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  1. One does not “simply” construct Puerto Rico.

    • @Hindustani Bhau sounds like you should attend anger management therapy.. you got scammed, but to burn these people.. i think u need help

    • @Jozsef Toth shut up. I lost 9500 doubloons in their christmas Mega containers, which doesnt even have a drop rate. dont even know whats going on.

    • They totally deserve the hate they are getting Jozsef. They made a complete clown of themselves in the past 4 days with Conway and even a russian staff showing spreadsheets about how the playerbase calculation went wrong. they totally deserve it.

    • @Hindustani Bhau i thought these forums are free to talk, or express your opinion. Show some respect to others, even if u do not agree. And i do not want to defend their shit. Just saying that killing people because they lied is some sick thought. You may have problem with your nerves

    • @Jozsef Toth and wallet too

  2. Whiles I really really appreciate the work of developers and creators in making such an amazing thing you as a company just fucked it up by misleading so much and Letting the hype build up and then throwing insane grind which is literally impossible to finish unless you don’t have a life, you’re unicum, got lots of flags and camos premium time and again have no life. So no thank you. Disliked go f yourselves wg. Once again thanks for this cool thing developers. Did I say f off wg ?

    • Sry to inform you mate but even super unicorns with no life and tons of camo’s and flags can’t get this thing for free ?
      Well done on the “f off WG”

  3. I feel really bad for the Art Department at WG. They did a wonderful job with the shipbuilding concept. Sadly, only 0.001% of the community will be able to see it in action

  4. “Dumpster fire is getting too small. Quick add a new misleading video about it.”

    WG, drugs are bad hmkey.

  5. WoWs 2019 ended like it started, with giant, disastrous clusterf… 🙁 so sad, so disappointing

  6. You guys have talented artists, but shitty everything else.

    • @electric dildo and you should learn that a little respect goes a long way. At least what he wrote is understandable and its rather impressive since its most likely not his 2nd language.

    • @Adam Marcinkowski … seems like wargaming idolise russia … the rest of the world is just a coin giver

  7. Λмαтѕυĸαze Kαι Nι

    I just came here to dislike

  8. Guys don’t be angry.
    WG is telling just us to find another game.

    • I already listened and got some fresh new space on my hard drive

    • Same, sold my account and recovered most of the money i wasted on this shitty game. WTF did i ever bother with the grind. Game hasn’t been fun in ages…

    • And i took their advice – i will play during the holiday with Port Royale 2 and Anno 1404 instead – and who knows, perhaps i will even invest into Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnought, becouse accidentally i have 60 bucks now, which i planned to spend for some Christmas container, but not after this. That money will be in much better place, thats for sure.

    • @Nico Cosyns where can some one unload this pos game for a buck plz tell

  9. Dockyard Rules:

    1 – Have a big wallet to buy doubloons;
    2 – See rule #1

  10. It was their CEO’s asshat remark yesterday, and that FU “apology” on Friday that kept my wallet closed. $100 they would’ve gotten from me for boosters & the Gori, but nope – they get nothing. Flat out, they lied about being able to get it for free. If the top 1% players say it isn’t possible, then that shit ain’t possible. Sure is a great and fun concept, complete shit execution.

    • It made me uninstall the game and the launcher . I’ve been playing since closed beta and spent godknows how much money on this game but the mask is off now WG have made it perfectly clear as to how they view us, the gamers, their customers. Nothing but a pig for slaughter. It was fun while it lastes, but WoWs is dead to me now

    • @Ole Fardal so you will be on tomorrow?

    • @w09509 Master Rahl???

  11. MasterBait or MasterBaiter

    Puerto Rico, never completed. So historically accurate in game.

  12. “PR is not a main event”
    Makes an 11 minute video on how to get PR.

  13. And here comes the most downvoted WG video of 2019. I wonder why….

  14. Mario Palencia Gutiérrez

    Don’t get me started on how underwhelming the snowflakes are.

    • For a moment i thought you meant the people haha

    • 10k free xp, 300 doubloons as some of the random rewards for T10. Steel for t8-t9. A lot of coal if you want to really play all ships from t5-7. I wouldnt call this underwhelming at all. However look at the rewards for the directives that we have to complete during the grind, those are underwhelming AF. Rough example “Grind 40 million credits; Reward 100.000 credits”.

  15. ahh seeing all the dislikes warms my heart WG you did this to yourself

  16. WG CEO: “Comrade, the playerbase is getting fed up with our cancerous mistakes with the CV rework and Smolensk. What should we do?”

    Devs: “Well, it is almost Christmas. We make nice event, big rewards, fun and interesting mechanics, players be happy again.”

    WG CEO: “Good, good. You do that, I have Dasha make video and let the CC’s try out event so all players see it and get excited about it.”

    Devs: “Event is ready. We have good stuff, best mechanic we have made in years. We call it Dockyard. And Lots of Coal and Steel and Christmas crates for Snowflake event. And 2 ships for main event, one free and easy to get for all, and a second big ship for hard grind and to part Whales from their roubles.”

    WG CEO: “Good work Comrade. Did you take out the bug that disconnects players at the end of games?”

    Devs: “Yes Sir!”

    WG CEO: “Bad dev. Put it back in. We need to change event to make more roubles too. Hmm, these Steel rewards, they too high Comrade. We only give half of reward as last year. Take out T10 Steel reward and Mega crate, only give little crate. No better reward for Premium ship, we spit on Whales, haha. And this two ship grind… bring me dartboard. There, now I pick grind missions, haha. For T7 cruiser, increase grind by 600% over last year. For T10 cruiser, we do something special. In decedent West, they call it bait and switch. We make grind impossible for human being, but say it possible. And we sell boosters. We advertise through Dasha and CC’s boosters are affordable and make getting ship easy. We then change boosters, make it hard. We say you must buy booster at beginning, before event even start. Then they find out booster not enough, they no get ship. Haha. Then they buy more booster, it too late. Haha. They must buy ship from us. We make silly cost. $240, many many roubles we make. Hahaha. Or they lose their $30 or $56 or $96 and get no ship, hahaha. We not care, it only pixels anyway. And add more bugs, we need to distract them more.”

    Devs: “But won’t they just read the missions and realize they are almost impossible?”

    WG CEO: “Haha silly little Dev, we make first 3 only really hard, they get confused, think last 4 are April Fools prank. And we get Dasha and CC’s to say boosters solve everything and be affordable. You see, dumb little players get heart set on ship, think boosters solve everything, then we fleece them harder. Hahaha.

    Dev: “But won’t they just do the math and avoid the whole grind?”

    WG CEO: “Haha, I hire rocket scientist, he make math so complicated it take dumb sheep day to just figure it out.”

    Dev: “Da.”

    The Sensible Person at WG, if Any: “But won’t the Community hate us if we do this to them? You know, at Christmas? After a year of mistakes and miscues? I mean, where are we going to find another group of people who love naval history and are willing to spend hundreds of dollars a year on a free-to-play game?”

    WG CEO: “Nananananana, not listening, nanananananana.”

    Event releases…

    WG CM’s: “The playerbase is outraged. They are livid and the CC’s are too. We are going to lose a lot of money in the future if we don’t do something about this debacle.”

    WG CEO: “Who cares what the sheep say? They’re just sheep, there are a million more. Just make an apology that says that they are mad for no reason and advertise the doubloon boosters as the solution to all their problems, hahaha.”

    Guess what WG? WE WILL NOT FORGET WHAT YOU HAVE DONE. Shame, the Dockyard was a great bit of work. But enjoy the downvotes.

  17. “Today’s episode is an unusual one.”

    Community: Indeed, it has tons of dislikes.

  18. Just reported this content

    – spam/misleading: hoax & cheat

  19. @JOSHUA KUPEC make a restriction like research bureau? Only able to Participate if you won a battle in 5 different tech tree t10. But this would be smart.

  20. how much is several? im not native english person, and i saw the charts that show that the loest “Several” is 525% harder, as the highest was 975% harder……

  21. @Charles Sapp bro… Smolensk is not OP but its better, Yoshino is better, Colbert is Better, Salem is better….stop hating on russian ships because they are NOT as OP ingame as people make them out to be

  22. hey scummy scammers it still shows 1000 ingame currency in video

  23. You’re getting too fucking Greedy, Wargaming.

  24. @nie ooi never mind, these shit hats just gone reupload this insulting piece of garbage again.
    And bet your balls I will check every two days to dislike it again and again.

  25. @ainumahtar nope, they fucked up as they changed the wording and with it the meaning of their advertisement. Not even the all mighty AGBs will save their butts if someone with the right friends is butthurt enough.

  26. #fuckwargaming

  27. @Corvette5 I am just referring to the fact that on average, (not counting fighting styles), the Russian ships are better than other nations.

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