Double Des Monkey Moines – World of Warships

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#worldofwarships #wows #flambass #funny
What is the single best thing better than Des Moines itself…DOUBLE DES MOINES OFC

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Mine was in 1080

  2. Quality is fine!

  3. Ahhh another time with monkey. I missed that guy… when flambass and monkey are in the game. It’s gonna be fun and interesting both in game and audibly

  4. 10/10 title.

  5. 2 monks praying for us (in French Moine means Monk)

  6. I’m seeing double, four Des Moines!

  7. It was fun and looked good!

  8. Love the Monkey & Flamba vids

  9. 1 ship: Des moines
    2 ships: beaucoup de moines

  10. @jimmccormick6091

    Seeing two Des Moines side by side is impressive. I am an ol(er man), saw the actual Des Moines and Salem, and Newport News Heavy cruisers in Mothball fleet in Philadelphia, Pa a long time ago, man did they look impressive, even though they were in a sad state of repair

  11. Flambass, your vids are always excellent quality.

  12. I ran in to you both when I was in ZOO. Monkey had that streamer RNG lol, put two salvos in to his Des Moine broadside with a Republique. Nothing but oversensitive, got ripped for that lol. Good to see him back.

  13. @WhyamIstillwatchingyoutube

    The De Moinkey

  14. Ermahgahd… WhAY iS IT iN 720p?!”
    PS: I watched it in1080 ^^

  15. When two good ships with good players hold good ground.

  16. Des moint is still my favorite ship. (have not played this game in 2 years but have seen all of yours, Trendlass and Flamus youTube klips)

  17. Quality was great.

  18. @guntherultraboltnovacrunch5248

    looked fine in 1080p for me.

  19. Enjoyed

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