Don’t Anger Ze Germans – World of Warships

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German tier 8 BB, Brandenburg.

It’s relatively fast, has torps, lots of guns, decent reload, it can serve its purpose of leading a breakthrough.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. The cat so cute tho, now i miss my cat

  2. Your turning in to jingles

  3. 2:33 am middle of nowhere Wyoming and I’m enjoying Flambass playing WOW. Only complaint is Flambass needs a dog.

  4. Flambino needs a baby girl, that will want to cuddle much more often and eventually will start talking to you as well 😉

  5. The accuracy of the german ships are completly BS. The Scharnhorst still holds the world record for furthest hit on a moving target. 25km against the Glorious

  6. i was suprised by the reload speed, worked out well. GG

  7. 11:30 we call that “idiot protection” and it is real.

    • Lots of people hate CV and subs (with good reason), but what I hate the most is how braindead HE spam ships are. You don’t have to aim beyond just hitting the target ship and you do damage, and more often than not you can show full broadside like an ape and not worry about getting punished for it. It’s total easy mode and takes even less thinking than playing a CV (and that’s coming from someone who also hates how dumbed down CV’s are)

  8. Ah yes, the 12 gun Tirpitz lite. Because they borked the balance and didn’t make enough cash off of Odin. Never change WeeGee! Good match though.

  9. That was a dumb move against the Atago

  10. Love when the ping in the sub “showing” where it was was 500m distant from it.
    So not only you’ll have to see it, it isn’t enough to drop when you see it, you have to guess where it really is.

    • They are changing this next patch. Not only is the visible ping coming back for the targeted ship, but the white blip when a sub pings will now be on top of the sub (according to devblog).

  11. I have a lot of friends that do not like cats “cause they are too sly”. But they are more choosy with people.

  12. I like u Flambass but do something with sound. It is to low comparing to other vids

  13. As an expert in reading cat body language they were saying “bitch, put me down.”
    I’ve never had a cat who enjoyed being held like that. 😛

  14. Good game!

  15. CatOfSchroedinger

    Sometimes, I would really like to see your build and your captain specs. 10 km secondaries means you did not get that secondary build, while I for one only get two pens per shot in my Brandenburg – even in Training Room with a stationary target at 14km.

  16. Nice – A Proper Teutonic spanking.

  17. Flambass: I have a better chance of blowing up this Atago.
    WoW: Troll-lo-lol lo-lol!

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