Don’t Call It A Comeback! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. First lmao

  2. I was bored so this is perfect timing,I know this is gonna be good,I hope your all having a great day.

  3. I think amagi should have way more hit points

  4. I see a spartan video I click. I see amagi I double click to be sure

  5. I’m gonna run the new secondary consumable with my secondary build German BBs, but do we see a vanguard vid next??

  6. Kaiser Wilhelm II The Greatest

    This morning I had a match in Gneisinau in the same map where I sunk an Amagi. You had me in the first half not gonna lie.

  7. Did we all catch Spartan calling the Wichita something else…
    Spartan did a Wichita make you salty before the amagi match? Lol

  8. Hmmm Amagi has potential to devstrike, But unfortunately possesses the potenential to BE Devstruck

  9. 0:38 Sometimes my brain and my mouth don’t sync up- Spartan 2020. That gave me a serious chuckle. Don’t change Spartan & congrats on 25K subs just amazing!

  10. This witchacock a uh

  11. Just saying, I look forward to every vid Spart! Not only for your expertise, and vast experience, but I do actually lmao cuz you’re super funny and awesome dood! Even the ‘not preferable’ made me lololol!!! Keep up the awesome work buddy! And entertaining us all!!!! That’s very……preferable, and always straight off the bat!!!! 👏👌👊✌️

  12. “…with all 5 guns. Which is 10 guns”
    Spartan Elite43, 2020

  13. Fun game, like a tag team.
    Here Bama, I’ve softened them up for ya.

  14. 3:46 i think you were right the first time xD

  15. I know you hate the German BBs but will you be giving the Bismarck a run out with the supposed secondary adjustment?

  16. You’re not wrong there about battleships job is to take damage… It’s…. As a battleship player I will do whatever it takes for my team to victorious

  17. can we also see some more of the fuso? i’m trying to grind for it right now and i want to see how it looks.

  18. 3:46


  19. I cant stand when battle ships sit back to a point their on the edge of the map while everyone is battling. I like playing as destroyer and like spotting to put my team in a great position, but theres only so much a destroyer can do. It upset me when i have a Bismarck or a Iowa sail back out of the fight instead of engaging taking blows as well as delivering hell fire. Whats the point of having a big ship if you’re scared to use it.

  20. I played with let um peek and I rammed him in his Iowa then the internet disconnected

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