Dirigible Derby in Update 0.11.1 | World of Warships

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Update 0.11.1 sees the start flag drop on a new temporary battle type codenamed “Dirigible Derby.”
Your goal is to do everything possible to ensure that your allied airship is the first to reach the destination point or to destroy all enemy ships!
Airships historically carried intelligence agents bearing important messages and diplomats traveling to conduct secret negotiations in neutral territories. The new battle type tasks you with a mission to delay the hostile airship while also making sure that your allied airship is the first to reach the destination point.
πŸ”Š Let’s dive into the details!
EU: https://worldofwarships.eu/news/general-news/dirigible-derby/
NA: https://worldofwarships.com/news/general-news/dirigible-derby/
SEA: https://worldofwarships.asia/news/general-news/dirigible-derby/

00:00 Meet our new temporary battle type!
00:20 History
01:20 Rules for a new temporary battle type

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  1. Realy interesting gamemode!

  2. Let’s gooo Nakhimov players

    we seal club the CQB session in this mode

  3. So, we’re sending the Ambassador by balloon in order to get there first? Right you are then…..

  4. Highly probable as they will sell containers that can give you tier 10

  5. I think it will end as always “Destroy the enemy team the moment they appear”

  6. @Volknet AI. They are selling them, they are very expensive with only 5% chance of a ship.

  7. I was missing this kind of historical videos.

  8. So basically it’s just Payload Race but in Warships

  9. Can you make zeppelins appear on some maps normally (randoms) but just as scenery, not interacting with anything, cruising peacefully and casting shadows over the ships.

  10. Russian understanding of diplomacy. First come first served. I’m going to play this mode against both teams just to defend the neutrality of that poor island !

  11. Pepega Ch. / γƒšγƒšγ‚¬

    Cool. But why can’t we bring t8-9 too and why is this mode not permanent?

  12. I absolutely love this new game mode. It forces players to push and use teamwork to prevent the enemy team from pushing faster. Well done WG

  13. When I watched a streamer play it, the mode looked like fun, but my only T10 is a Grosser Kurfurst fresh out of the packet, and I haven’t had a chance to get good with it yet.

  14. Make it tier 8 or lower to get more people to play

  15. I read it last night whilst in game, read the description and how to play it, then seen it was tier 10 and instantly went and played a couple random battles and a couple operations battles! This could have been a good game mode but honestly WG failing yet again!

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