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World of Warships is the largest virtual shipyard in the world. The quality of the work performed by our artists improves each year, and the requirements for the accuracy of the models they create intensify respectively.
Unfortunately, the in-game camera doesn’t reveal all the details and beauty of their creations. In the Dry Dock, you’ll be able to see some of the remarkable in-game models they have created, and duly appreciate their detailed appearance, even down to the objects on their decks.
Today, we focus on a Tier VIII ship from the branch of German battleships, and one of the most famous warships in the world—Bismarck.

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about today’s episode?
    What ships would you like to see in future episodes?:)

  2. does this mean you will buff her main guns

  3. Will you buff his dispersion already?

  4. From the mist, a shape, a ship, is taking form

  5. It’s a disgrace how you’ve underpowered her. At least give her some better accuracy being up tiered to t10 all the time gives her no chance.
    Another thing it’s one of the most if not the most iconic ship in the game everyone knows or heard of the Bismark even if you have no interest in Navel warfare and should be one of the strongest in her tier, as opposed to a Russian paper ship that never existed just saying.

    • @Richard Bailleul You’re high AF. When I’m tooling around in Stalingrad, Des Moines, Yamato, etc etc, seeing a Bismark means “free damage!” There’s literally no threat from Bismark and she can’t do anything to avoid being bitchslapped straight out of the game. At least Tirpitz has torpedoes. I got in the game to play Bismark but after every game became T10 it became pointless. Bismark is a TERRIBLE T8 BB.

    • Richard Bailleul

      @aluisious the trick is: don’t go alone and angel, while they are trying to kill a low priority target your team can kick their ass

    • “don’t go alone” and “brawling bb” do not mix, 99.995% of bb players just camp in the back, only way to not go alone is meme div and bring 2 friends in bismark/tirps as your team is screaming their lungs out at you for not hanging back.

    • Richard Bailleul

      @ainumahtar in my experience there are quite often enough ships that will stick near by. Of course you always have those battles with 90% campers

    • I sir totally agree with you on this topic. I hope they clean her up and return her back to being feared by all.

  6. Herastheblackwolf

    Less than bad accuracy and a bad mm + kaliber makes her a good but weak ship.. Sadly. I wish this ship and also the Tirpitz has nearly that well accuracy than the Siegfried currently have.

    • The quite ironic thing about accuracy is, that dual gun turrets should actually be more accurate than triple or quad gun turrets, due to less recoil forces during firing of all barrels. Still, Bismarck is better than Gneisenau at T7, which really suffers from the low German accuracy due to only having six barrels instead of eight.

    • Herastheblackwolf

      @Schnittertm1 Yeah quantity is better than quality …

    • I just feel like if we are ever getting accuracy, the rate of fire would get nerfed hard from 25second to Bayern’s 30second possibly ( that ship really needed a buff also )

  7. I have said this for several years now. I would love to see a port feature that allows us to “walk the decks” of our ships. There is so much detail, it would be incredible to get a virtual 1st person perspective of these ships.

  8. i dont like when my shells cant even hit a broadside hood a dozen km away wargaming pls fix

  9. It’s sad to see how abandoned the German faction is.

    • brainwashing detergent

      @Normal Person as does yours i couldnt think of a more boring comment

    • Wernher von Kerman

      @brainwashing detergent Federal Chancellor, not PM. At least have the dignity to respect cultural differences. But why am I telling that to someone eager to insult other people’s health conditions. At least Merkel has something Boris will never have: Integrity.

    • brainwashing detergent

      @Wernher von Kerman my idea of integrity and yours are very different. Caving to radical aweful ideas such as open border IS NOT HAVING INTEGRITY! Shaking out of your boots before your forign counter part steps off of the plane IS NOT INTEGRITY! Its only a matter of time before the barbaric germans fall face first into a mud puddle of their own failures… AGAIN…

    • @Wernher von Kerman STFU about Merkel and her condition. Is nothing compared to how many people suffered and died in Europe because of her decisions.

    • @brainwashing detergent i dont think germany will fall, but the US with its new policy. I personally agree with trump in the sense that the US needs to stop fighthing wars not their own, also be over with all of this Germany will not fall because of mistakes. Europe will, i mean theres more and more country on the continent become Autoritharian and total control over goverment things. I say it will mot be long till ww3 occurs in this next century.

  10. Beautiful ship from German engineers, i love it

  11. WG: “We recreate ships accurately, according to their historical blueprints, …”
    and destroy them for balance purposes

    • Raul Alexandru Bota

      @Qrow Branwen I literally sold all my German Battleships because I recently started playing the USSR BBs and they’re very strong good HP + great armor and the bread and butter the GUNS so consistent and accurate and my 14 yo brother did the same he reached the Bayern but got discouraged and started playing the USSR BBs too and he’s very pleased so that says a lot + I play the RU BBs like brawlers and it works wonderful.

    • Felix James Ainsley

      That feeling when a historical mighty battleship gets beaten by a tissue paper ships
      Basically WG and their hate towards the germans

    • @Danny Miller It has more to do with the thing that they wouldn’t be able to release the game or at least the ship in certain areas, due to laws, like here in Germany, where Swastikas in games can be allowed under certain circumstances (e.g. a game very critical of the Nazis or where you don’t play as them), but not in others (e.g. you play for Nazi Germany or a unit that was used by Nazi Germany, as is the case in WoWs).

    • It is a game. Wouldn’t really be a fun game if there wasn’t some kind of balance to it.

  12. Hood shoots my bow – penetrates doing 11k damage
    I shoot Hood bow – all ricochet except 1 overpen through the superstructure

    Cannot land shots accurately, makes it worst at tier 10

    Guns can’t penetrate other BBs but other BBs lolpen you from almost any angle

    Ship got powercrept to the basement below the basement

    (Everything wrong with the Bismarck in WoWS)

    • @Thel ‘Vadam if you are any good you would know how trash bismarck and rest of german BBs are powercreept trash.

    • @Ivan Buncic

      I know, but i can still make them work like any other bbs, so i dont care

    • @Thel ‘Vadam the thing is they suck and need buffs. If people like you wrongly say that they are fine they will never be buffed abd will be trash for eternity.

    • You can pen other BB’s just fine, you just can’t hit them ^^

    • Bismarck’s strangest and strongest point when in T10 is how she can be that tankiest battleship with great armor protection and speed ,yet have like a KGV detection range for you to sneak and flank all you wanted with 380mm guns to snipe broadsiding scrub that ignores your existence but with the risk of getting HE spammed to death upon getting spotted / detected

  13. >irl kriegsmarine – one of the best in marksmanship gunnery

    >weegee kriegsmarine – aiming? what?

    at least they didn’t lie about the making of ships “based on blueprints and giving life to ships”, no mentions of actual crew gunnery skills per nation

    • Yeah, well, they just accidentially put British crews on the German ships. 😉

    • as a player with like 4k battles on the Bismarck , I never feel like the dispersion / accuracy is so bad to a point that I hit my shells at the target consistently at the optimum range of 16km .Though You really cant hit things that are Bow-on directly to you which can be big problem.


  15. When you can hit all four corners of the map with the same volley, you might be in a German battleship

  16. However in game, she is quite underpowered, especially against tier x.

    • @Elf Loved Put a Cleveland against a Worcester or a Minotaur and you’ll see that it is clearly underpowered. But it’s logic that a t8 is not as powered as a t10 no ? So it’s normal that Bismarck struggle when she face t10 ships

    • “He”.

    • There’s plenty of ships that can hold their own in t10 pretty well, just to name some: vladi, NC, charles martel, cleveland, balti, kutuzov, kidd, benson, enterprise (even w cv being weak AF atm). Sure you’ll need to be careful in most of them, but they can comfortably work in t10 most of the time and most maps. Bismarck on the other hand can pretty much just cry or pray your enemies are shit when in a t10 game (which will be most games ^^), especially if there’s CV with AP bombs, even t8 ap bombs will hurt you bad.

  17. First of all: Very beautifull model. I appreciate the work your modelers out into those ships alot. But please please please, do your company a fovor and show the historical accurate model in the video when you call it historical accurate. The A hull of the model is pretty close. The model in this video however is the B hull wich is a refit she never got. Way more AA guns and the radar set Tirpitz got. Alot of german ships have fictional upgrades for some reason or the other but please make some sister ships that are accurate at some point. Bayern A hull is close to the original but somehow you guys fittet her with a rangefinder atop her mast she never had. Or Konig A hull – those funnel caps and the rangefinders are wrong and those have no influece for gameplay.
    At least give us the correct ones as premium ships at some point.
    And when it comes to Bismarck, please let me say this. The game meta hates that ships, it has been powercreeped to death. Sure it can be fun now and then, but considering how often Bismarck apears as a posterchild for WoWS, I consider it bad form to leave her so weak. She doesnt have to be OP , just more reliable – she cant rely on her secondaries in the meta, she burns alot , she eats alot of full pen damage as she closes. And when you finaly made it into a brawling position with some health left her guns let her down. Same can be said for most geman BBs in the game , but with bismarck it hurts alot because of the matchmaking and the high tier meta dont favor her strength at all.

  18. Only if the Bis and tirp had the accuracy of real ships like the Sinop and Vladivostok, not like the Bismarck ever fired her guns or did anything important

  19. WG you should have make Bismarck T7, and FdG T8, GK T9, and H-42 T10. And btw, if u actually make the game accurately according history, Bismarck were suppose to have a great accuracy due to their decent fire control, and GK, which was called H-41, were suppose to be about the same size with Montana, and H42 is how big that GK actually is. Lol

  20. Ark Royal: “I’m gonna stop you right there”.

  21. OKM: Lucky torpedo hit

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