Do World of Warships Community Managers Understand their Game

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Another week and another Wargaming and World of Warships PR disaster. This time a North American Community Manager decided to try and make an explanation that happened to be completely devoid of an understanding of game mechanics. Not game mechanics, but what you all want in a Community Manager. Should they be good at the game? Or should they be more focused on community engagement and making fun WoWS events?


  1. I want flags back for achievements. They are good for people. You can’t farm a lot of flags, and random things don’t gaurentee anything. Their behaviour is just awful, but the people at WeeGee need to UNDERSTAND the community AND game, or at least have a decent understanding of the game, but really can know the community. At least the community managers should focus more on the thing that they are best at.

  2. Well if there one thing WG is good at… It’s fucking up….. Four years ago I was actively pushing friends to join me in WoWs…. Nowadays I have outright told my friend not to waste their time making an account

  3. Antonio Saavedra A.

    Just sayin, the last Community Manager actually didn’t know much about Wargaming or World of Warships. He confessed that when was hired started playing, so yeah… the answer is:
    NOPE. Except for Happa and other minor CMs, but at the end all left for a good reason.

  4. Great round. Kraken can be hard to come by. As for the issue at hand? We want cm’s who can do both. I left after a year or so of the cv rework disaster. what it sounds like is Russian politics at work. They are putting cm’s in place who are only going to say what makes wg Russia money. Argue with that and your likely out of a job as a cm. And you can’t really blame wargaming for trying to do what other game companies do when there’s no laws against it………yet.

  5. I don’t think its “World of Warships Community Managers Understand their Game”, it’s how come we can’t keep a WoWS CM for more than 4 years? Without knowing the staff personally, it looks statistically from public information, that WG can’t keep the CM employees for more than three years. How come we the players, can not have CM that are gaming veterans supporting their product? The only reason from what I am seeing it must be a toxic working environment. It seems that rewards as a WG employee sucks just as bad as being a WoWS player.

  6. nunyabizness same

    I have over 200 det. flags not from detonations, but from containers.

  7. WG insists that the community managers are supposed to be the PR arm justifying WG bullshittery at every turn so thats what they try to do just to keep their jobs and pay their bills.

  8. Signals and expendable camos are at an all time low for me. Doing all the combat missions i can to get them, but there arent almost any combat missions that reward camos. They do it on purpose

  9. I want a CM who won’t piss down my neck then tell me it’s rain.

  10. simple answer?

    most of them don’t even know how to whipe their ass, let alone understand this game

  11. Thing I hate the most about the dumb idea of community manager, is that they ignore any question that really matters to the community, and pick questions that avoid any sort of important topic. I don’t blame them, the position is dumb as they are not allowed to really talk to the community.

  12. It’s not that people were purposely detonating their ships… That’s total BS. It’s a money grab from WeeGee. Signal packs, or armory purchases in game – it’s all about reducing the amount of credits in game, and increasing income in the form of doubloon purchases, or premium shop purchases.

  13. All they understand is dollarsigns and money in their pocket, they honestly give 0 shits about the community or what is good for the players. Anyone who believes that WG’s decisions are based on anything other than financial self-interest are deluding themselves

  14. News anchors have much the same job as a WG CM, to make convincing an explanation of something that makes no sense.
    It takes serious talent, seriously low inhibitions, and a serious salary.
    Without a budget the only thing you can buy in a CM is the low inhibitions.
    Wows might be the only game ive ever played where the grind seemed steeper the older the content was.
    None of this is sustainable.

  15. Let’s face it, they are never going to admit “Look we want more money so we want you to buy everything. ” What i don’t want in a community manager is someone whose whole purpose is to try to convince us be ok with corporate choices that are for the corporation not the community with platitudes and deception.

  16. I want respect. I truly want to believe what’s going on. Right now, I just cannot believe anything that is being said by Wargaming.

  17. Zoup, I’m really upset about them removing flags for achievements. I was really nice to get a reward (even a small one) for great play. I found myself playing an extra game or two, just to see if I could get a confederate or a Kraken. This is so cheap and petty of them.

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