Divisional Carry – World of Warships

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Had a fun divisional game on stream yesterday, wanted to share the tense gameplay with live commentary. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X British Minotaur Replay

https://playtogether.worldofwarships.com/invite/OwzqAkj – Warships Friend Invite

https://discord.gg/33xzEjR – Discord Server


  1. Hii i looove your videos now instead of doing 15 k dmg i do like 60-70 k with queen elizabeth you are the best mate

  2. My carry was better ft by Jingles

  3. If feels kind of weird with no background music xD

  4. Good game. By the way, WG should nerf Mino’s radar. It can stealth radar too… (8.9km Concealment with 10km radar). Only than i would call it fair… for Worcester players.

    • PS: During the ranked i feasted on Woosters with my Zao and Republique, from 15km+. Saying that there isn’t any counter play is either pure ignorance or a blatant lie.

    • I meant Harugumo…. Bruh

    • bladeclanhalo3 oh I didn’t know worcester has both smoke and radar /s

    • minotaur gets mostly thwarted at range when ships turn more bow on. HE and armour is worth A LOT of brownie points, despite your cries about 8 torps per side that net 1 kill every 5 games and a consistant 20k damage per game, if that. The power potential of every ships’ lines has pros and cons across the board, but no ship is considerably more powerful than the other. THATS why people are arguing. YOU being bad doesnt give you authority on the subject or any license to whine.

      minotaur has less armor than all DDs and can be citadeled by HE like an already half dead tier fucking 4 CV. Get both ships to at least 500k xp and then we can talk, maybe closer to a million, but i dont even have wooster there yet, so i cant put that as criteron for speaking to god. lmao

    • ArmchairWarrior… So many assumptions about me personal… that’s *not* how argumentation works.
      Did you read all my comments? Doesn’t look like. I gave an example for the torps. Which prevents you for getting rushed by the enemy (it’s a defensive weapon). Even BBs have no problems to rush a wooster, while sitting behind an island (in Shatter for example) you have neither torps nor a good Alpha strike, to prevent them to kill you. You can’t even move fast from one place away, after you being detected, without loosing huge amount of your health pool.
      The problem is that Mino is now the only ship that has stealth radar at T10 (more and more people using radar on mino, instead of smoke. Notser in the video above). That’s the reason why people cried about the Worcester and WG is now going to nerf it ( it’s getting the same radar that Cleveland has).

      What has Minotaurs Armor to do with the capability to stealth Radar? Both ships are Glass cannons. But Worcester relies more on radar than any other ship in the game. Even it’s legendary module emphasize it. Can you imagine using the legendary mod (you loose the concealment mod) with 10.6km Concealment and now with radar range of 9km? It’s worse than Des Moines radar… (almost at the same level with Salem (8.5km) minus it’s super heal.) But you can’t bow tank incoming shells like a DM can, because you neither have enough guns in front to do damage (only 4 shells lol) nor the armor of DM. Or in comparison to Mino, you cant change positions fast and staying undetected…
      500k xp you said? With premium account, flags and premium camo, or bare without them? See your logic? I don’t see anyone. Be a little more specific. :DD

  5. I just got into the Republique last night. My first tier 10 in the game. =D The reload speed is insane for a BB.

    • better secondaries than GK, by a long way since fires > built in IFHE.
      GK 11.6km / 3.8s, 7.1s/ 6%, 9% fire chance / cant shoot bow on, must be angled, but you get all secondaries.
      Republique 12.1km / 3s, 6.1s / 11%, 14% fire chance / more secondaries bow than aft, angled still gets all secondaries. (alsace is reversed to republique, therefore stronger as fleeing, if you wanted an extra tidbit)

      how can people neglect these numbers when it shoots fast enough already without adrenaline rush and module. big numbers benefit from percentages. I solo’d 2 Conquerors last night in their spawn(lol) in my Republique, it’s an amazing ship. honestly dwarfs my old true love, the GK.

    • I’m still getting used to it. I’ll need a few weeks with her to get used to the gun arcs. I’m not that skilled and a bit of a slow learner.

  6. Of course Finning had to mention how much damage he inflicted. Always looking out for confirmation and attention. „Look at me how good i am.” Common man.

    • I’m actually not that good lol. I’d only say I’m above avg at best. There are significantly better players than me. Duke and Notser are completely out of my league in terms of overall player ability, for example.

      As for the humbleness thing, that’s really to get on my clan mates nerves. They always make jokes about it in our discord, so at this point I make an effort to play it up because I know a few of them tune in. It probably looks bad if you don’t understand the context lol.

    • Just so you know, no longer supporting Notser because of your (Finning) arrogance and foul mouth. So Notser he makes me sick.

    • +RKN F1NN1NG Well i don´t know this context. But maybe they get the joke meanwhile and you can go back to beeing humble. It just suits you better.

    • no longer supporting Notser because of someone else. real big of you

  7. F1NN1NG pretty much carried this game. GG! 😉

    • To be fair, Duke really played his socks off and IMO was the one that got us that win. I just helped where I could. But thank you for the kind words.

  8. One of those games where if that one ship at been taken out at low health much earlier in the game (Buffalo), would have been a much easier victory

  9. F1NN1N has the big GAY.
    thumb up guys.

  10. Thosr kind of games are lovely to play.

  11. Wtf with the Trump ads?

  12. I really enjoy your content, but typically you’ll give a warning for bad language. Thanks for being my first YouTube sub!

  13. such a nail biting gameplay

  14. That camo hurts my eyes lol but I understand

  15. Notser we need more ingame sounds please, I know this is a stream but even in your normal videos

  16. I am new to wowd and I am watching a lot of your videos to get a feeling how the game works and I was a bit confused about a t10 british ap spammer what is the deal with the Minotaur? Super high pen? Or just high fire rate and hope for the best? I see so much new stuff in every video that feels so great! And Notser you are really relaxing to watch!

    • high explosive shells were removed from British cruisers because the penetration on the AP was not so good and so people would just spam HE which is annoying, so the British cruisers only have a sort of HE AP hybrid shell

    • ah ok thanks for the explanation! what aspects the shell got from each ammo type?

  17. Well that was one of the best games I’ve seen in a while! Intensity really intensified there for a some time. Good job you guys! o7

  18. Very good game for both teams!

  19. Vickers Chieftain

    Looking at each players final ranks, you have to wonder at the validity of them seeing how close the game was. Three Rank 1 winning the opposition has three Rank 7’s now the unranked could be scrubs having a good day, but it leaves me puzzled

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