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New Developer will unveil a little bit of about upcoming 0.8.4. It brings the second stage of the “Victory” competition, a new season of Ranked Battles, new changes to carriers, and dynamically changing weather in your Ports! Join the Public Test today!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Are you hyped for upcoming Update?
    Join the Public Test today! 🙂

    • No I’m not. Why let ppl rent T10 ships? They won’t hv a clue on their playstile hence they will fkin ruin my rankeds!! DON’T IMPLEMENT RENTAL. Let people EARN those ships first

    • why the hype. Even the NA/EU community know your infamous for being russian bias when you buff soviet ships. This is stupid.

    • NO! I’m not hyped even a single bit. I was excited with Ranked but seriously? adding CVs into ranked? Random is already hard thanks to CVs ruining the game now you just have to add CVs into Ranked as well? What is wrong with you people. First you gave away a lot of free T8 premium CVs during the RN CV event and they are now ruining the game for DDs as well as ships with poor AA like Musashi and virtually the whole IJN tech tree now the Ranked, the only mode where players can play competitively and escape from CVs in random will now be infested by cancerous CV who are played by coward players who sits at the back snipping and stealing kills from everyone without any risk of taking any damage. If there is something you guys can do it’s adding an option button so players can choose wether they want to enter a game with CVs on it or enter a game where CVs are excluded from MM. That would fix the issue of CV players and their stupid play style.

    • Not really. Another month and another cv nerf. You are even nerfing prem ships which is disgusting. People spend real money to get a thing then you change them.

  2. manzano artimus1218

    i love watching w.o.w. videos,specially when i need to be familiarized with the new warships,i just obtained,after many battles, 😀

  3. Narcissistic who think that Cv rework is a good job.

  4. Rental ships for ranked….
    Ppl can´t even play ranked now, so this will be worse than ever

  5. Mirko Mihovilovic

    Bias commander with too easy to trigger ability. Mixed feeling but without doubt it doesn’t help in terms of balance

    • Richard Petrusev

      +Mirko Mihovilovic If it only saves you once then it’s perfectly fine.

    • Mirko Mihovilovic

      +Richard Petrusev if u ignore the % of activation per battle then yes it’s fine by itself. Not fine if you compare to the other ones

    • Richard Petrusev

      +Mirko Mihovilovic How? Please explain. Because right now you are making no sense. The skill does activate more often yes but it’s balanced by being relatively weak.

    • Mirko Mihovilovic

      +Richard Petrusev You can make this commander a 100% trigger ratio over a 7.5% heal and a free repair .
      Let me use an above average friend as a refference, 5200 battles with 50 krakens or another one with 7400 battles with 77 krakens. Aprox 1% trigger ratio? over a 50% heal with realod buffs. For the sake of your argument, not even killing the reload buff this is close to being balanced by any means o7 Also, how many of those krakens do you think were with yamamoto as a captain, making the trigger ratio even lower. Unless someone shows an statistic of kraken per battle with yamamoto this is my best guess mate, sadly unbalanced.

    • Richard Petrusev

      +Mirko Mihovilovic Simple answer; The powerful buff is triggered less then the weaker one. By the very nature of Kuznetsov’s skill being much weaker and only lasting 30 seconds it balances out.
      I don’t see the issue in a weaker skill being triggered more easily than a more powerful one. Both abilities only trigger once per battle and their strength corresponds to the trigger conditions, it’s perfectly fine, every game does this when it comes to skills and abilities.

  6. Greece with a cloudy sky.. sure WG (facepalm)

    • It’s what you get when you choose a cheap trip in the off season.

    • don’t worry … there will be plenty of HE rain from behind those islands conveniently placed around all caps for USN cruisers ….

  7. As a history nerd I love these collections. I have learned so much more from them

  8. Karachaguy Patinyasak

    So kuznetzov give free heal when you are almost dead and will activate in every battle? This is whole new level of Russian bias. Russian ships are the most forgiving for bad play now.Other unique commanders skill require so much to activate.

    • +Richard Petrusev May not be a RN heal, but if you heal just over that 10% threshold like to 12%, take a hit for 4% that would trigger that heal again. You become a nearly unkillable zombie ship if bow tanking. Only way to stop it is to go quiet, slip to the broadside and throw down the hammer.

    • I agree. Either scale down the requirements for the older captains or re work them in such a way that their skills are on parity with Kutuzov.

    • Richard Petrusev

      +Icebaron2015 The skill only activates once per battle.

    • Karachaguy Patinyasak

      +Richard Petrusev ill say that it can be activate only once per battle but this still require nothing to get a free heal.Yamamoto’s require kraken and from my experience that usually can really be achived in very late game

    • Richard Petrusev

      +Karachaguy Patinyasak I’m arguing that. What I’m arguing is that the skill isn’t op because it only triggers once per battle, not multiple times creating a ‘Zombie Ship’ situation like the one guy described.

  9. For Halloween or whenever there are two Monster Ships you should attack us with:
    1. The Iceberg Aircraft Carriers that the British were planning in WW2, slow but 4 times the size of a Midway.
    2. The Tillman Battleships, twenty 16 inch guns or fifteen 18 inch guns.
    I think it would be a good time.

  10. Sooo… you soviet approach towards CVs didn’t work, huh, soviets???

  11. Bias taking over the Game I think I have to take a break…

  12. Question: what is in the big red Okt Rev container?

    Problem: in 0.8,3 a lot of people don’t have time to earn enough tokens to get the major reward, and there are also too many in-game rewards competing for the same temporary currency. Players with family and work responsibilities are disadvantaged in this regard.

    However, I am glad to see that the upcoming collection is also a permanent one, although for the first time I am in the situation of having to choose which collection (this one or Azur Lane) I am going to complete first. If I know what is in the Okt Rev container, I can set my priorities accordingly.

    If you are giving away the Okt Rev, I will hold off buying it for coal.

  13. The Scourge of God

    Yeah, I’m already done with ranked now. CBs are the only place safe from sky cancer.

  14. I expected white houses with blue rooftops in the Greece map , come.on WG you are better than this

  15. Григорий Ефимович Распутин

    My Favourite commander Yamamato, captaining the famous battleship Yamoto.

  16. Out of all the major powers in World War II, the Soviet Union had by far the most limited and ineffective navy.

    • What are you talking about comrade. Soviet navy stronk, with Stalinium steel hulls and biasnium shells xaxaxaxa

    • Sea Kei Kleiner

      And in this game they made their Glorious Battlecruiser so OP it can delete a Yamato in a couple of salvos.

      The Essex fleet involved at Ten-Go would like to hear a word from WG

  17. DERREDVIPER Ignacio Futo

    Will we ever get a t8-10 scenarios maps?

  18. Where do we find sweet WoWs merch like that Minsk t-shirt Egor is wearing? Put up a webstore! 🙂

  19. “The unique talents of Yamamoto and Halsey were extremely situation dependent.”
    So, are you gonna fix that? Not just prevent that happen on your Russian captain?

  20. Jotun.Nickos Sales Executive

    Greek Santorini is absolutely beautiful!
    But where is the unique Famous Greek Armored Cruiser GEORGIOS AVEROF???

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