Drop Rates Revealed — About Bloody Time — World of Warships

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I’ll be the first to tar and feather when people and companies do wrong… however if we don’t give them the chance to do right, what incentive do they have? Could Wargaming be turning a corner here?
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Drop Rates Revealed — About Bloody Time — World of Warships


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  1. Sigh, until the company provides more for the users in terms of PHYSICAL and TANGIBLE reparations, meh. Tone is irrelevant lol

  2. Actions speak louder then words. Remember all the times WG said they were sorry or it was a miscommunication. Words from WG mean absolutely nothing.

  3. Everyone I know that got MO.. Including me, it was on the 10th or 11th crate.

  4. One: I prefer gambling boxes to be completely banned in the EU, e.g. Second; Who verifies that WG will be announcing the correct drop rates? We know WG has a tendency towards mis-communications and translation errors, often called PLAIN LIES

  5. I’m not going to hold my breath, but hopefully this is a good sign.

  6. Well, I uninstalled warships. Maybe in a two years I’ll look at it agian. Maybe I won’t. The game to me just wasn’t fun anymore. If they scraped away all the crap they have added, and just reverted to surface ships, minus aircraft carriers, it would be a good game. Wargaming have invested a lot of money generating content features no one asked for, and the feedback was few wanted. That’s on them. That just dumb. It’s like the game design version of the Edsel, and they still keep doing the same thing. Odd. Perhaps if the gave players a choice on what type of ship types they want in battles it would be a way forward. Of course if 90% of surface ship players said no to subs, no to carriers, that a bit of a problem, but at least those players would actually be playing the game, rather than uninstalling.

  7. I’m one of those whales. I have over 400 ships. Spent easily $2k. I’m unhappy but I have to say they are still superior to a few other major game companies. We need to keep applying pressure. I’m no longer spending $$$. I hear horror stories from others working with game support on account problems, etc. Nightmares. Every time I’ve contacted Wargaming for a refund or otherwise they’ve been prompt and helpful.

  8. We’ll see…

  9. lol sorry this tone has happen before. And so many out it not even funny. Again this is not the first time they have done this song and dance before.

  10. They already have a replacement for the CC program

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