Double Super Aggressive Des Moines Push – World of Warships

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What is better than 1 Des Moines, 2 Des Moines ofc. This ship is srsly one of the best and most fun ships to play for me.

The only thing I really dislike about it, is the fact too many BB can overmatch and straight up murder you just because of their caliber of guns.

If you can find targets that can’t do that or are unable to, you can wreak havoc.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Happy new year to u all and great vid as always

  2. God i miss Rogue Monkey soooo much

  3. school exemple on team work. 🙂 and happy new year..

  4. imho that A Cap is one of the best for DM. Had a Game from the other side and i was able to hold the Flank against 4 Enemies. Talking overmatch; back then i was sure 406 can’t overmatch me (as these were the biggest guns in said game). Well they didn’t, somehow 😀

  5. That not embarrassing too lose in a T8 BB against 2 T10 cruisers.

  6. Gerhard Von Schiffe

    Flambass, Gibbins, Dani-chan and few others are the reasons I’m still playing this game. I mean, it’s a miracle they can still have fun and share it with us, against all odds.

  7. WoWs promo during game, question, can a sinking ship kill a sub?

  8. Great to see that guy on the enemy team taking his blapping so well. Happy New Year 🙂

  9. Yorkshire pudding is a batter mixture like pancakes. You bake it in a hot oiled bun tin until rise and become golden brown.

  10. Just got the Des Moines last night, let’s see how a pro plays it so I know what to do right.

  11. That push was actually kinda nuts!

  12. Awesome game. boudin is pronounced as boodan

  13. Do it next time with triple F Sherman

  14. you can have a meat-pudding (ie from minced kidney or liver)

  15. haha replayed the bit about yorkshire pubbings three times i have only ever made them for savory food and now i want to try with ice cream if feels so soo soo wrong
    but toad in the hole is basically yorkshire puddings and sausages
    or make a huge yorkie and the size of a plate and then in the well in the middle fill it with bangers and mash with onion gravy…. soooo good

  16. Christopher Cornwell

    Always happy to see your videos!

  17. Happy New Year Fambino !!! Been loving your channel for a few years now

  18. Cybernetic Argument Creator

    2:30 match actually starts

  19. This was really fun to watch, and goes to show how silly strong DM can be when played well (especially while in a division)

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