Developer Diaries: Commander Dasha | World of Warships

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How we made the most feminine commander? That’s how!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What about you?
    Have you assigned Commander Dasha to your in-game ship?:)

  2. Max one Dasha for me… i am living on the cheap side of the game…

  3. (✿◠‿◠) dasha is awesome

  4. Dasha looks stunning for the Pan Asian. Fantastic work WG!

  5. 👍👍 #TeamDasha!!👍👍😁

  6. Italian Dasha is missing…

  7. Yeah finally we love you Dasha!😍💪

  8. I have assigned “japanese” Dasha to Aoba cruiser. Looking forward to see MIghty Jingles as commander.

  9. I bought her as a british captain but why is her language in russian?

  10. 3:08 “Dasha from below”… Yes, please. Which nation has this option? 😀


  12. Never mind dasha. we want JINGLES

  13. Finally got dasha ;), now where is my jingles

  14. “First half of 20th century”
    *Looks at Moskva*
    -Still in service

    • FeelTheThunder [ASIA]

      *This* Moskva, *that* Moskva

    • most of the russian ships are early 50. the moskva ingame is not the same ship that is active today, the ship ingame was an Project 66 vs today’s ship Project 1164, and i dont think the Project 66 was a real ship but a paper ship…

    • Three ships of the Soviet Navy and Russian Navy have been named for the transliterationof Москва, the Russian for Moscow.

      Soviet battlecruiser Moskva – a planned Stalingrad-class battlecruiser scrapped prior to launch

      Soviet helicopter carrier Moskva – the lead ship of her class of helicopter carrying cruiser

      Russian cruiser Moskva – the lead ship of the Slava-class cruiser, formerly named Slava

    • Not the same Moskva boy. The Moskva in service is a Slava class guided missile cruiser, originally named Slava, but renamed when USSR broken up. The Moskva in game is a battlecruisers Plan that never went further than blueprints because big ships became more and more useless

    • The Moskva class that is in game is no longer in service and hasn’t been for a while, however the USS Midway (T10 US CV) was still in service after 9/11

  15. We want Jingles for Commander!!!


  17. I really like these looks behind the scenes at how the game gets made. The process is really interesting to see! It’s always nice to add that human element too. As players we sometimes complain about “WG screwed this up!” when something goes wrong but WG is made up of people who I’m sure are doing their best to make a good game. Doesn’t mean they can’t be criticized but just nice to remember there are people on the other end of your complaints so don’t be a jerk about it.

  18. My only gripe is that you should have had her pronounce things in the language of the country she’s representing…now, obviously Dasha doesn’t speak those languages, but she could learn to do it phonetically for the game and have the accent. A russian accented english speaking Dasha USA commander….would be AMAZING.

  19. I want Jingles! And 200% cashback for players who have already made their first purchase!

  20. but we want our salt miners overlord jingles. ;-;

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