Did someone say CAPs? – World of Warships

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You ever heard of these things called CAPs?

I heard they live in the wild and are very rare and hard to find.

Only lucky few ever managed to get close enough to see them and live to tell the tail.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Our daily balans give us this day.

  2. 04:20 World of Balanceships XD

  3. Είστε Τρελοί

    It’s like watching grass grow.

  4. I love how the monty on your team Wenn into the cap and got punished for it super hard. He won’t cap ever again.

    • That’s the problem trying to cap in a carrier game means your always detected and punished (as long as the enemy carrier isn’t a ‘spechul’) so DD’s and cruisers will mostly stay back while battleships just get melted by focused fire.

      For a game called world of warships it really seems more like world of planes 2.

  5. Imagine if WG put the USS Austin on the premium store.
    They would swim in money 🤑

  6. BB are not staying far behind only because of the dead eye skill, they stay far at the back because of ships like smolensk, cleber, austin, haragumo,
    They get their HP melt down during one reload and in return they have shit sigma, and rng dependant accuracy.
    They rework the rework and noting much will change unless they do something with the secondary spec BB-s to be able to tank the incoming damage

    • @Aotearas , yep, my bad, just focused on first part or your message.

    • At tier 10 why should a BB get within 16k of anything if the enemy has any of the “spammers”, this was a perfect example of why BB have no alternative but to snipe. All removing Deadeye will do is make the sniping BB even worse, if WG want BB to be relevant in the game they have to dramatically improve their survivability. It’s like playing a tank in any RPG with no armour.

    • @Aotearas Just adding something. Also before rework CVs were not as annoying. The only problem with the pre CV rework was high skill ceiling that the difference between a non skilled CV player and a skilled CV player is noticable.

    • 100% agree. Wish I could like this comment a hundred times so people actually pay attention to the fact that BB’s can’t just “push in.”

    • @jay Vee Yup. Aside from the sheer alpha strike potential (which could’ve easily been adjusted by lowering the damage on airdropped torps/bombs a bit) the skill difference in fighter control was incredibly high. You had a CV player that was consistently better at fighter control and he could completely shut down the opposing CV, period.
      But instead of teaching players about those things (there never even was a tutorial or anything about … anything really) like fighter straves, straving out of fighter locks or hell even just plain manual attacks in general (seen sooo many tier IX and X CVs that still autodropped everything), WG went the other way and decided to rework it into something so simple a food motivated monkey could do it and the game suffered for it.

  7. Lately this is what i see in T10:The CAPs are lava

  8. Still waiting for a video with three Austins sync-ing their rapid fire together on one target XD

  9. Imagine pressing “Battle” and then avoiding battle

  10. The enemy was playing “The caps are lava”. Loved how that enemy Conqueror sailed past B, too afraid to enter it.

  11. Dead Eye may be going away replaced by a Weaseley G Brain Fart but the Meta is here to stay. Great Content Dude, Let the Salt Flow 🤘🇬🇧

  12. Love how wg gave bouncing bombs to German CVs, its like wg giving the Tiger tank to the British tech tree

  13. as a retired player of both wot and wows and soon wt, I’m really sad of what the games have become, all the soul of it got cash grabbed

    • I really want to enjoy WoWS, I really want to play it, but in the current state it is in, I just cannot bring myself to play it any more. It’s a real shame

    • Yeah I am a veteran of all 3 games. Over the years I have watched them fall apart, they care less about us now and all they really care about is money. The games are cash grabs. Warthunder in 2018 said that there would by no physical way for players to be able to buy jets or top tier aircraft, now there are 4 premium top tier aircraft for each nation, not even including tanks or ships.

      The games are really just a joke now. The companies that make them no longer care about our experiences and only care about how much money they are bringing in quarterly.

  14. ‘If only WG had this group of players… to help them balance the game’. They tried that, they just didn’t listen, as we all know.

  15. I still cant get over the hilarity of this game having more then 1 German tier 10 cv

  16. New historical accurate game mode: fleet in waiting…

  17. I like how the friendly Monty died trieng to cap in the beginning

  18. I can imagine at 18:34 going: “you are already dead”

  19. Props to monty. Attempted to cap but paid the price

  20. “This game is stupid, nobody is pushing”.
    Meanwhile, this happened when the Thunderer pushes: 18:12

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