Dry Dock: Alaska

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Today, we’re focusing on American Tier IX Premium cruiser Alaska, classified by the U.S. Navy as a “large cruiser.” The design solutions implemented on Alaska made her similar to the battle cruisers of old, but she’s not just any old cruiser. In the history of the U.S. Navy, she is the only ship—along with her sister ship USS Guam—to have the “large cruiser” classification.

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about today’s episode?
    Do you have cruiser Alaska in collection?:)


  3. Need to add her to my ever growing collection.

  4. Sexy Ship, And enjoyable to play, cant wait to have her in Azur Lane

    • @柳驰 Puerto Rico in game is not the 5th Alaska, but WG’s spin on one of the Alaska class’s preliminary designs CA2-D WG changed the superstructure slightly and switched out the 5″/38s for the 5″/54s found on the Montana’s design. WG just likes to either put ship names from unfinished ships onto both the paper ships they add (like for the US instead of CA2-D they chose Puerto Rico, instead of CA-B they chose Buffalo) and their fictional ships that they make. Although most of the time they just grab a name from an older ship that hadn’t been used in a while from the respective navy (for the Japanese for instance, instead of Type A 1941 heavy cruiser they chose Zao (supposedly in early alpha it was Senjo) or instead of Super Type A cruiser/B-65 they chose Azuma, and Yoshino for the tier X version with torpedoes slapped on it)

    • @Kapten Kukang The Alaska class used 305mm guns, in fact no ship I know of uses 315mm guns.

    • @John McCarthy ty! i was confused about why Alaska and puerto rico have that much difference. maybe i should checkthem again 😁 lessons learned

    • @John McCarthy oh r8, my bad

    • Yall forgot suruga is added in AL as an event pull, shes a kii class battleship which none of those of the class were built cause of the washington naval treaty

  5. Sooooo… When will we get Puerto Rico in the armory??? It’s been more then a half year from this dockyard disaster…

  6. Someone with Naval knowledge: Tell me what is the difference between this “large” cruiser and a battlecruiser?

    • @John McCarthy What part of EVERYONE knew what the future BB’s would be after WWI. 60,000 ton or greater behemoths. Only reason only 2 ever got built, naval treaties and Japan decided early on to ignore those treaties. All those BB’s you listed, are in fact BC’s. They ALL have the big guns, but none of them have the armor necessary to withstand those big guns. They were all jokes. Montana Class, if built, would have been a BB. Iowa’s, Tirpitz, Vanguard, etc were all BC’s pretending on paper to be BB’s because the eggs and braid had to pretend to the public their navies were BIG and BAD, when in fact they all knew their Navies were BIG and floating on an eggshell. Gets back to the armored vrs unarmored carrier so called “debate”. There is no “debate”, Everyone wanted big fast carriers with armor, but the treaties made this impossible. You either got fast and big without much armor, or you got fast and small with armor.

    • @John McCarthy BINGO! Can you say USS Puerto Rico?

    • @John McCarthy I suggest you do further research on this subject then. There is plenty of gist for the mill.

    • USN —> RN
      Large cruiser —> Battlecruiser.
      thats it.

    • (Jay Illingworth) Salem class or Des Moines Class??? Either way, they are not large cruisers, they’re just ordinary heavy cruisers.

  7. I got killed by alaska and the gun is minigun and i just “0_o jeez” and thats why i hate cruiser

  8. Fact of the day, a cruiser is just a smaller battleship that shoots faster and sails faster

    • (Ian Macdonell) Bruh buffing Alaska’s 305 mm will make it OP. It’s correct for WG to make Alaska’s AP pen lower than Odin as she’s still a cruiser. Also, Odin’s german so you really want to expect high penetration in her AP.

    • @Kevin Morada well duh you cant pen in the alaska unless you target cruisers that are under your teir anyway. It cant even 1v1 another cruiser without losing more than 50% of its health regardless of who’s hands it’s in. I think having a high chance of fires and only using HE is asking to die so it should be in a lower teir If it’s not getting any buffs. I’ve played enough of the alaska to know it’s too squishy to be considered worthy of dueling even other cruisers it’s just as flammable as a crackhead who drank gasoline.

    • @Kevin Morada Iowa is not trash. It has its own playstyle. I think it is just powercrept by new BBs.

    • (Ian Macdonell) Dude you can citadel battleships just below 10 km, especially the Yamato. It’s AP is serviceable even against battleships, but will need to switch constantly to HE.

    • As if you have the same profile pic… what are the odds lol

  9. After the Enterprise’s drydock video was released, enterprise was banned from sale.
    After the Jean bart’s drydock video was released, jean bart was banned form sale.
    And now Alaska’s drydock video is released.

  10. Be honest people the first thing that came to mind when you first saw the Alaska was “Battlecruiser!”

    • Grimmshred Sanguinus

      they have not add proper armor of the ship
      in game lacks armor schemes

    • @Grimmshred Sanguinus Wrong, the Alaska is a bow tanking machine, sure its not a Stalingrad, but it can Bow tank anything out past 10 kms like nothing, even T10s.

    • Grimmshred Sanguinus

      @MetaliCanuck surely no kremlin an yamato div have focus u down along with wooster or smolensk xD

    • @Grimmshred Sanguinus sure they have, its called NOT GEttting FOCUSED, its a skill!

  11. No matter what we think of the game I think we can all agree on one thing.

    The art-department know their stuff.<3

  12. Loving the historically accurate part… Nelson’s torpedo ahemmmm…

  13. Something that might increase the number of premium ships bought by making people less skeptical when buying them is if wg allows us to go into something that allows us to play the premium ship against stationary ships in open waters. This will allow us to try things before we buy making it so we are more willing to spend money on the ship if we like the feel of it and it forces wg to not make crappy premium ships just to get people to spend money on trying the ship out to tell other people not to buy the ship.

  14. Advice: never show ur broadside on front enemy like alaska, or stalingrad

  15. USN: no no she ain’t a battlecruiser, she’s just a thicc heavy cruiser

    buffs: a thicc heavy cruiser packing Essex internals, packing improved guns based on the old Wyoming’s barrels and an AA suite that North Carolina would empty her bilge tanks for?

    USN: yes


    • The Alaska class had only slightly more medium and small caliber AA guns than a Baltimore class believe it or not, and engine layout has as far as I know never been a deciding factor in classification (except maybe battleship vs fast battleship, but thats down more to top speed).

  16. MonkTheWorldTree

    get ready ppl, every time they release drydock on premium ship, that premium ship disappears in a few days. Grab one while you can!

  17. You reproduce them accurately?

    So I can expect a tillman battleship with 18 inchs of armor and 18, 18″ guns?

  18. Definitely my best ship. I just love playing Alaska.

  19. When will the Missouri, North Carolina and Oklahoma going to be added? They are some beautiful ships.

    • General Cartman Lee

      Missouri is in the game as premium ship, however due to WG giving her a far too god credit income she is only available in certain containers with a very low chance (Christmas containers).
      North Carolina is the tech tree tier 8 BB.
      Oklahoma could only be a tier 5 BB as we already have the Arizona and West Virginia 1941 at tier 6. But mid tier premium ships are not very popular so I doubt WG will introduce a tier 5 one. Maybe if the California sells well we’ll see a 1945 Nevada at tier 6.

  20. “Only 2 ships are commisioned”

    Player: oh no…

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