dallas and battleships VII Colorado and VI Arizona.

      – If the ship has no 30 mm AA guns, medium-range AA defenses start at 1 km. These ships’ AA configuration will now be emphasized if you can’t shoot planes inside of a 1km range.

  9. See results for public test.. cvs and AA broken.. ahh no one will notice lets send it anyway.

    • Only Hauryu’s 8km torps are overpowered and the F button spam, these issues should be fixed and AA should be improved in the next hotfix . Every other CV is pretty fine that is currently in the game (not speaking about UK CV’s),

    • +CloneD Anon Is not that they’re all OP, they’re broken, it’s not the same thing.

    • AA is Broken because it will either do nothing or destroy ALL planes with one puff from a Grozovoi.

  10. Damn fix the CV rework or rebalance all ship’s AA!

  11. Does WG even acknowledge or accept they screwed up and realise its not just players not used to the new system, but the new CV system is broken, or are WG just that deaf towards their player base

    • it is a matter of live development and a large number of people not knowing how development works. they presume that because they can test it, everything will be balanced and works straight away, but it doesn’t because certain decisions and certain features happen to work out differently during tests than they do on the live server.
      before judging, just wait out the coming 2 or 3 patches to see how additional changes happen and the game gets more balanced.

    • Vayle BOLLOCKS!  CV are now so over powered that this game is all about fighting aircraft (when they are not being abused) and not fighting warships.  This game is becoming unplayable

    • They are hotfixing Hakuryu and IJN torpedo bombers in general before 8.1, they are implementing the new flooding mechanics in 8.1 which should reduce the amount of permaflooding to death by CV strikes, they are nerfing the “press F to recall all planes”-bullshittery, and they are going to try and balance AA and in particular the continuous DPM of medium- and short range AA. And this is just what they’ve officially announced already.

    • I’m so disappointed that this game (which I like) is going in the same direction as WoT. It’s just so sad that they slowly destroy their good games like that. I’ve seen the downfall of Wot (that I don’t play anymore) and this is very similar pattern.

    • Pardon? Someone say something?

  12. That guy rapping made me cringe

  13. “final check before everything goes live…so everything is great” ohhhh wg, seems u failed very hard at testing 0.8

    • Didn’t you read their statement that they need to balance everything for the next few patches?
      Every patch they will change some things about carriers until they’re oke with them (let’s hope we will be oke with them as well).

    • David Olde I read, but as you heard in the video „they test until everything is perfect“….if it would be a few small things, but you can’t deny that 0.8 is a big mess right now. This thing should still be on testservers and not on the live one.
      Also I love WoWs, but I have no fun playing this experiment right now. As I said, it should be still on the teat server not live.

    • Even on the test server most of the major issues were already observed and reported, like massively inconsistent AA, F spam invulnerability, complete uselessness of DD, actually increased scouting instead of decreased…and they didn’t use any of that feedback at all. Meanwhile they complain people don’t use the test server. No shit. How about you actually use the feedback instead of making all those hours testing a complete waste of time? I don’t even care to get rewards for testing, just USE THE TEST DATA.

  14. all work for 5% of the players and done a lot but very badly

  15. Ohh! So the update will not stop the shit storm! But CVs will still shitting on us (90%~ of players)?

  16. 1:44
    >How many people participated in PT?
    >Around 15-20 Thousands people
    While in reality its fucking 300 daily.

    • Who wants to waste time playing PTS while there are events happening on live. Certainly not for a few signals, a garbage camo and a day of premium. I don’t even get a special flag for testing? I ended up pink on PTS a bunch for quitting out of matches that were happening THAT HAD NO CV. In a patch dedicated to CVS. Tried across the tiers at different times of day and got in 2 matches that had a CV playing. Why were you guys running games with no CV? I can’t test the Aa if there is no carrier to fight. Your PTS team kind of sucks to be honest. If you gave real rewards and set the server up correctly, or made a game mode to test It on live servers you would get a lot more testers and data. But they would just ignore the feedback anyway, so what is the point?

    • It’s never more than 1300 at the highest.
      They were talking about the total number of players actually anticipated a PT (and never play again after a day).
      1200 multiplies by 8 days equals ~10000 players.

      PT rewards suck too.

  17. Regarding the rapping…. NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!

  18. guys, seriously. it’s time to stop drinking vodka.

  19. Performing rap songs while their release crashes and burns is tone deaf in more than one way.

  20. Thanks for the CV rework, I don’t want to play anymore.

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