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The French arc has come to an end and the game is nearing a momentous occasion! This year, World of Warships is turning four! In the new celebratory episode, we’re getting for a nostalgic look back at the events of the past in our game.
So, how was it? Let’s reminisce in the new episode of Developer Diaries!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about today’s episode?
    What was the most memorable thing for you?:)

  2. Happy to see that the game is trying to bring everything up to a modern standard instead of just pumping in more content. Appreciate all the work that is put into this game.

  3. When my boy was literally watching the “How to Yoshino” by Yuro @ 6:10 and gave him a shout out

  4. add SnowFlakes with Coal and Steel reward for next update/event..

  5. Oh I can’t believe it , they mentioned yuro????

  6. I have Learned lots from some of the ships in WG, I would have never known about lots of the ships in this game. I do love this this game it has its ups and downs.. but I have appreciate everything WG does.. congrats on 4 years old.

  7. I second the appreciation given to the design team and graphical artists, keep up the good work guys.

  8. The strength of WG WoWS has always been the art Dept.,  it has always looked great. Balance and game play meh.

  9. Since naval warfare is such an important part of history, why not try and remake some historically accurate scenarios, like the battle of the Denmark strait, Leyte gulf, etc.

    • They’ve said fairly recently that they’re concentrating on PvP related stuff for the near future. I don’t know when they’re going get back to working on operations.

  10. way to make my life better, wg. And i thank you for that!

  11. Say whatever u want about the CV rework, I think one good thing ALL of us can agree on about the rework is it brought back Yuro!!

  12. My first anniversary with this game was 3 Sep. I am amazed by all you have accomplished and look forward to continuing improvements. Well done to each of you.

  13. WG it is good to see some perspective on all the work you guys have been doing for the past year. I do appreciate it. Looking forward to the next year.

  14. There is no doubt you guys all are working very hard and thanks for that to all of you.

    But i would like see those videos with more subtitles in different languages.

    For me i would like to see, Turkish subtitles, especially in Game Updates, Developer Diaries, How it works and Naval Legends series.

    I would even translate them myself if you added to the videos. Many Turkish players ( from about 12 clans) doesn’t watching Naval Series. They are saying i don’t understand what they are saying. Some videos though have Turkish subtitles such as Naval Legends : Yamato. But we would like to see more.

    Thank you

  15. 13:28 I see some anime drawings on the wall. What a man of culture!

  16. Anton looks so tired. Hope he and the rest of his team get a well deserved holiday soon.

    Love the work you guys put in! See you on the high seas!

  17. If they introduce the Gotland class sub….all CV would run away.

  18. how about to fix the “critical error”s & the UI is still laggy… HBD 4

  19. I have learned….Russian ships are always the best!

    Jokes beside, the game should be more balanced. New ships getting stronger and stronger and old ships (in me mind mostly the Germans) fall behind.

    I’m very happy that you finally work on the Italian navy.looking forward to them.

    Things I don’t like is the speed new premiums (especially the T9) are released recently. And also Events like the one for the benham. Your player base is older and we have jobs. Some also families, we can’t take off 2 weeks just grind a WG event.
    Also the french prem captain is locked behind a timed event! Why not like Halsey or Yamamoto in a campaign? Player should have the chance to get this powerful captain in their own speed.

  20. Convoys coming soon?
    Sounds like someone is trying to call Tirpitz

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