Dockyard. How to build Hizen in World of Warships Update 0.9.12

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How to get Tachibana, Yahagi, Hizen collect available rewards? Find out from our guide –

In WoWs 0.9.12, you can start building the new Japanese battleship Hizen IX.

Hizen is one of the variants of so-called «super battleship» project, which preceded the creation of Yamato class ships. Complete all 26 construction stages and get it for your collection.


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    • So, in other words, you can’t earn the ship for free. *SMH*

    • Was fürn abgefuckter Scheiß !
      Erst tagelang den Clangeplänkelmode versauen, dann im Forum von Kindermoderatoren drangsaliert…..wenn man sonst in den besinnlichen Nächten nichts vorhat !
      WoWs – für Masoschisten !!

    • someone please slap this dude narrating for absolutely butchering all the names! It’s cringe without end.

  1. North Carolinian Mapping

    I’m just doing this for the Tachibana, a ship whose AP will supposedly never ricochet

    also first

  2. Only the rich will get any of the ships

  3. Takibana? Yaha-ji? Horrible pronunciation….

  4. the way the narrator pronounce Tachibana (tacheebana) and Yahagi (yahaaki) is…


  5. Just give me coal or steel as a reward for each phase.

  6. Yahagi is pronounced “Ma-ka-rov”

  7. so, basically, give as money

  8. Then the starter pack is broke i just completed 1 phases and i can’t already buy the starter pack, lol
    (just to be sure i close and restarted the game)

  9. wargaming, please tell your voice over guy how to pronounce certain words, especially the ship names…ffs.

  10. How to build dock yard: give us money

  11. Pay to win crap, WoWs need to invent something new instead of regurgitating old shit over and over again.

  12. bullshit so you put all that effort in to then have to pay £21 and it will be more in any other currency sort ya self out Wargaming

  13. Stopped caring after all the scam WG is doing this year.

  14. Starting to look a bit like the Puerto Rico again Wargaming. Have you not learned what happens when the player base me gets angry?

  15. Thanks for sharing this video

  16. Sandpiper2020 旧 orihoan

    yahagi pronounciation is wrong

    yahaGI ‘s GI is Gigabyte’s GI

  17. WG: How to build Hizen? Give us money!

  18. Thanos: h-how much did it cost?!
    Wargaming: you guessed it

  19. really, grinding a ton for 22 phases and then having to pay extra, sucks man.

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