Developer Diaries 0.8.5 | World of Warships

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will dive into atmosphere of post-apocalypse in Update 0.8.5. A new Rogue Wave in-game event, a Savage Battle mode featuring four teams, new post-apocalypse-themed ships, and much await players!

Keep an eye out on official website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What about you? Do you participate in the Public Test of Update 0.8.5?

  2. Arms race + twilight battles + torpedo beats mode = this game mode ?
    Worth it

  3. Khaba~rosk and Shimakarzee… WG why do you even pay these guys?

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      To be fair, if someone not a native russian it’s a bit hard to say out russian words without a lot of vodka. 😛
      But about shima… Too difficult to learn 2 words? Shima was fine, ok, but Kaze? He probably say Kamikarzee too? XD

  4. Francisco DeTonne


  5. Hmm ? i dunno about this one … Battle Royale? Hmm ?

  6. World of Warships has joined the Battle Royale team.

  7. I’d be more excited if you fixed the broken parts of the game before adding more content…jus sayin

  8. StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

    I had no chance to play it during Part 1 of the public test, but I can’t wait to Part 2, (as I need the 15 win stuff too xD)..

  9. I am sick and I’m making a world of war ships battleship

  10. 11:22 ahh yes our favorite Japanese ‘wall of skill’ destroyer ShimaKARze. That made my morning. Looking forward to this MAD MAX meets Kinda PUBG meets Warships!

  11. Well it’s a game mode without CVs so that’s something, but honestly I’m not that excited for this event.

  12. Can we buy premium ships with the new currency like in the last update (Murmansk)?

  13. I love the look of the map and hope it remains i the game long after the event ends.

  14. How about some more operations at T8 & 9 as well? (and fixing the stuff that needs it, like the spotting issue and lock-on bug)

  15. 0:42 “that’s why you’re going to tell me that’s why you’re going to me about the things to come” lol

  16. When will the rest of operations come back? I miss cherry blossom and hermes

  17. squad play and self sustainingly good >8^), shrinking game makes you plan or adapt too = all good

  18. GreenLight Crypto

    Shout out to the sound guys…they have consistently delievered a great elemebt to the game. Appreciate your skills guys!

  19. Λмαтѕυĸαze Kαι Nι

    Just be honest WG, this is Battle Royale Imo…

  20. basically post-climate change xD skyscrapers underwater and a casual tornado ^^

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