Developer Diaries: Soviet Battleships | World of Warships

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What’s the process that every battleship must go through take up their rightful place in World of Warships? Find out more in the new episode of “Developer Diaries”!

Keep an eye out on the official website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    So, what do you think? Are you hyped for the upcoming new branch?:)

  2. Starkiller's cat

    “brave battleships that aren’t afraid of anything”
    They are afraid of two things

    fire and flooding

  3. Anirban Chakrabarti

    Da komrad! Soviet ship very stronk! What u say? They never built? Idi nahui blin, In soviet russia, u not build ship, ship build you!

  4. Its so sweet the delopers trying to keep staight faces when talking about the Soviet era paper ships. Given what is now kown about the actual technical manufaturing expertise the Soviets had access to, the likelihood of any of these things being functional is just wishfull thinking. So here is the best of the Soviet era ships, the best that imagination can achieve; reality? In a game though we are not dealing with reality, just game elements (ships) and the deveopers can do what they wish.

    • nah man, the Soviets were very good at achieving things they were not tooled for. they would make do, and punch well above their weight.

  5. dfhdfh dfghfhfg

    The Russian BBs are designed to be the tip of the spear. So why is Pobeda designed to be all the way behind at the butt of the spear instead?

  6. “If they had been built, they would actually have been the cream of the world’s shipbuilding.”


  7. So the know-how was bad….the Material they had was low quality….but of course they would had been the best in the world.

    I’m sure you can find some fantasy super weapons in the German archive….they are as real as Russian BBs and if they would had worked…best in the world Blabla.
    Every paper ship is always the best until you build it.

  8. This is some good ole fashioned Soviet-Era Propaganda! Dah, very good Comrade! Do not let the Capitalist pigdogs figure out our utter inability to build anything bigger then a light cruiser!

  9. Where the rest of the Italian navy. Some of been waiting for more Italian ships.

  10. Great another super russian heavy tank line, transformed to battleships…I might just stop playing this game to.

    • +drmdmd1 right I’m fine with ships that are competitive, but to have them to where you’ve forced to compensate by playing the crap they want “Russian ships” it’s nothing to do with players skill anymore…it’s all on the built in stats (Example: bow in moskva vs bow in iowa at 17km…iowa has no chance really if that moskva player is at least avg in skills and knows the basics…vs a fucking CA? When everyone that’s seen a 16″ ap shell can do…50mm of bow armor??? Wtf is that to 406mm shells???

    • And we have cold war era ships coming out as well lol i see missile strikes in wows future

    • +Matt Faulk They shouldnt even have Russian ships in the game period!.What on earth are they thinking?.I cant name a single Russian ship from any century let alone ww2!.

    • @+Matt Faulk I stopped playing WOWS due to the nonstop HE spamming/Fires and and the bullshit Premium ships. Also the german Community/Forum is Toxic as fuck. Criticizing WG and they implemented mechanics was almost like offending their mothers! And seeing this, i think i made the totally right decision.

    • I had to stop with the CC changes. All i ever played and loved the aspect of it. Could not do it with the changes

  11. How to make 2 battleship lines obsolete (ijn and german)

    • And has the USN BBs on the cutting block…smfh…how to destroy and multiplayer online game…bias

    • At least the US still have good battleships… (I want to see another Battleship tree line like the American cruisers, many more American Battleship types)

    • +Battleship 61 we used to have the best AA…lost that to republique…still have the most accurate BBs …at least until the Russian bbs come out…US BBs are turning into the US medium tank line on wot…jack of all trades but master at none

    • +Matt Faulk tru… ;-;

    • +Matt Faulk I would like too see another US branch as well since my Italian cruisers will never be introduced it seems..

  12. I actually kinda want the modelling job

    Think about how cool it’d be to completely draft a ship from a turret

  13. So, Kreml historically was designed as a Soviet Iowa, armed with 16 inch guns, and they buffed the ship to a Mega Iowa, armed with 18 inch gun….
    Btw, how about Probeda? The teir 10 with 9 16 inch gun (which was considered not enough for tier 10 battleship), but with best accuracy, shell velocity and pen? I saw that thing citadel othet tier 10 battleship at 22km range….. I am assuming that is what historically Kerml should look like….

  14. 12:35

    when your ships don’t even have modern cemented armor and depend on brittle face hardened plates but your design bureau made a really cool drawing

  15. It is reinforced by delusion because it is not enough
    Do you repeat wot’s mistake?
    If you want to force the Soviet Union, do your own against the fictional ship’s NPC.

  16. NorthernFirehawk

    I don’t like that you up gunned them to 18 inch AND gave them sniper rifle accuracy. One or the other, NOT BOTH!

  17. Hey WG – would you answer a question for me? In the late game, say there are 3 ships each side, one of the three being a CV. Since the ‘cover each other with AA’ strategy doesn’t work any longer how are other ships supposed to counter the non-stop planes from the carriers?

  18. “Cream of the worlds shipbuilding”

    Whatever, WG. Whatever.

  19. Spineking Jørgensen

    I know GK got a few things like secondaries, hydro and decent performance at range, but man hasn’t the Kreml kinda powercrept the whole Tank thing and close range combat. Kreml has a lot of 60mm deck aswell so not even Hindenburgs can pen. I mean in excited for Russian BB’s (expect Pobeda) but man when I look at the GK that hasn’t been changed almost since release, it just feels lackluster. Kurfurst only truly needs 1 buff in my opinion and thats a buff to her firing angles. Just so you dont eat 20 K for firing more than 6 guns at your target.

  20. 99CCFF756e6b6e6f776e6578696199CCFF647072746c646b

    So what’s the point of playing Germany now? EXTREME close range battles? Because that’s what BBs are for right? lul

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