DIMITRI DONSKOI Russian Cruiser Gameplay ( World Of Warships Gameplay)

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World Of Warships Russian Cruiser Gameplay – Dimitri DONSKOI

World Of Warships Russian Cruiser Info – http://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/russian-cruisers-tech-tree/


  1. anyone know why phly and baron haven’t played together in a while ? i miss
    the videos when they played together

  2. Phly lovely videos! :D

  3. Intro-song <3

  4. David “madindie” Dew

    Nice mate

  5. phly try Lexington

  6. UNSC “PRO” Dodge

    CITADEL ship rekt XD

  7. typical WG made the Russian Cruisers Strong even though the Soviet Navy has
    always been shit and was almost completely destroyed during WW2. most of
    their ships were land lease. Makes complete sense that German Ships sucked
    and HE damage is horrific

  8. What class, type, and nationality is the ship in the intro? I know very
    little about ships lol

  9. Is this on the PTS?

  10. Yamato Tamato

  11. I went to war thunder’s official website

  12. @7:50 Anotha one

  13. Phly mah boy, why’d you move out of the PowerHaus? Not lookin to stir up
    drama so feel free to tell me to fuck off. Just wonderin cause I enjoyed
    your WoWS vids with Baron.

  14. still wondering where your wows intro came from. really good

  15. Literally the best thing phly has said that I heard: “I don’t care. I’ll
    call it Joe if I want to.”

  16. yo phly… install aslain mods and get into a training room…. ! xD

  17. More Naval Action!

  18. what a good pronunciation!))) DEEMEETREEY DONSKOY sounds like a song!)))
    use more Russians words in yr videos, it is so funny!
    best regard from Russia!)

  19. How would I make videos and record them on my ps4?Because I have warthunder
    and I’m not sure what I should do..

  20. Phly is like no i don’t need to use torps I use Stalin guided Grenads.

  21. Was that Tirpitz actually a bot?

  22. I want to see Svetlana!

  23. I never understood what “DD” means.

  24. didn’t realize that there was a self propelled M.108 105mm howitzer like
    down the street from my house for more then a year now… Who misses a damn
    tank? XD

  25. My only question is the conflict between hydro search vs the radar… I
    mean they both detect ships but a very close range. All i feel is that if
    the higher tiers get a better spotting boost, there should be a boost with
    the hydro search because it should focus on torpedos to balance it out.
    Thats my only worry about the ability.

  26. You know? Someday, by playing all these WW 2 games, you will probably learn

  27. Przemyslaw Kuszynski

    AH YES… death by the chat… my MMO worst nightmare when you chat with
    friend and suddenly normal text turns in to dddddssssaaw… R.I.P!

  28. How about making some boats a beers vids with the new russian cruisers?

  29. PHLY NEW mission play heroes and generauls and throw a live grenade at a
    plane and take it down!!!

  30. Thx Phly. Didn’t know about the radar consumable.

  31. Why don’t they add this game for ps4

  32. played with you for the first time to it was fun thank you for the videos
    you and baron are the reason I stated playing wows and I love it thanks
    mate. I’m santana839 and hope your socks are still golden

  33. Yavuz Selim Han Osmanoglu

    Chapayev next please.

  34. It explodes either right before or as you’re clicking to fire…I think WG
    programmed it that way LOL

  35. question did the Russians ever have carriers during ww2?

  36. The minimap is making me panic, soo close to ramming allies

  37. at 24:36 you deserved that for the HE spam on that that poor battle ship.
    Broad side on to a battle ship that’s a paddling!!!!!!!!

  38. Hey Phly are you doing the other Russian cruisers

  39. PhlyDaily for some reason I can’t log onto my WoWS account, I’ve been
    through the Customer Service thing but it doesn’t say anything about the
    problem which I’m having. Please help me on this and can I please be in one
    of your War Thunder videos?

  40. This cruiser turns like a drunk pig apparently

  41. Argh carriers are such a dubious game mechanic imo. They have too much
    potential power. Competent carrier players can ruin anyone’s game like no
    other class can

  42. 7:15 that was the coolest battle

  43. Next do tirpitz or Warspite or izumo

  44. Hello Phly, well I’m your fan for some time and admire her videos that are
    of great quality, I’m from Brazil and I can not speak very good English and
    so if you can put subtitles in Portuguese please would help me a lot. (Put
    the subtitles is very labor need not put)

  45. The Dimitri Donskoi kinda looks like the Albany Class cruisers (the missile
    cruisers not the one in-game)

  46. please play more wow

  47. Francois Verwoerd

    i’d love to see some more destroyer gameplay

  48. be careful what you wish for

  49. battleship texas

  50. what is the difference between tactics and pure stupidity
    they need to go back to school to learn the difference
    the best way to learn this is a good old fashioned prank off

  51. I’ve tried that too and haven’t worked

  52. How do you call a Russian tree.


    No?Really?Ok Sorry.

  53. Bryce “Deathfox” Hill

    +PhlyDaily 19:00 “The best part about this game is when you shoot at
    someone and they don’t shoot at you.”
    Isn’t that the best part of any shooting game XD

  54. Play Gearing, Shimakaze and Khabarovsk in one video!

  55. Phly awesome video Bro ! Idk if your still doing more of Russian cruisers ?
    but I’d like to see more !

  56. do the Tier3 Bogatyr next

  57. Mogami has 155’s and they pen and light shit on fire no problamo.. I bet
    these 180’s are gonna be op as shit. (3 minutes into the vid as of this

  58. I really want to play war thunder but every time I try to make an account
    it says the email format is invalid any suggestions on how to fix it

  59. 26:04 they say there a fire where it at though

  60. My comment is the 16th

  61. Sugar how you get so FLY? Heh. See what I did there?

  62. What a beast of a tier 9 I can’t wait to unlock it

  63. That butt clench at 16:32 though

  64. Play The Lexington Please!

  65. I cringed when u tried to say the criusers name

  66. Lexington! Lexington! Lexington!

  67. Awesome

  68. Joonas Donskoi? xD

  69. play the very honorable Mayoko

  70. One of the first :D

  71. phly, play WoWs with baron pls!

  72. cool too

  73. Wow earliest I have been here! Thanks for the video Phly!

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