Dominant Amagi! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. Azur lane HMS Belfast

    Love to see a Amagi video, azur lane just realised her event with her sister tosa.

    • Tosa was actually the sister-ship to Kaga. Both were supposed to be scrapped while the Amagi-class battle cruisers would be converted to aircraft carriers. After Amagi got wrecked in an earthquake and Tosa’s incomplete hull was used for target practice, Kaga was kept instead for conversion.

  2. I think a lot of people don’t realize how good the Amagi is, you just don’t see many people use them especially now when there’s more nations

    • After the nerf I haven’t used it again and there’s the Jean Bart

    • @BerTop Yeah it’s a shame that they thought it was a good idea to add ships where it rewards players for sitting in spawn and going forward and back, ships still pretty good though it doesn’t have good accuracy up close though, but it does do a good job

    • It can be so good but can also troll the hell out of you

  3. Great game Spartan! I really wonder why the Jean Bart is so dang OP it’s crazy.

  4. Hello new Orleans hold these

  5. Spartan, ruler of the mismatched matches. GG

  6. Keep uploading ❤️ Ill be back in the future

  7. Love to see you playing other ships, really really love it, thumbs up very good video, stay safe.

  8. Complete Randomness

    Another thing with jean barts, they seem to almost always get the most Xp per battle and are top of leaderboards

  9. Still don’t get why they nerfed amagi’s health to were its lower than nagato

  10. Good to see the Amgi, I do enjoy taking mine out now and then.
    There are definitely issues with the JB side armour that need addressing.
    I totally get why you find it annoying, I’m surprised people are saying the Alabama is op aswel, easy to citadel side on unlike the JB.

    • I think the biggest issue people have with Alabama is its ability to score citadels. Those 45 caliber guns means slower muzzle velocity and that means less overpens.

      It is no where near as tanky as an Iowa but has the amazing turning allowing to fire the rear guns more.

      Is susceptible to deck penetration though.

    • The penetration on the JB’s AP shells is ridiculous. I took 15k damage from a JB through the front of my Tirpitz in a single salvo.

  11. Speaking of BB dispersion, I fired full salvo from my Warspite (Cunningham rank 16) on full broadside Pensacola who was standing still at 5 km….I got 2 overpens. What’s the point of aiming in this game?! RNG is worse than in WoT. BB’s should get a massive dispersion buff for ranges below 10 km, IMO.

    • Shinobi Id love to see the over-pen mechanic see a rework, I’d be contempt if over-pens just simply got a simple increase to their damage, possible up to 15% or maybe even 20, although 20 is probably pushing it, with destroyers in mind.

    • Sounds pretty unlucky that shouldnt happen often. I’d say 9 times outta 10 that Pensacola would die to the warspite or the Queen

    • @Spartan Elite43 Well, that was one of my most extreme examples. You’re a dedicated BB player. Tell me how many times RNG screw up your perfectly aimed kill shot on enemy cruiser so he can torp you to death? Now you even have T7 cruisers that can bow tank BBs in close quarters. Oh, btw I’m a cruiser captain.

  12. The freaking Jeannnnn Bartttttt

  13. I’m waiting to see my name come up when Spartan blows me out of the water. Lol

  14. Actually these matches are caused when crossplay matchmaking breaks. It takes longer to find a match and have only one console type in the match.

  15. ANNND the award for the most useless smokescreen ever goes to……THE BENSON!! 👏👏👏 Lol

    USN DDs should really only use their smokes as an offensive weapon, primarily for themselves. They are just too valuable to use on a teammate that will probably run right through it.

  16. “Really”
    -Spartan elite43

  17. The tier 7 Russian Battleship feels like a reworked, slower Iowa.

  18. My friend keep the awesome work! .. love your channel . obsessed with that game

  19. Thank you thank you .Preach the overpowered Jean bart, that ship requires no skill to use..

  20. always a pleasure watching your vids. Keep up the great work.
    ….. hi from all your subs from down under.

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