DO NOT WATCH – YOUR IQ IS IN DANGER – World of Warships Compilation Episode 51

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World of Warships Speshul Compilation is back and in full swing.
More great and epic plays and even better and unforgettable fails.

I do not own any of the songs being played.
Song at the outro: TheFatRat – Jackpot (Jackpot EP Track 1)


  1. It’s ok, I put my IQ in danger whenever I read the patch notes and balans in world of warships

  2. Always love these. THANKS HANS!!!

  3. All of these clips perfectly describe WoWS

    • i think this video if anything proves that real problem is not WG, its ppl, its dumb fucks who cannot operate create a game suited for dumb fucks means you get Wows.. to create balanced game suited for intelligent ppl means it will have player population of 103 instead of what is it now 20k?..

    • @Stocks On Fire WG also has a big share in it (like 40%) but the big chunk are those illogical players. Plus most of unicuums/very good players are inactive/rarely active – you get 15 out of 24 players in randoms with low end performance. Some even less than 100 PR. It’s sad cause I remember 3 years ago it was 7-9 out of 24 that were bad….

    • @Stocks On Fire in games like LOL they match players somewhat based on skill level. In this they don`t care.

  4. Some of the people in this video literally make me sick to my stomach

    • Yeah, like that douche in the Dunky who pushed that Guepard and then acted all shocked that the Guepard wasn’t appreciating the joke. Oh wait, which one was Flambass again?

  5. That ramming party made me laugh way too much…

  6. What’s this IQ-Thingy, can i eat it? And where is this “Danger”? Is it a nice place?🙈💩

  7. Yes, I did the dishes and ate me vegetables as you really did spook me on that one.
    Loved it man.!

  8. 14:47 You know, I dont usually flame people in chat, but people like these are just too easy of targets to pass up.

    Combine that with the fact that they’re so quick to blame everyone else, its honestly so funny you just cant help but laugh

    • I don’t like flaming in general, but pointing out that they made a mistake and seeing the chatbox turn into a train wreck in slow-motion is hilarious! 😂

    • Droid Motorola 388

      I think he was talking to the full HP hallánd in the spawn. But still doesn’t make him any better

  9. These are the people that defend their stupitity with the words: “I just play for FUN.”

    • if you dont play for fun then why play

    • @bjorn1583 I play for Fun too. But my definition of Fun is not “I do 20k average dmg in my T10 ship with 10k+ battles”. 😉

    • @bjorn1583 where is the fun without being slightly competitiveness ? You don t need being a super good player, in a highly reputational clan to learnt most of the basic thing in this game, at least tried to do good in battle and not ruined everyone day by being a completely douchebag potato player

  10. World of HorseShits

    14:10 exactly!!! No comment for mogami and guepard. OHIO is just what u said before… they have no idea how, when and why!!! The Only things they know very well, are to use their credit cards and report for chat bans. Thats the game folks!!

  11. Thats the playerbase WG wants…dumb as shit and much more Money for dublons…nice collection of scenes flambass

  12. World of Warships, Thinking man’s action game! 😂

  13. That guepard reminds me of people who inentionally crash their car into others just to claim insurance money

  14. That Guepard’s seriously dedicated to roleplaying as a bot.

  15. And I just watched iChase’s complains about how WG oversimplifies their game and destroys it by treating playerbase as idiots with IQ equal to their CPU temperature… Maybe it is WG who know better?

  16. Thank you Flambass, for continuing to play this game. Your noble sacrifice to regularly remind many of us why we stopped playing, shall not be forgotten.

    I salute you.

  17. Now that my IQ has dropped down to an suitable level its time to play Warships

  18. Ohio: *dies to obvious torps*
    Also Ohio: “Uninstall the game Halland!”

  19. André Las Casas

    Scharnie was smart, did max damage with a 1k health ship

  20. What a legend in the Sharnhorst. “Get down mr president!!”😂😂

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