Developers Diaries 0.8.9 | World of Warships

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Update 0.8.9 introduces the Italian arc and our Halloween-themed event. In this episode of Developer Diaries, we’ll tell you the story of what went into creating the new ship branch and its gameplay features. We’ll also lift the veil on a new “scary” game mode.

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. Nerf smolenks!

  2. Minh huynh nguyen nhat

    This year halloween going to went crazier

  3. No Siegfried??? 🙁 I was so sure German Unification Day would bring me my Ziggy… but guess not 🙁

  4. Francisco DeTonne

    Solid hard pass on the new Halloween mode. Teams vs teams is the worst, like -Savage- Sewerage Battle mode. The new camo that can be applied for any ship of a tier is very nice, however.

    Italian cruisers are way more interesting. The talk about making 3D models is *super impressive*

  5. “In my mind that sounds imbalanced.”
    “Let’s talk about planes.”

  6. my god what they smoke there XD how do u know we would say that

  7. Did that thing just wink at me ?!?

  8. Last time I was this early HMS Hood was still the Flagship of the Royal Navy.

  9. Anastasiya is such a nice lady, with her beautiful smile, soft melodic voice and a slightly timid demeanor she’s a lovely presence on screen, you should include her more often in your videos.

  10. “These smokes are primarily used for defense rather than offence.”

    Biggest joke ever.

  11. Can exp for spotting damage be raised? Just got a battle where I. a Friesland is the only DD in my team, no CV so I think that I should spot for the team. Got 300k spotting damage but only a bit over 900 base exp.

    • If WG really wants to reward team play, they would definitely improve the reward for spotting dmg.

    • Did you win or lost that match? If you lost, 900 base is quite high, depend on how hard that match( tier 789, 8910 or higher).

    • アルカヨスノエル

      scoring system is not suitable for team play so you find a lot of selfish players because they believe that what they’re doing is good play

    • @viet hansguigens Tier 10 battle with Des Meme, radar Mino, Stalingrad and Worchester all in my flank. Ofc that is a win lol

  12. If there’s an invulnerability consumable, you can bet someone’s ramming Rasputin.

  13. Really was hoping they would add Gorizia and they are! My wallet doesn’t stand a chance ??

  14. Ok devs i think we have enough content in the game to keep us occupied for a wile can u slam the brakes on the content pumping and take a peek at the bugs and balance pls ; )

    • Different teams for each of those and they don´t work in each others resorts.

    • @Andreas Müller Just because they are different teams still does not change the fact that are bugs in the game and balance issues for example the lock on BUG its in the game for such a long time and it was “fixed” at some point but gues what its back again and many others but i gues they just gonna ignore em or say that there’s none and move on cuz reasons.

    • @Cade Janeway it wasjust to point out that they don´t have to stop pushing new things just to get to fix bugs.

  15. pull down the background music , almost imposible to hear the translation in english

  16. …They just made Zara one of the worst protected cruisers along with Algerie…

  17. I’ve been with this game since Closed Alpha stage….

    And i’m still waiting for that favorite ship of Mine, Renown class to be featured in the game. It can be a premium version as HMS Repulse for all i care XD

  18. “In my mind that sounds imbalanced.”
    “Let’s talk about torpedoes.”


  19. Geoffrey Straughn

    >:3 Montana Class Battleship has a skin now? I’m so going to enjoy this.

  20. *italian ships comes to game*
    Me to other ships while using them: VAFFANCULO!

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