Don’t Underestimate My Baltimore! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. Baltimore is a little bb

  2. Grind the Frenchies Spartan! Let’s see it!

  3. Does the devs ever have plans to make the land collisions a thing? It is nice bouncing off islands but i prefer my military games to be a lil more realistic.

  4. Hey Spartan, can I ask… is the amagi worth it? I’ve been geind Japanese cruisers… and I’ve decided to give the battleships a go… but I’m on the fuso… and loving it… but heard the amagi is bad

  5. Spartan be like Anakin in episode 3 “YOU UNDERESTIMATE MY POWER!!!!!!!!”

  6. Today in my furytaco I did plunging fire and double citadeled a New York and all my friends just are like, say what…. Keep up awesome vids’

  7. I tanked 2 bismarcks and a hipper in one of my recent games, was wondering why my armor was working now, till I saw you vid about the batlimore being buffed, it shouldve been like that when it was released thou

  8. Stormcat Miranda

    I went and bought enough credits and used my global xp to unlock buy the Baltimore after watching your video after the update and by far best decision I ever made lol.

  9. Tanner Timothy Phelps

    Baltimore finally where it should be. Great vid!

  10. I’m eyeing up the Baltimore atm just sold my new orleans because I have a indy so don’t need both

  11. Having ground the french cruiser line, I would have assumed that spaced armour meant that there were gaps in it 🙂 Especially the La Ga. But the Dugie and Emilie are fun ships and the La Ga and Algerie can work quite well when kiting away.

  12. Great video! I earn some premium time from Sword of the Pacific campaign, so I research both Alaska and Yamato. Thanks for all Your advices! About French cruisers I agree with all that You say in the video, but there are three things more about them: they are fast as hell, they have Engine Boost, and they are one of the best looking ships in a game (but Alabama and Baltimore are still the best)!

  13. Anybody else noticed that tier 7 Richelieu battleship gets citadel from the bow? Usually from jean Bart and it also gets its guns knocked out easy

  14. I think that I may have to stop going for battleships, and start on the cruisers. That thing is a total beast. Great video. Keep them up.

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