DMG Record EU – GRAF ZEPPELIN || World of Warships

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  1. Alejandro Montoya

    German Power

  2. Final version?

  3. Enemy has no T10 cruisers? What a lucky cv

  4. He was actually using HE dive bombers. Interesting choice in fact. DOT over Alpha Damage. Super game and luck though. So many BBs simply burned damage con before the torp plane wave. Nice damage stacking.

  5. Wann kommt die wieder in den Shop?

    • JKLet’s play ich glaube WG wollte den leuten die sich die GZ gekauft haben 3 monate zeit geben bevor sie die GZ wieder in den shop packen, dauert also noch 2 einhalb monate (bin mir aber nicht 100%ig sicher)

  6. CV are way too unrealistic and ez mod

    • DD are a lot more hard, seriously i don’t play CV in live server but as i tested on proto, its broken asf xD

    • See? You never really tried playing CVs (I didnt play them much either, but i am at hiryu and bogue right now, so i have an idea what i am talking about). It is broken, but only if you are a really skilled player. If you arent a unicum CV player, you will have a really hard time most of your matches (like me) and you wont even receive as much XP and credits for your efforts as you would earn in every other class because CV economy is broken

    • Flash123 jak i did good game on tier X match. Manual drop is OP

    • Try it on live server. Really different dude.

    • i did it on friend account, its the same for me ^^

  7. I think LEX is still worst T8 cv… Shokaku and BigE can do fair fight. But she….

  8. 11:40 der Abwurf war echt unnötig

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