Digby & Rimmy Sail the Seven Seas – World of Warships

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Cheers to World of Warships for sponsoring today’s video. Follow this link to sign up and get the free starter pack, including 2 ships, 200 doubloons, 2.5 million credits, 20x restless fire camouflage and 7 days of premium: https://wo.ws/32sxvlT

Man I really enjoy carrier battles, it’s something just not really touched on in many games. They’re so weirdly fun to think about, like two forces just taking turns throwing planes at each other with no way to respond during the actual attack runs. Montemayor’s videos are great, check them out.

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  1. Torpedo go brrrr

  2. *sees Digby in the weeb painted ship*
    ONE OF US!
    ONE OF US!

  3. Rimmy is displaying SIGNIFICANTLY greater situational awareness and multitasking capability than some WoWs players who have grinded their way ALL the way to a T10 ship >_>

  4. Avery the Cuban-American

    We need a navy where every ship is a Big Bob. That would be legendary

  5. “Historic Ships” >stares at all the paper scattered throughout the game.

    • @weldonwin wait Germany never built a carriers?

    • @ZackWester They laid down the Graf Zeppelin, but never finished it.

    • Björn Sebastian Roepstorff

      @Raven Coldheart we finished it and then sunk the hull too deny it too the enemy. Russia actually recovered the Carrier for testing. The Zepplins sister was never completed

    • @ZackWester They laid down the hull for one, but it was never completed because Brain Trust Hitler started the war about five years before the German navy would be ready and it is kinda hard to built large warships when your ship yards are getting bombed all the time and made worse by the political rivalries Hitler liked to stir up, so the Luftwaffe poached the aircraft that were supposed to serve on it and the army poached the armaments. It was still just an empty hull at the end of the war, when the Soviet navy basically stole it, then apparently sank it in the Baltic, in an exercise to test tactics for sinking large carriers.

    • @ZackWester Sweden did have a battleship (Coastal Battleship actually) in WW2. Three of them actually (the Sverige class). Actually had more classes of Coastal Defense Battleship that were also in service during WW2.

  6. “Yes, I’ve got anime.”
    *Gets raided*

  7. Fast & Furious: Battleship Drift

  8. Maam, his last words were: “ITS A TORPEDO!”

  9. I agree with my Fellow German, you should try Weißwurst.
    But i’d take a pass on the Sweet Mustard.

  10. Dig your: You wouldn’t hit a man with glasses, would you?
    Rimmy: YES!
    Digby: Damn!

  11. I can’t tell if he doesn’t know about the chaos and imperium ships but anime also works!

  12. Quick word of advice about the Ark Royale in WoWs: Play her like how she’s portrayed in Azur Lane.

    Go for the destroyers with bombers, as they drop a lot of bombs and DD deck armor is weak enough to be penned reliably.

    And maybe drop torpedoes on any Bismarck encountered to assert dominance.

  13. Using anime skins will win you no favor with the Japanese. Showing their future will only strengthen their resolve


  14. 0:50 “I feel like I’m back in the 501st.”

  15. 3:58
    “Rimmy, watch out!”

  16. Rimmy:
    * Insults Currywurst *
    The Germans in the comments:


  17. Rimmy: *plays Ark Royal*
    Bismarck: *in server*
    Rimmy: *Doesn’t sink Bismarck*

    I feel BETRAYED.

  18. Supreme Spartan OverLord

    Weebs when the anime comes out: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!
    Anime haters when the anime comes out: Unsub
    Anime Toleraters when the anime comes out: *Softly* No… Please no…

  19. “What are our Destroyers doing?”

    Destroyers: *Eurobeat*

  20. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    “The long awaited submarines will soon be added to the game”

    • As soon as I heard, “Long-Awaited” and “Submarines” in the same sentence, I just went;
      “Hmm… so this was scripted by WG themselves…”

      At the same time (cause I like to be Devil’s Advocate sometimes), a lot of players are really excited for the subs, it’s just the more angry-vocal players voicing themselves, and the sub-lovers are quiet *because submarines are just gonna ruin the game like CVs*

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      @That1Connor Oh yes all of these sponsored videos have a script to go along with them provided by Wargaming. The ones being given out after the CV rework were pretty golden.

      It’s not really that most players don’t want subs, its that WG once stated “There will never be subs in World of Warships”. Granted Chieftain said it and he’s not affiliated with WoWs, but good enough for most players to reeee at the mention of subs.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten yep, and, even though the initial “no subs” wasn’t a proper member of WG, *he had a script as well.* Which is where I think players just lost it as well.. I dunno, my opinion’s just fuck Subs, every event they’ve been in are boring and uninteresting..

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