Doing The Best I Can! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. Spartan, I’m here for pure salt homie.. your an awesome you tuber and you always make me laugh. Keep doing yer shit mate!

  2. Well I am yet to bump into you in-game but if I do I’m tempted to do stupid things to try and trigger the salt!! 😄

  3. I get so frustrated sometimes with team mates. Game starts they huddle together and push edge of map?? Destroyers not doing their jobs and sitting at the back of the map. Dont blame u venting buddy

    • The team mates are the most frustrating part of the game. I mean, if you’re not wanting to get into the fight why did you even boot up the game? It’s like playing football and refusing to touch the ball cause you’re scared to get tackled LoL

    • Dude that always makes me wish my teammates died immediately in the game

    • I always tell them that if your ship gets scratched, it will be repainted. It’s all tiers now too. I’m a DD skipper for the most part. I am surprised how bad this has gotten in tier 7 matches. Frustrating to spot the entire enemy team, and have nobody willing to position themselves where they can cover the map. Nobody positions themselves to cover the bases in domination. Still hiding as we are losing all the bases. Destroyers going in circles on the base the entire game. Glad I’m not alone in my frustration. See, we ALL need the weekly salt!

    • Richard Doig I just wish people had a desire to improve. If you are at the bottom of the scoreboard and losing, don’t you want to know how to get better?

    • hergie409 The ones that really frustrate me are tier 7 matches. By then , you should really know the basics. I ground a long time to get here, and I am completely baffled by guys immediately backing to an area where they can’t cover anything, and then sit there until they are surrounded and dead. IDK if it’s the service costs at that level that drives this stupidity, but I rarely play tier 7 anymore. Guys in Iowa’s just driving around in circles on bases, DDs never coming out from behind the spawn area to scout. Drives me batshit crazy. And back to tier 6!

  4. I can only play a few matches in a row, before I quit in anger.
    So many idiots that sit in the back. Makes me crazy

    • As a BB that’s how I survive I don’t do well in CQB but if I can support or allow a dd or a cruiser time to withdraw they are willing to back me up when I’ll push and help keep me out of CQB

    • I will try to fix this

    • @Spartan Elite43 I don’t get salty very much. For some reason my mind goes into tactical mode and I keep trying to calculate how I can turn this around. Ironically as a bad game starts to come unglued a few folks will hear me and go along. If another player has a better plan I’ll go along with them

  5. This right here… I couldnt agree with more. I swear every game is filled with idiots. The game most of the time is a “tend to yourself” game. I find myself doing most of the work and not one person is there to help. Especially in ranked mode. I see cruisers and battleships backing up and running away. No support or anything. Another problem is communication. We cant talk to the ps4 players and sometimes the talk wheel is useless for what your trying to say. Good video keep it up!

    • KandRgaming Productionz

      Rvght l properly agree especially when the whole team is at the back and im the only one forward getting pushed by half the enemy team while just spamming ‘requesting assistance’ but getting ignored the whole time

    • @KandRgaming Productionz me 90% of the games i play. I feel you pain

    • I can deal with lack of communication I’m used to that but do something/anything

  6. Bwahahahahahaha that was a hell of a rant!

    “I’m me. I’m an idiot. Sometimes I say dumb things, but I’m entertaining!”

    So basically you’re the Donald Trump of WoWs Legends!

  7. You’re saying stuff I’m already yelling at my tv. The difference is I’m only making the cat nervous. Oh and my favorite sport is Rollerball haha. You’ll always be my friend.

  8. You are always going to get haters Spartan…. This game is your after work fun… Play as you want … They can always use the mute button…
    I always mute the players with barking dogs, loud music, and screaming family members…
    Till next time buddy 🇬🇧👍👍👍

  9. Hey bro. Huge fan . We played together in a random match it was awesome.. should do it again😊

  10. I’m aggressive pushing forward and been in a few matches when my team just do a ball formation inside our base, while the enemy pumps in salvos from behind islands and ending up winning every frick’n time.
    So guys this ball formation staying inside your base is a failed strategy…..

  11. Spartan, we love the salt because it shows your just like the rest of us and we can enjoy the frustrations together. Keep up the great content!!!

  12. The worst part is when your team keeps pinging the radio

  13. Trust me Spartan, you ain’t the worst I’ve heard, lol… had one guy hop on his mike and complain bitterly about the new update and moan about how WG was lying to us for the entire match, twice! Also, I owe you thanks for helping me get the last achievement I needed when we divisioned up in that end of year stream you did… hope to get the chance to do it again and keep up to good work!

  14. I have the same curse where 9 out of 10 matches are frustrating as all hell cuz most of the guys on my team seem to either have absolutely NO idea what game they’re playing, or they’re that terrible on purpose. Gotta love when it’s a capture the area game mode and your ENTIRE team goes to one side lol

  15. Everone rages btw

  16. Azur lane HMS Monarch UwU

    Exactly, it’s spartan he is a extremely nice person I think we all get a bit salty when we play a game come on 😂 but please don’t send hate to him❤️ can’t wait for the stream tonight ❤️

  17. I find Salty Spartan more entertaining

  18. Brother, you do you… I come to your channel cause you’re authentic… you play and talk at the pixels just like I do… if you ever changed I’d stop watching. Keep up the great work man! Can’t wait to see you back in a tank.

  19. Hi spartan I am Jim from Scotland and I watch your channel all the time.But I have to say I do not agree with spending the amount of money on these ships that they want you to buy. I have to be truthfull and say I bought the Graf spee and it’s ok .But there is know ship worth the money they are wanting you to spend on them .I was sorry to see you promoting them when I listened to you on the hood .
    I saw the hood eye in a bundle for 3 ships one hundred and fifty pounds its a pure rip off for a bit of digital program give me a break .Still you are great and your channel is fantastic but. Stop saying it’s ok to buy these ships .you get ships for nothing there is none of them worth £10 far less the money they want thank yo Jim from scotland

    • While I completely understand your frustration, i have to disagree.

      This is a free to play game you are not required to buy anything.

      The reason I do these videos is to give my honest opinion on how a ship feels so that those of us who do spend money on the game are less likely to buy one that they hate.

      The Hood has been released as it’s own package now so it isnt the full price that folks paid for the bundle.

      WarGaming has to make money off their game some how.

      Microtransactions are their preferred method.

      I have spent far more than I care to think about on both WoTC and WoWsL

    • Hi spartan ,
      You are right it is each persons choice .But it still does not get away from the fact that the ships are over priced and you will never say so..I would cut my hand off if it was going hand over £150 for three ship bundle.
      But anyway we will agree to disagree ,you keep towing the wows company line get your freebees I get a torpedo in my ass

  20. You’re fine Spartan. We all get frustrated a lot at this game (like, a lot lmao). They’re probably just venting their frustration back, I doubt it’s anything personal just heat of the moment

    Speaking of frustration… -_-‘
    I spawned into a 5v5 match in the Hood, two other Hoods, and two Fijis vs a full division of an Akatsuki, Maass, and Gneisenau, plus another Hood and Nagato backing that up. I was instantly like “We lose. That’s all. Wargaming spawned us a loss” lmao. Not only do they get the only two DDs in the game BUT THEY GET TO DIVISION UP?! I call shenanigans xD

    And yes, we lost very very hard xD

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