Developer Diaries: Update 0.7.4 [World of Warships]

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Well, you’ve lived up to your side of the deal, so now it is time to fullfill our promise!
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Find out more about upcoming update 0.7.4! There are a lot of new features we would like to share with you!

Developer Diaries describe World of game design in detail and it is all about our passion.

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  1. The game gets better and better

  2. World of Warships Official Channel

    So, the gameplay will become less negative from now on:)
    Please, behave, guys! How often do you encounter toxic behaviour?

    • TheWhiteWood FromWoT

      It would be so cool if Submarines get added to WoWs

    • I would say the most common form of toxic behavior I see on NA server is teammates that die early that then harass, heckle, put down try to back seat drive the rest of the team for the remainder of the match. 50/50 split between people being salty pricks about being killed and the rest just telling everyone how they should pilot their ships. I find it pretty easy to ignore but some players really come unwound when their teammates get on their case for 15 straight minutes.

    • And what if I have just a low or unstable connection and the game don’t load or kick me out? Is unfair the punishment for that….
      And please add a free camera on the port to see better the detail of your amazing work…
      And please please please add the Italian fleet…..

    • Omg I love world of warships blitz it is so awesome I would play the pc version its just that I don’t have the money but blitz is just awesome keep up the good work wargaming

  3. Im so split at the moment. I love these quality of life improvements and all that but still nothing that fixes CV gameplay, battleship meta and island camping… Those are changes I really want to see.

    • BB metas rarely happen in SEA

    • Elias Diakonikolas

      Sometimes you can’t fix something when it’s completely broken and I am talking about the cv’s. WG will finally have to decide who will make unhappy, the players who spent time on CV gameplay or all the others who don’t like it. After 13k battles and being in game from cbt I can assure you that all the others who want finally a change on CV gameplay is more promising to grow the game than a bunch of guys who ruin the fun at most games especially against new CV players.

    • Never going to see a non-battleship meta. People love the big behemoths more then the little fish.

    • The funny thing is CVs counter BB meta lol. Nobody likes BB meta but we keep nerfing CVs. I hope the upcoming CV rework doesn’t just destroy them completely

    • Franklin Van Valkenburg

      The CV issue is bigger than just tweaking how they’re played. It’s a major crossroads decision for WG. At present, CVs are anemic members of the team that are largely underrepresented throughout WoWS. Why? Because WoWS is marketed as a surface action brawl between BBs, CA/CLs, and DDs. A skilled CV player can drastically change the prospects of a team’s chances at victory or defeat, making them more of a niche option of gameplay for captains who want to take the challenge on. If CVs were adjusted to make them more “pick up and play” like the other ship types, the whole dynamic of the game would change (just like CVs changed the whole dynamic of naval warfare during WWII).

      The issue of island camping is also another issue inherit to how WG designed WoWS. These are the guys who first found success with WoT. They want to present a game that average gamers and naval history buffs alike can pick up and start playing. As such, the maps filled with islands are A LOT like the maps of WoT. There aren’t hilly roads and depressions to hide in, but the gist is the same: you’re driving a vehicle around terrain that can serve as cover to shoot at other vehicles. If WoWS was made more realistic, a lot of the playerbase would diminish as it would become slower and more boring to them. If WoWS was made realistic, almost all maps would be HUGE compared to the ones we play on now, most gameplay would be fought in open water (no islands anywhere for cover), and neither team would spend much time within visible range of the other. You’d spend more time slinging up aircraft and using radar to shoot at something out of sight over the horizon. That or you’d spend most of your time protecting the CV on your team from enemy planes while that CV tries to use their planes to hurt the enemy team.

      That said, I think that we’ll always see island camping because the maps have to be smaller and detailed. We’ll always see this kind of gameplay because we aren’t sending CLs and DDs out in huge maps to screen for the CV force in a large maneuvering battle. It’s intentionally up close and personal, so captains have to play in styles advantageous to their ship type. I hope they do something to try and help CV captains feel more relevant and help less skilled players decide to try CVs. That said, I don’t know how you’d fix them without killing their wildcard role.

  4. Hey guys give likes,?

  5. i think wows is really the first WG game that take players more seriously than the other two.

  6. Glad to see the punishment system improved. Also, the matchmaker system reverting back to old after the 3 minute mark is a great idea.

  7. Had to reset my PC, this game is the first I reinstalled ? liljoe_unconqurable is coming back and with a vegence to defeat every enemy he sees so watch out guys

  8. It is rare to observe toxic behavior in Co-op. I can say with certainty recently that it is 1 in about 100 random. Maybe 1 in 100 in Co-op. Scenarios can be intense playing alone, so a little more often. I play mainly Co-op because I like to teach and it is more fun. I understand some players like random as it is fun for them. Nothing wrong with being competitive, but that can sometimes cause “heat of the moment” issues. Reminding players it is just a game helps. I like scenarios and the space battles were fantastic. I must admit in PT I “lost it” in some games. But being a test server reminded me that I need to take a step back. Keep up the new content. But remember, Co-op is a happy place. Training room changes make target practice more fun in next update. I will use those changes to work on my gunnery. Please bear in mind that Co-op has a huge contingent. Just post a survey and you will see.

    • Yup, Co-op is the only mode I ever play too. likem I’ve played 131 PvP matches, but I’ve played 3,972 Co-op matches lol

      It is definitely a MUCH better place to try different styles or ships. Of course you still get some people taking the game too seriously, but it’s a lot more rare than the PvP side.

    • Franklin Van Valkenburg

      I spent A LOT of time in co-op as well when I first got the game. I’ve switched over to random since about January of this year because I want to earn more XP and credits to grind for my first tier 10 ship and playing against human opponents forces you to think differently.

      That said, once I have my tier 10, I’ll likely take a breather in co-op for a while…it’s a different game in random battles…for better and worse.

  9. theguythatknows 22

    You guys are doing great with the historical data it’s cool to see the history of the ship’s as you play

  10. Every time WG update it make me more exciting to play.

  11. Good god i love you guys so much as well as the game.
    Plot twist: im only 16 and i got in the game since it beta weekend.
    I love WG game. Been playing WoT (Mistake to download Asia Cilent and having tier 7 in it) , WoWp , WoWs (i spent most time in WoWs now) for 7 years.
    I love to see the game getting better! Goodluck you guys.
    Edit : I mean 6 Years

  12. But add new Italian ships?

  13. I’ve been playing WOT for 5+ years and I started a WOWS account in 2015 but didn’t play much but now I can’t stop playing Ships and I love how much you guys are putting into it, I’m hooked Great Job Wargaming and all the Devs for WoWs.Thank you !!! A long time fan and player.

    • World of Warships Official Channel

      Thank you for the very positive feedback, we’re happy that you got infected by the WoWs virus, too 😀 It’s much appreciated and let us know what you think so we can keep improving the game!

    • +Jleer totaly agree am a beta tester been with the game all the way just a few small monthly breaks and i must say wonderfull jobb cant wait for the next crazy ideas you put in to the game

  14. Can’t wait to get that emblems, they looks fantastic! <3

  15. alessandro bettelli

    Nice job, WG. Every time you update the game, I have more and more fun playing it. Now, it’s time for the US CL to come.

  16. Vulgarr the Viking

    Exciting stuff!

  17. Hi guys,
    the correct pronunciation of the German name “Eugen” is “Oigen”, and with a hard ‘g’, not a ‘dj’ consonant.

  18. Great News !thx 🙂

  19. Wow do us a favor please,make certain your system knows the deference between some one with enternet problems and some one that simply has left the game.

    • Alexis Spoor it should do, it already rejoins matches on crash or internet failure

    • It’s hard to do. If those players know how it works, they will simply “simulate” ethernet issue. It’s sort of similar as friendly fire…. sometimes you just fire those torps and they go for so long somebody gets hit by them even if you never expected them to be there.

    • I live in GA in the middle of no were. I have learned to wait till later in the evening to play. 300 would be a dream compared to my ping . most of the time my ping is 700 plus. I still score well . every game . well over 183k at times. Makes me wander what I could do with better ping ?

    • Alexis Spoor idk US states lmao, live in australia and somehow i get better ping than you to NA server, feelsbadman

    • or maybe a solution for BSOD’s since wows seems to be the game that likes to push the gpu too far and crashes it (or atleast in my case)

  20. World of Warships Official Channel

    Well, you’ve lived up to your side of the deal, so the time has come to fullfill our promise!
    You can find your bonus code in the community feed section of our channel. You can get there from main page of channel. Be sure to subscribe, as we put a lot of “Easter Eggs” there;)

    • Need more buffs to ships that have been killed by power creep like the Warspite. and pretty much the whole Japanese line.

    • You never thought to engage rear admiral Jingle for your video’s? Why are you allowing team damaged? I think no team damaged could discourage scumbag players.

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