Drag them kicking and screaming – World of Warships

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As old man himself would say. Some teams you have to drag to victory, kicking and screaming. Sometimes even that won’t do but sometimes it just might be enough.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. no matter how many of these vids i watch, i’m so terrible at this game no matter what line i’m playing lol

    • @Ohno0es don’t worry about your t4-t5 avg dmg being at around 35k. I’d say that’s perfectly adequate for being on track to hitting 80k avg overall as that’s where I am now. You got this!

    • @Ohno0es for most people, one day it all comes together. Takes time and experience. For me, I knew I was on the right track when I started moving the ship because I KNEW torps were coming. I used to watch flam say “better slow down in case of torps” and I didn’t know how he knew. Then it came to me. Whole game is like that. If you’re having fun, keep playing.

    • @Death Inside Asia server has Yuro so of course everyone else sucks

    • Use your mini map more, +- to make it bigger. And kind of used ship locations to predict what will happen and adapt 🙂

    • Emanuel Gonçalves Santos

      @Ohno0es You have a potato aim boi. Look for aiming guides, install nomogram classic.

  2. According WG in Second World War the capturing of any points, could have been reseted by splashing water on the attackers….. This knowledge was lost in the history, but WG with hard work find it in hidden KGB archives. We should be all thankfull for their hard work.

  3. Flambass in ranked : “what is my team doing ? Oh, I remember now, I AM the team. I need to do spotting, damage, tanking, everything !”

  4. Dat Smolensk needs a good tarring and feathering. And to keep track of enemy hp, simply install *Badobest side bars v. 2* from the *Aslain mod pack.*

  5. Always Flambass is not in his chair i had to think of “Hello Spencer” ^^

  6. Most recently every video starts with an empty chair XD

  7. “Best DD Jayne Mansfield.” I did not expect that reference! =^[.]^=

  8. When you were cleaning your glasses, It was like ASMR

  9. Totally agree, Daring is my fav t10 ship overall.

  10. I have to admit, Ranked is one of the most frustrating game modes to play. Especially when you are trying to get through qualifiers.

  11. Note to self – the time to attack Flambass is in the first 16 seconds of the game while he’s cleaning his eyeglasses.

  12. Maybe drop the sub with the Dad jokes though. This can’t be worth it.

  13. You probably should have complimented the Hindie that supported you he actually did a good job

  14. They new effects make the shells looks so awful and the torps more like missiles

  15. That Daring was held together with nothing more than stiff upper lip.

  16. In my mind I’m screaming at the smol boi to GET INTO A!!!

  17. Radar does work through land, especially those little spits of land your hiding behind

  18. Hey look, you made a match last longer than 7 min.

  19. World of Warships, the naval battle simulation, where getting some sea spray on your deck or superstructure delays the capture of strategic areas. Because ships are never supposed to be wet…

  20. So this is how Flambass earns Austin and Plymouth…

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