Domination in The Iowa! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X!)

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  1. Ah! So he didn’t give up

  2. Spartan Elite43 Can’t wait till you do a Live Stream.!!!!!!!!!???⛵?

  3. killerbeast 5244

    Anyone else excited for German battleships

  4. Like what you do, however I doubt I will ever play wows much as I find wot’s frustrating enough without adding to my saltiness.

    • I feel ya but you should give it a go. It can be so much fun

    • I’m having more fun in Warships these days…even bad games are not a problem…

    • @Zapranoth 1968 i have tried to play wows but just dont enjoy it. Having said that I am in another statisically impossible losing streak in wots and am thinking about uninstall. Clearly most players are more worried re wn8 or grinding on 2x to worry about wins. The games I have endured this morning resulted in one win to ten loses. The game play is appaling, clearly the match making is shit as this 15-6 win or lose in four minutes is a common occurence.

    • @Matthew Hurst …I’ve seen it too…I thought at first that the Season Games thing was good for the game, but it seems like such a chore anymore…I think last night I was fortunate and won 7 games out of 10…the night previously? Two of ten…

      I’m trying to take a relaxed approach to progression in Warships…maybe postpone the burnout that seems to be setting in on WoT?

      I don’t know…anyway, I hope things work out for you…take a break for a while…maybe that will help? Cheers…

  5. Just gonna have the 1 video today had to redo this video like 4 times so It will have to wait!

  6. What build do you have for your Atlanta? I have kinksid as my commander but im having a hard time finding the right balance for that ship.

  7. I think someone REALLY likes their Iowa. And that Fuso video lost was unfortunate.

  8. Man you sure love your iowa ahahahhaa

  9. Chuckled a bit when that Atlanta commander saw 2 Iowa’s and a Vanguard and went NOPE! I’m gonna go over here now, lol… (Discretion being the better part of valor, eh?)

    • Oh yeah hes like dude I don’t mind helping but I’m not following you through there and so I gave him the everyone fall back I got this

  10. If your going bow in or extremely angled Firing AP at the super is worth it, Sometimes the shell sticks in and you get full AP damage,

    • Yeah that’s what I was talking about. If he was aiming it then awesome if he wasn’t aiming at it hes got bad aim

    • @Spartan Elite43 Upon thinking, He was most likely a bad at aiming just getting lucky with the RNG, He should have been kiting away and not showing you a broadside, As a PC player, I hate the iowa

  11. I was in this lobby on the other team ?

    • Spartan Elite43 I never seem to get on your team I’ve played with you twice i was IX1Typhoon1XI love the vids by the way ?

  12. Upload world of warships on PC

  13. The Atlanta. . .was broadside on to the Iowa? I think not. He was nose in, and while it isn’t a perfect defense against an Iowa, he still wasn’t broadside on. Come on man, get it right or don’t say it at all.

    • Pretty sure when he was firing he was broadside that bing said an Iowas 16inch guns can go straigh through the Bow of cruisers and Citadel from the front

    • @Spartan Elite43 That they do. Hate being in my Atlanta trying to show as little profile to the Iowa and I eat a citadel through the nose. Sucks being a high tier cruiser in an Iowa meta.

  14. Best game ever, 224k. Iowa is beast

  15. Your comment about losing and not recording th epic battle is giving me flashbacks. In my Colorado last week I got 178k damage, killed 6 ships, and lost. I took out two battleships by myself and then a full health CO came around the corner. Had time not expired either he or I were going to perish in the next salvo. Thank god none of the other battleships knew how to angle their armor against me…

  16. II-SierraBravo-II

    USS Texas, yes or no? ?

  17. You just played an Iowa and missed the citadels at point blank… Beeker2014

  18. Allways entertaining.

  19. kinda taking forever to get to the iowa lol

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