Does anyone ever remember this ship – World of Warships

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So I’m still working on improving ships I preformed the worst with according to stats page and Albany was one of them. I really can’t say I was looking forward to playing this ship. Based on my previous exp with it, it was a horrible exp. However playing some ships in these tiers at least means you can carry in rowing boat, unlike in some tier 8 and 9, not to mention 10, which are gonna take me to my early grave.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I mean she was made in the 1890’s. for that time period she was probably a great ship.

    • barely even 5 years after uss albany was built, she was severely outmatched by newer protected cruisers built, like the uss st louis (c-20)

    • @Deilwynna That’s more a sign of the times, warship technological advancement was basically following Moore’s Law back in those days.

  2. Well it’s your American starter ship so it’s obviously free. I rock without camo every now and again. Love your Massachusetts black vid it’s hilarious! Any more like that, how bout misses Flambass rocks an episode for funzys and lols

  3. I’ll take a pre WWI ship over a cv or sub any day.

  4. Remember, this is the ship WG gave away to us veterans with a fancy digital camo. Thanks, WG.

  5. Too funny watching the accuracy of both ships in the end 😀

  6. Dear Flambass, that was simply enjoyable! Thanks for sharing.

  7. One if not the most enjoying moment is related to this ship. I obtained this ships on ES back in 2015, but when I started an account on CIS I asked WG to transfer the ship there, which was declined. But later that year, or a year later, I received an official e-mail with 2 bonus codes with these ships from WG (the reason is still a mystery). The little cruiser is still in my harbor.

  8. The best fun in this game is found at tier 2. Those old cruisers are good ships. Emden will always be the most fun ship in the entire game.

  9. It looks to me as if the lower tiers are not only more fun, but more accurate, which means it might just be possible to employ actual, um, TACTICS in the game. Like, ships acting in a coordinated manner, in formations, seeking concentration of fire and using their different capabilities in complementary fashion to achieve synergistic effects.

  10. Man that last duel was both painful and funny to watch lol

  11. I got this ship in the give-away. I love it, play it all the time. I don’t win so much but that’s not the point.

  12. reminds me in early WoWS, the Chester only had two guns.

  13. Wm. Scott Turrall. UE

    not a horrible ship when put into pre ww1 – ww1 matches — which they should do IMO

  14. That last part was so intense and more fun to watch then the latest movies in cinema

  15. I remember when it was in the closed beta so you could buy it as one of the ships you could buy at the start. The detect range was longer than her gun range so you were under fire long before you could shoot back.

  16. Tiers III, IV, and V are my favorite tiers in the game. II has its merits, but only if you get the occasional battleship.

  17. Please include a before and after stats page on these, other than that I really like these videos!

  18. I remember playing pre-buffed Albany.
    She use to have only 6km main battery range.

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