Developer Diaries 0.8.6 | World of Warships

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Update 0.8.6 opens up the French arc, which is set to span two updates. Players will enjoy a new game event, gain early access to the French destroyer branch, explore the new Crash Alpha map, and experience many other features.
But how did we select the ships for the new branch and what are its peculiarities? How did we create the new map? How did the last Clan season go?

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about today’s episode?
    Join the Public Test 0.8.6 today!:)

    • @Κατάκογιζένος, MXII Χριστόφορος, Δso you find it fun to be in a 1 vs 9 scenario most of the time? those guys got wiped out in the first 3 minutes of contact.

    • The best part of the video is about “naval legend” ! congratulation is a great idea.

    • Muhammad Maulana

      The first and foremost problem is not in ship, but in teamwork.
      Instead buffing or nerfing ship
      It is better to introduce more ribbons, encourage CL and CA player to give their AA cover to the team, encourage naval formation and encourage knocking enemy team AA ship to give breather to CV player.

    • CaptainsEyePatch

      I think your about to ruin your game with a terrible Paragon system.

    • Nice but when are gonna release the Italian Navy line

  2. when you see Le Terrible kill you like a drive by… and you realize that the big sister might have the ability to do so as well

  3. What would be nice: You guys could probably buy the rights for Battle 360: Enterprise from the History Channel and replace the old CGI models of the ships with your own (and better) models. You could release it as a special series to supplement Naval Legends every week.

    Considering how famous Enterprise is, it would pull in a lot of new viewers and players just from her fame alone.

  4. Please show us “How AA Guns Works”
    I heard that AA damage calculation is very difficult.

    So please explain it on How it works videos.

    • Francisco DeTonne

      They are still messing with it so let be patient…

    • Yes this is really important. The recent changes how AA works are massive. So it would be cool to show your players the new mechanics. Including how to play against CVs when you are in a deytroyer. For example many DD Captains always use their flak at the beginning of a match, so that the enemy CV can find them fast.

    • Muhammad Maulana

      @Johannes i am a cv player and i think for any good DD captains i suggest to rush cap with at least 1 AA ship. And keep ur distance from that AA ship at least 5 or 7 km or so. This way even if u are spotted there are friendly AA cover nearby.

      Tbh i wont attack such ships in that position, it will be waste of my planes

  5. Gimme my Italian navy, nerf Slava and never add rental ships to ranked ever again

  6. Carriers when french dd’s get released:
    I’m bout to end this mans whole career

  7. “the greater a ship’s displacement, the more HP it has”
    “(…) and it quite often happens that a very large displacement results in an overpowered ship entering the game”
    me: *looks at H-44*

  8. i really want to know how ramming works because it is really important to know what to do when ramming or being rammed

    and thanks for your effort always

    • Nikola Pjanović

      You want to avoid being rammed, and try to ram other person with no serious consequences for you, and that’s a life philosophy for you right there. 🙂

  9. László Hadnagy

    Ah, our good ol’ friends, Gimmikiy and Balansk.

  10. Stephen Pelletier

    Great to see Valeriya again! Please go on camera more often!

  11. you Should fix MM for Stock ships. its no fun buy an Vi ship and play 10 matches vs VIII , you have to die to your upgrades or spent free xp.

  12. wg you need to fix problems in game rather than putting more ships in it

  13. Paragon system, please explain why you even think this is even a good idea.

  14. “Improved matchmaking.”

  15. Post more infographic videos like how it works and naval legends because i have lots of free time, waiting for my planes to regenerate.

  16. If you’re suppose to be going at high speed and dodging, you’re gonna want rudder, not acceleration.

  17. Raul Alexandru Bota

    Just take out of the game the German Battleships already ffs… or do something about them.

  18. Please Wargaming I beg you DO NOT introduce the “Prestige” mode for the game!

  19. Another pointless update without any fixes of existing mess. Just adding new features to make more mess…

  20. So many smart people producing totally stupid game modifications. It’s very hard to grasp, eh?

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