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New Developer Diaries will unveil a little bit of information about upcoming Update 0.8.3. Join the Public Test today!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Are you hyped for upcoming Update?
    Join the Public Test today! 🙂

  2. “okay guys, we need a battleship design that can take a brutal beating and has THE MASSIVE RUSSIAN SOUL in it”

    Russian Design Bureau: “look no further, comrade”

  3. It’s nice to see the hard work that goes into designing and implementing ships in the game. Nice WG!

    • Instead of fixing the fkn issues like Ui, lagging game issues. The fucked up CV rework! Yeah it’s nice of them pushing out more Russian OP ships that’s broken in so many ways.

    • +Åke Saari Get a better PC bro, I don’t have any issues, 1440p – max graphics, I get fix 60 fps.

    • +Åke Saari stop bitching and learn to play; grind out new builds and suck it up. If you were competent at the game then you’d have no problems adapting to the new CV meta.

    • +Swifto I’m very competent. What I mean is that the dd is almost useless when a competent CV player is around. In that regard the game is still broken. Look at ichase video and u understand.

  4. The guy in the beginning kind of looks like Mat Damon doesn’t he?

  5. paul patrick Ricafort

    I like battleships and can’t wait to add Soviet BBs in my collection.

  6. Countries that had Navies? Introduce weak lines, maybe buff later. Soviet ships? Introduce best of everything, when O/P tell players to use more skill. So funny……no its not. The hammer and sickle symbol represents the death cult. Russian propaganda symbolism.

  7. Nice Work!

    But i’m no Fan of that Early-Access.

    Let the players grind throw the branch.
    You’ve done it with the RN CVs, and there are to many newbies playing Implacable(and Audacious).

  8. We will have a purge next patch,choose ur side on Joseph Stalin or MR.Trosky!The loser will be banned from Soviet line forever.

  9. Regian Marina line coming anytime soon? 🙂

  10. brawlers with accuracy? i have a feeling these new battleships are going to be very unbalanced, the current brawlers have similar penetration capability however their accuracy can suck at times with shell dispersion frequently completely missing cruisers at close to point blank range, if these new battleships will be as accurate as claimed this could be a major game changer

  11. Let’s take a moment and appreciate all the hard work that went into making the battleships from scratch

    EDIT’ I know the ships are paper af I’m just saying that it’s impressive they managed to make them given how little material they had to work with

    • Mike P “making the battleships from scratch”

      I like the effort put into designing and creating them but why the fuck does a paper line take priority over a nation who had reasonable plans for battleships upto and created to T8 level while only needing maybe a T9 and T10 paper ship maybe a mid tier like T7 but at least Italy, Germany, France, and UK had ships up to T8 that were built, what about the soviet navy? Only a meager T4-5 that existed sure you could argue Amagi/Izumo, FDG/GK, Montana, Lion/Conq are paper but the rest of the ships existed in real life unlike these paperboats

    • Do you mean the ship models or creating fake ships?

    • I hope you’re being sarcastic Mike….

  12. Give Graf Zeppelin her Stukas back

  13. I am looking forward to them . I like getting close and brawling and being mid range too … so these should fir my YoLo play style nicely .
    well done WG design team they look Awesome .

  14. Crazy Russian Gamer

    Finally! My Oktabrskaya Revolutsiya will never be lonely again!

  15. I do not see any difference between space ships and russian BBs.

  16. Interesting. Thanks WG looking forward to Soviet BBs

  17. I want a figurehead of Stalin in front of Kreml for better armor and accuracy.

  18. Flamu be like,”yeah, more BBs…”

    Also, Where TF is the italian line? (More BBs again xD)

  19. John Rhett Laureles

    What would win?
    Krigmarine Battle ships(Good at Mid and Close R)
    Soviet Navy Battle ships(Good at Mid and maybe Close R)

  20. Test servers are not working☹

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