Disgusting Ships for Disgusting Game – World of Warships

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Two Brothers Mid push…of a sort…not the kind you expect…but still the same.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  2. Dear ennemies ,you’ve just been Flambassed by the Hotel California 🙂

  3. Anyone else having an issue with their ship sailing off while the camera stays in place and you can’t control your ship hardly?

  4. So glad I deleted my account so I’m never tempted to play this shit again.

  5. That is how a good joke may start: “A Super CV, a sub and a Smolensk div up on Two Brothers”

  6. Shoutout to the two T10 subs that don’t even understand how hydrophones work

  7. 15:29
    Flambass: “I think he is in the smoke.”
    Also Flambass: Doesn’t bother checking the battle message that the friendly Kearsarge already sank the other enemy sub.
    Edit: 15:46
    He finally realized the sub went down.

  8. Almost 35k in the first drop. Yes WG, this is totally balanced and fun…

    • So damn annoying isn’t it? and CV players think they’re skilled.

    • That’s because cv US has the stupidest armor at t11.

      It’s huge so eagle or audacious can blanket the entire deck (few ships are big enough) and US has such terrible armor that the bombs pen all over.

      US armor was so bad at one point that every bb that could see it would overmatch it everywhere, including bourgogne with it’s 380s.

      US started out with dd amor. Then they added a flight deck and belt that’s enough to stop all shells at range.

    • @treeherder57 I wasn’t talking about armor but you went there anyway

  9. “Pot calling the kettle black” – that one? ^^

  10. When all you get is one non-pen on a salvo but you can’t be mad ‘cus you’re a CV

  11. I think the saying you were looking for is ‘the pot calling the kettle black’? Wel it is how it goes inDutch anyways xD

  12. CVs are still broken a see what a surprise. I mean why play anything else you can sit in spawn and farm damage all game and never get nerfed. 🤣🤣

  13. WoWs beta tester, all I do these days is play Subs and CVs to just help burn it down faster

  14. Hey captains , gooday .
    Right , so I’ve been pitted against a problem for the past 3ish months with wows that I never really bothered to fix initially because I was busy with things but have decided to get to the root of now . The problem is that whenever I click on the wows icon that’s pinned in the taskbar of my laptop’s pc , the game isn’t launching like it usually use to . Any problems as to how to go about fixing this ? I’m using a HP corei5 10th gen laptop .

  15. Honestly, I´d love to tee you play Bourgogne once again, love that ship.

  16. I’m still trying to play this game for fun, and find lower tiers the better option…

    • buy a Mikasa. it’s a 4km hoot’n’nanny, can’t hit shit full range but is nasty up close and personal. or a Dreadnought. the entire CV community has yet to discover it has no AA. “Go ahead BB, make my day!” “As you wish!” if only WG would throw a tier 1 or so Ranked or tourny of some kind. call it “Blood on the water!”

  17. Ahh this is why I quit long ago. All I need is to watch a video once in awhile and the horror returns.

  18. if trenn would have went middle he would mite still be alive !

  19. Everything wrong with the game in 1 division….

  20. Hey flambass, idk if you read your comments but heres a question for a old series you used to do called school of wows. im a returning player after quite a few years and was wondering if you would say that series would still be considered up to date to the current state of the game? trying to find content to get me back up to speed as fast as i can and used to watch ur content when i played last

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